21 Successful Husband and Wife Business Ideas to Start Together

Today, many husbands and wives get into the business world. In addition to the struggle for a suitable business partner, many people start their business with their spouses for better corporation and trust. The business that the two started could be a lesson for you.

You and your partner can cultivate a sense of cooperation and stay professional with each other. But the problem comes when they (husband and wife) search for the business ideas to get into.

Here in this article, we have tried our best to list those business ideas that husband and wife can use to start a profitable business together.

21 Husband and Wife Business Ideas

Here are the business startup ideas for husband and wife that they can start together:

Culinary Business

The culinary business will never end for anyone because eating is the main human need. If your food is delicious, it’s guaranteed that in no time your business will touch heights. In addition, you must also have a clear target market because adjusting the target market is very important. It is because you will be able to provide the right branding.

You can divide the tasks equally with your wife or husband. As for running this business, one of you who can cook becomes a cooking expert while others become a marketing and management expert. If one partner is more talented in several fields then the other one can learn from his or her partner. Relax, you can try this business at home and market it online.

Open a Café Business

For those of you who can invest more, you can open a cafe business with your husband or wife. You can decide what you sell in the cafe and the menu carefully other than the coffee. In addition, do not hesitate to learn from those who have gained success in this business.

You can divide your tasks fairly. Maybe you can cook and be a bartender, while your partner can be a waiter or vice versa. Before starting to open a cafe, you can invite your friends and relatives to your café and ask them to market using word of mouth marketing technique.

Clothing Business

The clothing business can also be an option for married couples. You can start this profitable business together. Do not forget to also determine the target customers. Husband and wife don’t have to design clothes by themselves, after all, you can choose the best and suitable supplier.

To reduce costs, you and your partner can be models for the clothes you sell. If you don’t have capital, you can run this business online also. The husband can be marketing and courier staff, while the wife can be admin as well as a package wrapper.

Tailor Business

You can work for other people and learn. But if you have tailoring skills then it is a loss if you are married later. You have to open your own sewing business when you are married to get more profitable results.

For work, you don’t have to worry anymore because your partner can help you. So that your business will be easier and more profitable.

You also have to prepare good capital if you want to build your own tailor business. When you already have this business, your happiness will continue to exist for your family.

Animal Care Business

Many married couples like to care for animals. Some even sleep with their pets. But as a worker, there may be assignments out of town that are not possible to bring so they need pet care services. In big cities, animal care services are sought after, especially during long vacation moments.

This business will have many customers. This business can be done with a partner with not much capital. Just provide a cage with a clean environment and various facilities for the animals.

Event Organizer Business

The Event Organizer (EO) business is indeed a lucrative business for husband and wife. Many events run smoothly thanks to the services of an EO. You just need to look for a cheap shop that sells the equipment needed for an event. Learn to manage the customer’s budget but with satisfactory results.

As per my opinion, this is one of the best business ideas for married couples in which the husband can take care of the equipment and other things needed in the wedding while the wife does the management work.

Boarding house business

What field of investment will not lose? The answer must be land and boarding houses. If you and your partner are thinking of a boarding house business, then you are right. This business has nothing to lose. Moreover, boarding houses are strategically located near campuses, schools, or factories with a rate of 500,000/month so the benefits you get are many, right? Without having to sell products every day.

Laundry Business

These days, everyone wants everything practical, including the problem of washing clothes. Washing clothes looks easy especially using washing machines nowadays. But in reality, now people are more likely to work than to take care of the house so that a laundry is an option so that clothes still smell good and are neat.

For married couples, this laundry business can be used as an additional source of income, especially if your home is located near a student hostel, and then your business will quickly grow because you are very near to a large number of customers.

Grocery Business

Opening a grocery business is one type of business that is in great demand in every season, so you can it is an evergreen business. Besides being easy to run, this basic food business can also be run on a large or small scale so that it can be adjusted to the capital you have.

This business is included in the category of business that is long-lasting. This is because basic food is a daily need that is needed by everyone.

Food truck

If you like to travel, you can do the food truck business with your spouse. The food truck business, which is very common in Europe and America, has just started to spread in almost every part of the world.

You can make money by preparing a nice food truck business with your spouse and visiting concerts, festivals, picnics, or similar organizations.

DIY products

If you trust your dexterity or your spouse, you can start your own business by selling various accessory products that you will make at home. It is a similar business to the handicrafts business. You can sell your products on shopping sites, social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook. We are sure that it will be good for your marriage by spending a lot of time with your spouse and making money.

Sports trainer

If you are good with sports, if you do sports regularly and are open to improving yourself in this field, you can open your own business by getting a license from the sports academy with your wife or husband, or you can earn by private trainer or coaching in the gyms you will agree with.

House cleaning service

For many working married couples, cleaning is on their last to-do list when they come home. You can turn this crisis into profit by providing cleaning services to your spouse. You can work with your spouse with a team spirit and overcome cleaning in a short time.

Handicrafts Business

If you are both creative, the craft business can be an option for you and your spouse. What is currently on the trend is a unique craft made from wood. One of you can be a designer as well as a maker, while the other can work on where and how to sell them. In addition to marketing it through a personal account, you can also join buying and selling websites to increase sales.

Usually, you may have seen that girls and women are quite good at handicrafts. They can use this talent as a business where they make products and husbands sell those using social media and other online services for greater reach.

Travel Blogging

Do you like traveling with your husband and wife? Well, you can work with partners as travel bloggers. You can fully document and write travel notes on a special website. Make sure the photos uploaded are really good, and also write down tips for others to learn. If it has grown, you will get endorsement offers to paid advertisements from travel agents to outdoor equipment.

Private Lessons

If the husband-wife has the appropriate educational background, you can pursue this business together. These days you can use social media and YouTube to promote your business. Also, you can start this business offline in your area and sell courses online for those who love to study at home.

Food Blogger

One of the interesting Hobbies is hunting for new culinary places with your partner. You can become a food blogger who always updates the culinary menu in the city where you come from. You don’t need culinary at an expensive place, you can find unique, delicious, and cheap culinary.

You may have seen many food bloggers find places on the street where you get the best and cheap food at the best prices.

Start with social media accounts first, uploading the snack menus that you buy every day. With good photo quality and interesting captions, it is clear that the number of followers will also swell. From here you can get endorsements, ranging from free meals to paid advertisements from culinary place owners.

Small Shop

Opening a small shop is one of the most suitable business ideas for couples after marriage. Opening a shop will require a fairly large capital starting from the place and shopping needs for the products to be sold.

In addition, this business also requires precise calculations starting from shopping for goods, the price of goods sold, and others. You can work with your partner like the wife is selling and the husband is shopping.

Of course, you will feel happy always close to your partner in seeking fortune for family happiness.

Landscaping and gardening

If you love flowers and gardening, this industry is one of the best things you can do with your spouse. Many homeowners want to beautify their gardens. If you trust your creativity and taste, you can earn money by doing landscaping and gardening, and decoration with your spouse in a team spirit.

Real estate

If there are houses and workplaces for sale or rent in your area, you can make real estate transactions by renting or selling them on a commission basis by agreeing with the owners. If your financial situation is good, you can buy houses or workplaces at lower prices and sell them at higher prices by doing repairs and renovations with a few touches.


It may surprise you that YouTube is also a business opportunity in many fields. Now many people are earning their livelihood on YouTube. It is obvious that you have to start from small and should gain popularity.

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You can start your channel in many categories and there is no language barrier. You can also use your regional languages but it is recommended to start the business in official languages.


What business can I start with my husband?

My friend there is an endless list that you can start with your husband. The popular business ideas that you can start with your husband are:

  • Restaurant business
  • Clothing business
  • Makeup business
  • Food blogger and
  • Animal care business

How can I start my husband and wife business?

There are various businesses that you can start from home and some require licensing and a place to run also. The various steps that you have to follow to start your husband and wife startup business are mentioned below:

  1. First, choose the idea for your business
  2. Do market analysis
  3. Write down the things you need for the business
  4. Prepare capital to invest
  5. Register your business if needed
  6. Make business plan
  7. Launch your product and services
  8. Promote your business

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