Startup Business Ideas in Kolkata

40 Business Ideas in Kolkata with Low Investment

Are you looking for startup business ideas in Kolkata? Then you came in the right place, here in this article I’m sharing with you the best and profitable startup business ideas in Kolkata with low investment.

So you have chosen to go into business in Kolkata. In the event that you are searching for business ideas in Kolkata, at that point, you have gone to the perfect spot. Kolkata is the most wonderful and populated city in West Bengal and beginning a private company right now everybody’s fantasy.

There are numerous business ideas in Kolkata which individuals are doing and winning well indeed however right now, will talk about on some simple to start business ideas. Along these lines, here are the best startup business ideas in Kolkata which you ought to do.

Business Ideas in Kolkata

Below is the list of 40 business ideas in Kolkata.

Tea Stall

Tea Stall is exceptionally well known little and beneficial business in Kolkata. Beginning a tea little doesn’t require high capital speculation and nearly everybody can begin it. On the off chance that you need to begin your business yet you don’t have a lot to contribute then this business is best for you.

Electrical Parts Store

Electrical Store is another well known business thought which you can begin. Opening an electrical selling store requires wise speculation yet the benefit is truly elevated. So as to prevail right now, need to give a quality item at a moderate cost.


In Kolkata Salon is a well known business thought which earns substantial sums of money. Beginning a salon doesn’t require a lot of venture. On the off chance that you need to begin your own you certainly need a decent Barbour and a decent Barbour will bring your salon into the following level.

A decent salon can make around 50 thousand to 1 lakh a month and on events, the income go truly elevated.

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Sports Store

Sports store is another high-benefit business thought in Kolkata. The Sports store is a medium speculation business thought and on the off chance that you have the venture you should put it all on the line

Sweet Shop

Startup Business Ideas in Kolkata

Everybody adores desserts yet in Kolkata, you will see that individuals love to devour them after supper. Opening a sweet shop in Kolkata is entirely beneficial. Before bouncing into the sweet business you ought to consistently check the market potential and the opposition around you.

To prevail right now need to convey crisp and delicious desserts to your costumers else they will discover another shop.

Bites Shop

In Kolkata each individual like to have snacks with tea or without tea. So beginning a bite shop in Kolkata is extremely productive. There are numerous sorts of snacks things like Samosa, Kachori, Papdi, Bhel Puri and the rundown goes on.

Bites shop is exceptionally mainstream in Kolkata and nearly everybody eats them consistently.

Versatile Repairing Shop

Mobiles are all over and beginning a cell phone fixing shop is productive. On the off chance that you don’t have the foggiest idea how to fix it you can enlist somebody or you can learn it as well. A little course of versatile fixing which you can finish in a half year will prepare you how to fix the cell phone.

To prevail right now ought not deceive your ensembles and request significant expense. On the off chance that you can offer a decent assistance at a moderate value, at that point you without a doubt can make your position. At first, on the off chance that you get 5-10 clients every day that will make you around 1,500 to 2,000 and that is acceptable.

Xerox (Photocopy) Shop

Xerox shop is another little speculation business thought which you can begin. Opening a Xerox store close to administrative workplaces is extremely productive. At first, you can simply lease a spot close to any administration office like court or schools for high benefit.

The achievement rule of Xerox business is to give modest rates from others likewise keep up the photocopy and paper quality.

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Cheap Food Joint

Cheap food place is the quickest developing business thought in Kolkata. Chowmein, Roll, Moglai Paratha are the most elevated selling nourishments in Kolkata. On the off chance that you need to begin a nourishment related business, at that point beginning a cheap food joint in Kolkata is ideal.

The benefit of cheap food is about 40% to half. In the event that you can prepare delicious nourishment, at that point you should attempt it.

Readymade Garment

The readymade article of clothing has perhaps the greatest market in India. The interest for readymade pieces of clothing is expanding day by day. The benefit is great for readymade article of clothing and you needn’t bother with any unique abilities as well.

Fake and Imitation Accessories

Fake and impersonation adornments and embellishments are extremely celebrated in Kolkata. On the off chance that you need to open a counterfeit and impersonation gems shop you should initially check the interest just as the finish right now putting away your well deserved cash.


Basic food item is each day’s need and beginning market in your area is another well known business thought. You can begin a staple business with low to medium speculation. The net revenue in a supermarket is about 15% to 25% contingent upon the item.

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Excellence Parlor

In Kolkata women love to visit excellence parlors. On the off chance that you have excellence parlor abilities, at that point you can begin your own magnificence parlor in Kolkata. The achievement relies upon how great you are in the field likewise the value rate.

A glad client will continually bring more costumers. So you ought to consistently attempt to give the best to your clients in modest rate

Breakfast Joint

Breakfast joint is another mainstream low to medium venture business thought for Kolkata. Regardless of whether you are searching for tea and bread or a common Bengali kochuri torkari a morning meal joint is consistently in the top. There are numerous sorts of breakfast joints like South Indian joint, aloo paratha or kochuri joint and substantially more to begin from.

Fitting Business.

Beginning a fitting shop is another well known business thought in Kolkata. In spite of the fact that the vast majority of us purchase readymade garments straightforwardly from the shop in Kolkata. However, there are as yet numerous individuals who go to tailor for fit garments. Beginning a fitting business doesn’t require a lot of venture and you can begin it as well.

In the event that you don’t know to tailor, at that point you generally can procure an expert for the activity and pay him the compensation. The normal compensation of a talented tailor is around 10,000-15,000 thousand yet trust me you can clear a path to high benefit on events like Durga Puja, Kali Puja and so forth.

Fresh Juice Kiosk:

It’s one of the minimal effort business thought that can be set up inside Rs. 5,000 – 7,000. Nonetheless, achievement relies upon the item you offer and you should have the business set up on right area.

Snack Bar:

Leave it alone inside or outside of a school/school, the arrangement cost may fluctuate from Rs. 10,000/ – to 20,000/, nonetheless, the benefits are simply stunning.

Home Based Bakery:

Indeed, pastry shop things are much popular in Kolkata, and regardless of what number of bread kitchens are as of now there, the upgraded one is constantly valued on the off chance that it gives new and clean items. Setting up a home bread kitchen in Kolkata may cost you Rs. 10,000, anyway the sum may go up contingent on the business model.

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A little scope locally situated fitting business can without much of a stretch be begun with speculation of Rs. 10,000. All you need to put resources into is an acceptable machine and reinforcement for power, rest your expertise ought to do!

Small Scale Cloth Shop:

Individuals in Kolkata do purchase readymade garments, yet a colossal populace lean towards purchasing the material to get it sewed by their particulars. This is the reason the material shops are more famous than readymade articles of clothing. It tends to be very beneficial on the off chance that you start little and focus on a particular monetary gathering!

Readymade Garments:

All things considered, this one will require a wise venture to begin, in any case, the gainfulness is in finding the financially savvy provider and modest transportation.

Xerox Photo Copier:

The administration is truly necessary in the business center points or else close by instructions organizations. What’s more, every one of these spots do have such administrations as of now, yet at the same time you can discover a few hotspots close to open courts, government workplaces and so forth.

Computer Repairing Service:

In the event that you have information and ability, you don’t simply require any speculation to begin a PC fix business, yet yes do spend a little sum on getting your business card and begin meeting an ever increasing number of individuals who can be your potential clients!

Digital Studio:

Despite the fact that cell phone cameras do a great deal, individuals lean toward proficient picture takers to shoot their occasions. Quite a bit of family units and businesses require administrations of a computerized studio, thus it very well may be exceptionally gainful in the event that you have the aptitude. Be that as it may, you need an underlying speculation of in any event Rs. 50,000 to set up the PC, UPS, photograph quality printer and obviously a decent advanced camera.

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Videography Business:

Life in Kolkata is occupied at this point energizing, and individuals need to safeguard their uncommon events through an expert videography administration. Beginning a videography business can be extremely energizing and beneficial also. All you have to put is in a decent camera which can be purchased in Rs. 30,000 to 35,000.

Beauty Parlor:

Where there are ladies, there can be a delight parlor. Arrangement cost may change contingent on the area and the monetary gathering you need to target, be that as it may, for a delight parlor to be profoundly productive, you should pick a decent area in Kolkata. You can likewise offer administrations as an independent cosmetics craftsman to very good quality clients.

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Gents Salon:

It’s not ladies who need to look great, however men also need the equivalent. Setting up a gent’s salon in Kolkata may not require that much sum as women parlor requires, however it is as gainful as a women wonder parlor and at times more than that.

Tours Company:

Kolkata has a rich history as there’re parcel more to find in Kolkata than you can consider. Investigate your own city, make visit bundles engage guests from outside with a manual for see all the best places in Kolkata. This business needs some venture to enlist vehicles and guide with remarkable information about the spots.

Local Travel Agent:

Life in Kolkata is excessively occupied, and the city has an enormous populace from different pieces of India. A movement office managing in railroad reservation, transport reservation, taxi, and so on can be rewarding business in Kolkata, be that as it may, it might require a little speculation!

Small Electronic Shop:

Each private and business unit needs electronic stuff, for example fans, radiators, lights, plugs and switches, wires and other stuff is consistently sought after in any enormous city like Kolkata!

Paint Shop:

Whitewash is an unquestionable requirement for simply any structure at any rate once like clockwork, while the majority of them get it consistently. A Paint shop can work incredible on the off chance that you have the material and painters both!

Events Supplies:

Occasions happen the whole way across India, as is the situation in Kolkata, individuals need seats, pandals, pots, lighting and parcel of other stuff for explicit occasions. Discover your hotspot and start your business where you offer stuff on employ!

Computer Hardware and Accessories Shop:

Purchase USB, Blank CD, DVD, Mouse, Keyboard, and so forth from discount and sell it in neighborhood!

Automobile Repair Shop:

The business is very gainful, needn’t bother with any immense speculation, and is much sought after, however one must have the aptitude and legitimate promoting!

Mobile Repair and Accessories:

Much the same as some other city, Kolkata has the open door as well, in any case, you should have the expertise!

Tuition Center:

It may not require any venture whatsoever on the off chance that you are focusing on essential classes. You can begin in directly in your room. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you intend to offer educational cost administrations to higher classes, you may need to go through some sum on advancement and furthermore on the space (in the event that you plan bunch training).

Plants Nursery:

This business needn’t bother with a lot of speculation, yet needs broad consideration to deal with the plants. Then again you should initially know who you need to sell the plants, and afterward gadget your system in like manner.

Day Care:

Truly, average workers in Kolkata where both a couple are on work do require a day care. Be that as it may, to detail such a business from home, you should have a greater space for safe children play.

Online Trading Business:

You can purchase long life things from discount and sell them on the web, for example adornments, makeup, embellishments, fabric materials, T shirts and whatever else you can discover from your examination on neighborhood showcase!


All you have to have is acceptable composing aptitudes and subject information and blogging can end up being an extraordinary business. In spite of the fact that it suits nearly everybody, remain at home moms/housewives and understudies can utilize it!

If you any question regarding these Startup Business Ideas in Kolkata then feel free to contact me.

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