15 Profitable Business Ideas for Teens ~ Best Business Opportunities

Anyone can start a business at any age. If you are looking for business ideas for teens and have an entrepreneurial spirit, you too can start a start business that will gain success. You just need passion, dedication, and expertise in the field in which you’re going to start a business.

Many teenagers have started businesses that have touched heights. Being a teenager doesn’t mean you can’t start a business. There are many fields in which you can start a business rig away.

Here you will discuss some of the best busies ideas that teenagers can use to start their dream business and be financially independent while studying.

Business Ideas for Teens

Here are the best business ideas for teens to start online and offline:

Opening Private Lessons

The first business idea for teenagers is to open private tutoring services. This business idea is perfect for those of us who are ‘teenagers’. This is because by starting this business, there are many benefits that you will get, such as getting additional pocket money, valuable experience, and skills, and so on.

This business and experience will be very useful in the future, especially when you are about to go outside the world of campus.

Become a Freelance Writer

The next business idea for teens is to become freelance writers. Writing is a very fun and very profitable business if done wisely. Because by becoming a freelance writer, you can get various benefits, such as increasing your thinking skills, stringing words, to increasing your financial coffers.

If you feel you have pretty good writing skills, then it would be nice to use those skills as a small business.

Especially now, so many bloggers don’t have time to write out content, so they prefer to use the services of a freelance writer.

To start this business as a freelance writer, you only need to do simple things, for example, by offering article writing services to various social media.

And one of the social media that you can use is Facebook. There, you can join various blogger groups, then offer freelance writing services there. Usually, it doesn’t take much time to get customers. You can go on freelancing sites to get clients.


In recent years, the dropshipper business has become one of the businesses that are very popular with many people. However, it is still possible that you can run this business idea for teenagers.

This is because by becoming a dropshipper, you can start a business without having to spend a penny. You can start selling even though you don’t stock goods at home or in the warehouse.

Oh yes, the advantages of running this business are also quite large, especially if you can focus on running it.

Social Media Admin

Now, there are so many companies that need social media admin business services. It aims to support the business continuity and business development of a company.

If you feel you have expertise in the field of stringing words and also editing photos or videos fundamentally, then this social media admin business idea is perfect for you to run.

Social Media Specialist

The next business idea for teenagers is to become social media specialists.

This social media specialist has a task that is not much different from a social media admin. You only need to prepare the content that will be published to the social media accounts that you manage.

Selling Secondhand Items

The next business idea for teenagers is a second-hand business. Selling used goods are one type of business that is very often done by parents. However, as a teenager, there is nothing wrong with starting this used goods business.

Online Customer Service

The next business idea for teenagers is to become an online customer service.

Maybe all this time you often hear about customer service without any online frills.

But now, there are so many companies that need online customer service. For the work system itself, it is the same as usual customer service tasks, such as serving consumer questions, serving complaints, and so on.

Anyway, almost did not make any difference at customer offline normally.

When you choose to run a business into online customer service, then you can run a business only from home. You don’t have to go to the office anymore.

This online customer service business idea is very suitable for those of us who have a hobby of serving other people or even like to reply to various chats.

So that you can develop this business, try to serve every question and response from consumers in a friendly manner.

Translating Business

If you have good foreign language skills, then this business idea for teenagers is perfect for us to run.

Moreover, the benefits of running a translator business are numerous, such as sharpening our foreign language skills, getting to know many people, continuing to learn, and getting financial benefits.

Because after all, the benefits of running this business are very high, so it’s a shame if you waste it.

If at this time you do not have the skill foreign language, not any harm for learning first, first courses in institutes that are already trusted. If you have, then you can run this one-class business.

Gift Shop Business

Every day, there will always be special moments for someone. So, this can certainly be an important piece of information for us, namely by running a gift business.

You can do this by selling simple gifts, such as frames, photos, and so on.

If you have expertise in gifts to make it look special, of course, this will be the advantage of the gift business that you run.

If you charge a price that is higher than the market, it will not make customer service.

Hand Painting

If you have hand painting skills, then you can turn it into a business idea, which is a business that is very suitable for us to run as a teenager.

This is because it turns out that there are a lot of people who need hand painting services to serve as a keepsake or as a gift.

Graphic Designing

The next business idea for teenagers is to sell graphic design services.

Currently, there are so many business organizations that need graphic design services for their business interests. You’ll, you can take advantage of this opportunity to generate a lot of money.

If you already have graphic design skills, it never hurts to start developing this graphic design business. But if you don’t have design skills yet, it never hurts to learn first.

Especially now, there are so many learning media that you can use, such as YouTube, and also directly learn from various institutions.

Indeed, the cost to learn graphic design is somewhat expensive or free if you learn on YouTube. Hoover, the benefits you will get are far greater than the capital you spend on learning.

And the profit of the graphic design business is also quite high because usually, our income will be adjusted to the level of difficulty of the graphics that you get.

Video Editing

Changes in marketing media have benefited many people. Especially for those of us who have very good video editing skills.

Video editing is currently a type of business that is very suitable for teenagers to do because there are so many companies that need video editing services for their business branding.

The income from running a video editing business is very large, no kidding, especially if it turns out that our video editing skills are already above average.

Yes, at least this business income is from the hard work you have done in video editing.

So, don’t forget to continue to hone your video editing skills, so that over time you can become a professional video editing businessman.

You’ll if you actually already have good video editing skills, but sometimes you get confused about where to start from editing, then you can start by looking at some videos that you think have very good editing.

Because by watching various videos. You can get interesting ideas that you can modify into better edits.


The next business idea for teenagers is to sell our photos to various sites. And nowadays, there are so many sites that accept various types of photos, for example, you often take photos of the scenery outside, or take pictures of the atmosphere on the road, and so on.

All the photos you take can be turned into a business, namely by selling them to various platforms. This golden opportunity is a shame if you miss it.

Moreover, the income by selling photos is pretty good. Or, if you don’t want to sell photos, then you can do this hobby by opening a photography service.

You can run this photography service business by taking advantage of various existing moments, such as weddings, graduations, birthdays, and so on.

It’s just that, if you choose to become a photographer, then you even spend a rather large capital, namely the capital to buy a camera.

But don’t worry, because you only need this capital at the beginning and the income you get can cover this capital in a fairly short time.

Especially if you can do promotions properly, it can be through social media or other platforms.

Credit and Data Packages

The next business idea for teenagers is to do business with credit and data packages. Until now, almost everyone needs credit and data packages to do many things, from browsing, communicating, and studying, to just time pass on social media.

This shows us that starting a credit and data package business is very profitable and has very big prospects.

To start the business of selling pulses and data packages, you only need to prepare minimal capital. In addition, you must also be able to find agents who provide low prices and low initial balances; so that it will make it easier for us to determine the profits you will take.

Not only that, but you also have to be able to choose an agent that provides freedom of registration fees, so that you can allocate the registration fee to funds to buy an initial deposit.

When it comes to profit, in general, this business does not provide so much profit at once, because just one buyer usually only brings a small profit.

However, if you are serious about running it, then the benefits that you can get will also continue to grow. Especially if you can maintain the trust of consumers.


When you choose to run a business as a reseller, there are various advantages and advantages that you will get. And one of them is that you are free to determine the profits and prices that you will get.

However, so that our reseller business can run smoothly and continue to grow, it would be nice if you didn’t make excessive profits. Just take a reasonable profit, and offer it at the market price.

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This method is considered very safe to avoid prices that are too high and too low. Indeed, this business for teenagers has a very large opportunity to bring in high profits; it’s just that there is a large amount of capital that you have to spend at the beginning.

So, if you feel able to spend some capital, does not hurt to start this business.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What business can a teenager start?

There are many businesses that a teenager can start such as private tutoring, animal care, blogging and dropshipping.

Can you be 16 and start a business?

As he or she can start a business in particular fields as there is specific age for businesses to register in almost every country. You will treat it as minor. But you can start many businesses online and also some are suitable are offline.

Can a 14-year-old have an online business?

Yes, there are many 14 years old teenagers who have successfully started an online businesses like blogging, affiliate marketing, and dropshipping.

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