19 Profitable Recycling Business Ideas That Have Great Potential

If you are planning to start a business, you can try recycling business ideas in your country. Besides being unique, these recycling businesses also do not require a very large capital.

As the name implies, these recycling businesses use used materials that are no longer used. Thus, the capital needed to be able to realize and run the recycling business idea is not too large.

Recycling itself is an activity carried out to reduce environmental pollution, due to plastic waste that is disposed of carelessly.

The reason is, plastic waste that is made carelessly can make the environment slum, dirty, like a nest of diseases, and trigger various environmental damages.

Moreover, plastic waste, which cannot be decomposed, can become a place for various diseases to grow if the waste continues to accumulate.

In contrast to organic waste, such as vegetables, fruits, and so on, which can still be decomposed and used as a natural fertilizer.

Therefore, to prevent the risk of various diseases, plastic waste should be processed by recycling, so that it returns to its original value and function.

Recycling plastic waste, newspapers and other waste also turns out to bring a myriad of good benefits.

In addition to keeping the environment clean, recycling activities can also be used as new jobs, to increase daily income.

If you are interested in the recycling business, before starting you should first know about some of the best recycling business ideas, which are explained in this article.

19 Recycled Business Ideas

Well, after in the previous discussion you already know some basic information related to recycling, then now is the time for you to find out a list of the best recycling business ideas, which you can try your luck with.

All of these business ideas are also simple recycling businesses because they have a very easy manufacturing process and do not require large capital.

Here are the best recycling business ideas that can be your successful business:

Plastic bottle mini bank

The first recycling business idea, namely a plastic bottle mini bank. From the name alone, it can be seen that the material used to make this item is used plastic bottles.

But apart from that, you also need some other supporting tools, which can be used to make plastic bottle mini banks, such as pilox, glue, and cutter.

How to make this plastic bottle mini bank is very easy, first, you need to cut the used bottle into two equal parts.

After that, connect the two pieces into one smaller piece. If so, cut the top of the bottle like a hole to put money in.

When making the incision, make sure that later the hole that forms can be inserted into the coin.

Then, you can immediately decorate the plastic bottle mini bank using watercolors and so on according to taste, to make it look more attractive.

Hanging plant pots

Next, you can also make hanging plant pots as a recycling business idea. To be able to make this hanging plant pot, you need a 1-liter plastic drink bottle.

You just cut the bottom, add a hanging rope, and then decorate the plant pot with colored paint and other accessories according to your taste.

If you have, you can dry the hanging plant pots in the sun to dry. Then the hanging plant pots can be used immediately, or packaged for further sale.

Rope Lamp Making

The products produced from this project, made with different threads, can be used as chandeliers or night lamps. Threads that are not available for disposal are dipped into wood glue in a container and are wrapped on balloons that are inflated to the desired dimensions.

These balloons, which are wrapped with rope, are left to dry for 1 night and the balloon between the dried ropes is removed by bursting. The threads appear in the form of a ball in the form of a balloon.

These products, which can be used as lamps, can also be decorated with glitter. Users can use these products, which they can use by passing on lamps, in any room of their home.

Making Bags from Jeans

Worn jeans can be turned into bags by many women. Moreover, to make such a product, people do not need any other product than a sewing machine. Old jeans cut in the desired form and size are sewn as backpacks, evening bags, or arm bags.

People can decorate or embroider the denim bags that come out with different products. These denim bags, which appear in daily life or different areas, can be used easily. Even wallets, beach bags, or bags can be made from these fabrics.

Trumpets from used bottles

The next business idea is a trumpet from used bottles, which you can also use as a recycling business idea.

To be able to make a trumpet, you need a 1.5-liter plastic bottle, duct tape, a large balloon, old newsprint, and a rubber band.

When all the ingredients are complete, then you can immediately cut it into two equal lengths, in the middle of the plastic bottle.

After that, you can close the hole in the mouth of the bottle using an inflatable balloon so that no air gets in. Then, tightly tie the mouth and bottom of the bottle that has been perforated using a rubber band,

Make sure that all the parts that are tied with rubber bands are tightly tied. Because the stronger the rubber band, the louder the sound produced.

Cover all the gaps in the bottle using duct tape, and then decorate the trumpet using watercolors and other accessories to make it look more attractive.

Making a Vase from a Bottle

Transparent and empty bottles, colored paints, and ornamental materials are needed for vase making. Water-based and easily adherent paints are poured into the bottle and the bottles are shaken.

Thus, the dyeing process of the bottles is completed with the inside dyeing technique. Bottles painted in different sizes so that they can be used side by side are more preferred by people. These bottles, which can be easily wiped and decorated with different products, can be used easily in every corner of the house.

Making Pots from Jeans

Torn or defective jeans that are about to be thrown away can be used for decoration purposes in the gardens. Many people plant flowers in these pots and make their gardens much more different. For this, it is sufficient for people to fill any jeans in the house with soil and place them in their garden.

These products, which can be planted with flowers and add an extremely different atmosphere, are among the most applied gray transformation ideas.

Plastic bottle pencil holder

It is one of the interesting business ideas that use used plastic bottles to make pencil cases.

Only by using a large plastic bottle and a few other tools, such as scissors, glue, watercolors, and additional accessories, you can make a unique and interesting pencil holder that will attract many people.

This plastic bottle pencil holder, not only can be used for personal use. But you can also use it to sell, to get additional income.

Plastic bottle wastebasket

Usually, plastic bottles are thrown into the trash but now, you can process and recycle plastic bottles into unique and adorable wastebaskets.

It is very easy to recycle plastic bottles into a wastebasket. Because all parts of the bottle are used in the manufacture of this wastebasket.

All used bottles that have been prepared are arranged and then shaped in a circle with the height as desired for the wastebasket.

To maintain the tightness between the wastebaskets, you need adhesive brakes so that each bottle can stick properly.

Container for storing newspapers

This next recycling business idea that you can try is a container to store newspapers. You can imagine if the main material needed to make a container for storing newspapers is an old plastic bottle.

Just provide a few used bottles of medium or large size, then cut them into two equal lengths in the middle, and decorate those using watercolors, origami paper, or other accessories to make them look more attractive.

Besides being cost-effective, making a container for storing newspapers also saves time and energy. Even so, this simple-looking newspaper storage container is very functional.

If you are already proficient at making containers for storing newspapers, then you can take advantage of this skill and turn it into a promising recycling business idea.

Accessories case

Not only useful as a container for storing newspapers but plastic bottles can also be used as accessories containers.

This is one of the recycling business ideas that have many enthusiasts, especially women.

Considering that there are quite a lot of accessories that women have, such as hair clips to safety pins and all of which need a container so they don’t fall apart.

Just prepare a few used plastic bottles that have been cleaned, and then form a wide hollow bottle as desired.

If you have, trim all parts of the bottle and decorate with watercolor according to taste. After that, be a unique and interesting accessories container to look at.

To be more useful, you can also make this a recycling business idea and sell it to your closest relatives, relatives, neighbors, or to an e-commerce store.

Eco-friendly shopping bag

If the previous recycling business idea used plastic bottles as the main material, this one business idea uses old newspapers as the main material for making it.

Yes, it is an eco-friendly shopping bag whose existence is now very much needed. Because, almost all supermarkets, minimarkets, and so on are no longer using plastic bags as shopping bags.

So, you as a consumer must bring your shopping bag from home. That way, shopping bags have become one of the necessities and lifestyles.

You can also take advantage of this as a profitable business opportunity. You can prepare some simple tools and materials needed, such as old newspapers, scissors, glue, rope, and used cardboard.

After that, take two layers of old newspaper and cut it into a square shape. Gently fold the newspaper so that the bottom is covered, then apply glue so the newspaper does not open.

If all parts of the newspaper have been shaped like a shopping bag, then next you can add cardboard on the inside to strengthen the structure of the bag, and then add a rope at the top so that the bag is easy to carry.

Puff Making from Car Tire

Blown vehicle tires are used in many recycling projects. Different household items are also made from tires. The most popular product is the poufs decorated with ropes.

For the manufacture of this product, people need an unusable vehicle tire. In this process, which should be done in a large area, thick and desired color ropes should be provided. It is even possible to do this with thin rope types. A board is cut and placed so that it fits into the gap in the middle of the idle vehicle tire.

In the pouf construction, which is extremely popular among recycling ideas, this part forms the seating area of ​​the pouf. After the seating area is made, the rope is surrounded and glued around the wheel with the help of a silicone gun.

When the black parts of the tire are closed with the help of this rope, an extremely different product emerges. This product, which has a modern appearance, can be used as both a coffee table and a pouf in gardens or balconies.

Making a Coffee Table from a Suitcase

One of the most popular recycling ideas is making a coffee table out of a suitcase. The old model and unusable hard suitcases, which are specific to the retro style, can be recycled and turned into a very stylish coffee table.

In the making of this project, the feet of an old stool can be used as afoot, as well as wooden pieces that are not used much. After the coloring process with water-based paints is applied to the suitcase, the belts are closed and varnished.

After this process, the ready suitcase is mounted on a stool or wooden legs. This product, which can be used as a nightstand, coffee table, or flower bed, adds a very different atmosphere to the homes.

Pallet Seat Making

Among the projects that are commonly realized among business ideas in the recycling industry, there is also chair making from pallets. Pallets placed at the bottom of the white goods during transportation can be turned into very stylish seats with cushions designed on them.

While doing this, users can paint the palettes in different colors and make them suitable for their living room or garden. Small wheels are mounted under the painted pallets for ease of use during the project. These wheels also provide advantages in terms of cleaning.

Cushions prepared according to the size of the pallets with fiber or sponge are placed in the seating areas. Pallet sofas, which are an excellent recycling project, can be used on the balconies of the house, in the living room, or the gardens.

Bookcase from Fruit Crates

Among the ideas that are widely realized among the people, there is also a bookcase made of fruit crates. These crates from greengrocers or grocery stores become unusable and are thrown away.

However, these products can be made much different and used as a bookcase or bedside table. To make this project, you need paint, glue, varnish, and a brush in the desired color. The crates can be painted in color or all of them can be painted in a single color.

After the painting process of the crates is done, they are left to dry and varnished. After the varnishing process is completed, the cases are glued together with glue and turned into a bookcase. It is up to the taste of the users what kind of library form it will be given.

Making Candle Holders from Jars

People who like to use candles and candle holders can make candle holders from jars that are about to be thrown away. For this project, paint, brush, idle jar, and candle are needed.

After the jars are painted in desired colors and shapes, candles are placed at the bottom and used. People who like to use such products in their bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, or living room can make their homes much more elegant by making candle holders.

Rag Dolls Made From Old Socks

This project, which is among the recycling business ideas frequently preferred by women who have children, entertains children and ensures that old items are used.

The inside of the unusable socks is filled with cotton or fiber and the mouth or eye is made with products such as buttons or beads. These products, which are presented to children as small gifts, are now also sewn from fabrics. Thanks to this recycling idea, which is realized without even the need for a sewing machine, it is possible to produce very different products.

Renovating Old Furniture

One of the most popular projects among business ideas is the renewal of wooden furniture. It is possible to make these products, which wear out, peel off or break their handles over time, brand new. For this process, products such as sandpaper, varnish, water-based paint, brushes, and gloves are needed. Many furniture such as wardrobe, coffee table, table or cabinet can be renewed.

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At the beginning of the project, the old paint and varnish on the furniture are removed with the help of sandpaper, and the resulting dust is cleaned with the help of a dry cloth. Then, with the help of a brush or roller, the painting process is carried out 2 times with water-based paint so that there is no fluctuation. After this process is completed, the furniture is left to dry. In order not to remove the paint of the furniture left to dry, 2 coats of varnish are applied. If there are any cracks or scratches on the handles of the furniture, the furniture can be made brand new by installing new handles suitable for its size.

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