Robotics Programming: Languages, Benefits, Areas and Purpose

Robotics programming is a system where a computer program or a robot can execute through electronic circuits and execute commands given using programming languages. Briefly, it is the process of preparing and installing a software program by combining the necessary materials and design for the robot. The robot is the device that can detect with various sensors and perform the task it perceives. It must define a task for the robot, enter the necessary codes to fulfill the task and be sent to the robot. Robotics; It is the process of giving commands through electronic systems using programming languages.

Robotic programming people enable the robots to reach the target by trying a number of methods until they complete the desired task. This method makes our life easier in many areas. Due to the rapid development of technology and the superior digital capability of the Z generation and the increasing needs in this field, the learning age of robotic programming has now reached the level of primary school. So much so that many schools are trying to spread Robotic programming education by the Ministry of National Education. It is aimed that the young generation will benefit from all the blessings of the technology and have knowledge in the robotics field. In this way, even young children can design and manage a program from scratch.

Programming Languages ​​Used in Robotic programming

There are many programming languages ​​in robotic programming. Programming language is needed to define the algorithm that needs to be processed in the software. Computer and electronic devices work in machine language with the numbers “1” and “0”. C / C ++, Java, Python, C #, C machine languages ​​are used to make robotic programming. These are programming languages ​​that are generally used for electronics. These languages ​​are also used quite frequently to develop ROS packages.

Benefits of Robotic programming

Robotic studies are gaining importance in every moment of our lives in the digitized world. Robotics will appear in every stage of our lives, in every business line we work with. We can list the benefits of robotic programming as follows:

  • It improves people’s ability to do business together, and creates awareness of responsibility.
  • It provides academic development.
  • It enables people to show their talents.
  • It provides improvement in mathematics, science and technology engineering.
  • It provides the development of space perception.
  • It is effective in the development of motor skills.
  • It provides unlimited imagination.
  • It supports the development of innovative thinking.
  • It provides the confidence that the production gives.
  • It provides advanced development and talent.
  • Improves systematic thinking ability.
  • It gives different thinking skills.
  • To find a solution in a short way
  • To be able to establish algorithms and programming
  • Improves problem solving skills.
  • Time management skills are gained.
  • Teamwork gains the ability to finish work.
  • Analytical and critical thinking skills develop.
  • It provides the ability to think in 3D.
  • Production ability improves.

Areas Where Robotic programming is Applied

Robots are devices that detect and interpret their surroundings with their sensors, make decisions with artificial intelligence and act according to the result. They are the devices that decide alone when correct programming is done. Robotic programming is defined so that these devices can make decisions. Robots that define robotic programming serve many areas and make life easier. Robots can be coded so that they can do the work done by manpower in all areas of our lives. Some of these areas are:

  • In the Operational Area: They are usually controlled by remote control. It is often used in mined fields, radiation zones, landslide zones and space trials where people’s work is risky.
  • In the field of Health: It is used in surgeries where precise operation is required in the medical field. With the application called robotic surgery, surgery can be performed for many diseases today. It is performed without large surgical cuts for sensitive and delicate surgeries that cannot be performed by human hands.
  • In the Industrial Area: Robots are used in the production area. These robots are used instead of employees for life safety, especially in jobs that may endanger human life. It provides a more profitable and faster production. At the same time, accurate production is ensured by correct robotic programming. It is also effective in reducing cost. It is also used in mined areas and mines, which can be considered dangerous.
  • In the Field of Education: It is used for teaching mathematics, science, foreign language in individuals with autism and mentally disabled individuals who have health problems. It has a great effect on people’s effective communication and understanding.
  • In Agriculture and Livestock Area: Robots are designed and coded to save cost and time. They can do all the work done with manpower from plowing, seed planting, irrigation to spraying. It is coded to carry out the milking process in the livestock area.
  • Transportation Area: Transportation is also used in the transportation area. In addition to artificial intelligence, robotic programming is used to produce driverless cars.
  • In the Entertainment Area: The usage area of ​​children’s toys is high. Even robots used for entertainment and hobby are designed. Robots are also used in the high level of film and image effects.
  • In the Social Field: They are robots that are made with the help of artificial intelligence by being compared to people. These robots help to do housework. The ability to do some simple tasks is also loaded.

Learn Robotic programming

With the rapid advancement of robotic programming technology, it has taken its place in all areas of our lives. Learning to code is not as difficult as it is thought. It is possible to learn everything with education in the internet age. It is important to use the internet efficiently and follow the training.

Encouraging parents to learn programming from an early age, who want to take advantage of the benefits of robotic programming and contribute to the development of their children.

There are many ways to learn programming. The most effective of these is to learn from the job specialist. You can learn all the details about programming by getting the “Robotic programming Training” given by the Istanbul Institute of Business as online training. In the training given as 60 hours in total, you can learn the following topics:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Basic Electronics 15 lesson hours
  • Module 2: Algorithm creation programming 15 lesson hours
  • Module 3: Arduino Circuit elements and programming 20 lesson hours
  • Module 4: Ready Robotic Kit usage 10 lesson hours

Arduino uno starter kit is mandatory to practice during the training. It is recommended that the MakeBlock mBot v1.1 training kit be available at the request of the trainee. Those interested in Science, Information Technologies, Technology Design and Robotics can participate in this training. At the same time, anyone interested in this field and parents who want to teach their children robotic programming can participate.

Learn the robotic programming training shown among the professions with the future.  With this training, while learning all the techniques related to robotics, you will gain the ability to do everything you do without errors with the algorithm thinking style. If you succeed in the exam you will take at the end of the training, you have the opportunity to get a certificate and document what you learned.

What is Robotics?

Robotics is the work that involves computers, machines and control systems that include space sciences. The design of the necessary mechanisms, the addition of electronic accents, digital controls are provided. It is widely used in aerospace engineering, electrical electronics engineering, computer engineering and software.

Why is robotic programming required?

Robotic programming takes place in our lives wherever there are computers and smart devices. We should not only use these devices, but also direct them with the commands we give. Robotic programming is necessary to make our life easier and manage these devices.

What is the purpose of robotic programming? 

It is done to provide movements of an object or robot with robotic programming to control and direct. It is aimed to educate knowledgeable and qualified people for the future by using superior technology opportunities. All robotic programming processes are supported by engineering, mathematics and science and contribute to these fields.

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