10 Hot New Business Ideas in Madhya Pradesh

Looking for hot new business ideas in Madhya Pradesh? Then these amazing ideas will help you.

The economic consequences that this pandemic has brought are incalculable for many sectors, but not for other entrepreneurs who have managed to overcome difficulties and have found in this situation rather the opportunity to boost their economy.

Without a doubt, it behoves us to adapt to this new era of entrepreneurship, trying to generate business or reinvent our own, and thus overcome this crisis that has hit society in different areas.

10 Business Ideas in Madhya Pradesh

1. The demand for fruits and vegetables

Many businesses that got used to working with customer service from the point of sale, for example fruits and vegetables, have reinvented themselves forced by the current situation. Although it is true that home delivery is a traditional business model, not for these small entrepreneurs.

Their business structure does not allow them to implement this type of service, however, seeing that their production was at stake, they soon thought about how they could reach consumers, and they did.

They were also forced to change their operation. Now they would work only Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the store preparing deliveries, and on other days they would receive orders and organize with farms and producers.

2. Training equipment

The closure of the majority of businesses means huge economic losses for their owners, however, the initiative arises as a result of being cornered in the face of the crisis.

If the closure means that we will not be able to go to a gym to exercise or stay in shape, then why not sell equipment at home for this purpose and also offer a special bonus, now the classes are online, even free because you already bought your equipment.

Equipment could also be rented for this purpose.

In addition, there is a growing trend to maintain physical health, not only because of this confinement but also for other circumstances, such as not falling into depression.

3. Karate online

Somewhat similar to the previous idea, keeping in shape or maintaining certain knowledge in a little explored line especially on the internet in order to find a way to take advantage of time, is what has led to the application of this business idea.

Taking the example of Venezuelan Antonio Díaz, who was preparing for the Tokyo Olympics, and when this pandemic came, not only was he forced to give up on this attempt, but he had to close his premises where he was already teaching classes along with two others partner, assuming the end of your business and the firing of three more workers.

But Díaz saw the Internet as a great opportunity to transfer this knowledge and share it with people who are interested.

He states that it was not easy at first, but little by little, faults and difficulties were overcome that gave him the guideline to learn and improve.

The number of people interested in their courses has grown and their business has been reinvented thanks to the internet, something that previously saw it as a very little objective medium.

4. Copper masks

“Copper has the benefit that it is antimicrobial and there are many studies going around that indicate that a respiratory microorganism or virus dies within four hours on a copper surface,” according to the Chilean, Luz Briceño to BBC Mundo.

She, being a designer, together with two other friends, commercial engineers, partnered before the Coronavirus pandemic, to develop masks that had antibacterial properties in order to reach the surgical sector.

With the arrival of the crisis, his attention focused on manufacturing masks with fabrics made with copper nanoparticles. This initiative is being replicated by several Chilean companies that work with copper.

Briceño assured BBC Mundo that in less than a month they have sold 60,000 masks and create jobs for more than 70 people.

5. Bread through an app

Without this pandemic, the application created by the Argentinean Antonio Bertasio, Quiero Pannet, to deliver bread at home was not as successful as expected, but today it has been a great help in saving his business.

At first it was designed to distribute to the large food chains, but with this situation they had to reinvent themselves and reach the private public.

The media have been interested in reporting on this application and so it was the starting point for the growth of this company.

Today it even has a team specialized in e-commerce directly focused on expansion and growth, based on digital.

6. Implementation of medical platforms

If you think that this business idea is only for doctors, you are wrong, health professionals do not know the technical part, they do not know about platforms or sites that allow them to impart their teleconsultations and telemedicines, and, there are many physicians eager to implement this solution.

So, dedicating ourselves to this work to solve this need, both from users and from the doctors themselves, could result in a great business that will strengthen as time progresses, because, despite all this happening, many they will want to use this service.

7. Tickets for other types of events

A company that sold tickets generally for large concerts or sporting events had to reinvent itself, now it is selling tickets for the tests of the Covid-19 , in addition to selling food and toilet boxes for different low-income communities at low prices or also donating them.

Another of the ideas that emerged from the crisis is to host events through different platforms such as Zoom, Vimeo or YouTube, and “in this way, the client can buy an access and enter. We help control that access, ”says the Ticketplus executive, published in the newspaper La Tercera.

8. 3D protection shields

The arrival of the pandemic has affected thousands of businesses, but creativity must be tested at all times. Many companies that were growing in the 3D industry , a relatively new sector, were surprised and without a future.

Nonetheless, reinvention emerged, especially in the face of current needs, they are now producing thousands of 3D protection shields that require medical personnel and some companies in general.

Some companies have donated for this work to continue, however, a very important business model is emerging from which there will be benefits, but also the satisfaction of helping, as proposed by 2MD Laser: “for each organ that is purchased, one will be donated ”

9. Amazing designs for this crisis

Companies that produced certain items that were widely used before the pandemic, have been in need of reinventing themselves to survive this crisis. For example, the Maaji company had to put aside its production of swimwear, to dedicate itself to designing garments that favor current conditions.

But the designs are very original with all the biosafety standards and with their own designs. in order to give you an air of calm and at the same time avoid depression

His motto for this type of garment is: Stay safe and secure while running errands or any activity on the street with the Long Fitting Protective Jacket!

10. Tourist services

One of the sectors hardest hit by the situation is tourism. Thus an initiative is born that apparently could not work, however, the results are clear. The Peruvian hotel chain Casa Andina has started a project, through which it rents rooms.

The objective of this business idea is to make the client feel at home, but with another environment to get out of the routine.

“Interest in this service has exceeded our expectations,” says Juan Stoessel, general manager, published in Forbes.

Of course, this entire project is developed under the strictest security standards and protocols in these times.

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