22 Best Business Ideas for IT Professionals in 2021

There are many business ideas that IT professionals can use to start their own business and generate profits because this field is currently in demand due to advancements in technology.

IT professionals are getting better and better because of the internet and social media. Also, many opportunities are opening for them to work in various fields.

Today we will talk about some of the most profitable businesses for IT professionals that can generate a huge amount of profit.

The IT technology business is also becoming more developed because consumer needs are also increasingly varied.

22 Business Ideas For It Professionals

Here are some of the best business ideas that IT professionals can try:

IT Consultant

Becoming an IT consultant is a business opportunity for IT professionals which has a wide scope. You can become a consultant for CCTV installation services, in-office networks, device services, to automatic security alarms.

You can also combine it with buying and selling related devices. This can attract consumers to use your services as well as buy the products you offer.

Android Game Developer

One form of application that is most often used on smartphones is games. The type and number of games currently available are also increasing every time. Various games from various genres are also continuously produced.

You can use this momentum as a promising application-based business opportunity. This is because developing android games does not require a very large capital. In addition, you can also create your own with the game you want to create, including the genre that will be lifted.

3D Printing Services

3D printing services are the latest technology business that is currently very much needed. This is because 3D printing is considered more efficient and more detailed in producing a product.

However, the capital required is also quite large. Therefore, you need to build a broad social network to get more consumers.

Gadget Reviewer

Various gadgets are re-generated every time. One of the professions that have emerged with the new version is gadget reviewer. In the past, gadget reviewers were only tasked with assessing gadgets and publishing reviews in the form of writing in magazines, but now gadget reviewers can judge in the form of videos uploaded to YouTube or other social media.

The money that gadget reviewers make generally comes from viewers and advertisements on YouTube’s private channels or gadget manufacturing companies. However, you must provide an assessment as accurately as possible so that readers and viewers are helped by the review you provide.

Setting Up A Startup

Along with the development of technology, startups are growing all the time. You can also develop startups with more interesting topics that you have in mind.

You can combine various themes in your startup. An example is an IT start-up that is currently growing.

During your education, you have learned many things. Those things combined with profitable ones can create a successful startup.

Buy And Sell Computers

Buying and selling computers is an example of a business opportunity in the IT sector that you have seen in your local areas as well.

You can sell various types of computers, laptops, and smartphones in the same shop. In addition, you can also use online platforms to sell your products to various places.

In addition to hardware, you can sell official software that is often used. This is useful so that consumers get official software from the application developer.

Content Creator

Content creators are currently very demanded. There are various platforms for sharing your work, one of which is YouTube. Being a content creator on YouTube promises very high profits. You can bring up the theme that interests you the most.

Apart from being uploaded on your personal channel, you can also work on specific projects. An example is content creators for product advertisements.

You will receive payment for projects that help product owners advertise their products. However, this business requires a large amount of capital because it requires devices such as laptops and quality cameras.

In addition, you will need video editing software that is used to produce video content. This software usually requires a monthly subscription fee and is quite expensive for a beginner content creator level. Therefore, you must be prepared with various possible capital that must be spent to run this business.

Become A Content Writer

Content writer is the type of business in the Technology field that is suitable for IT professionals if you are interested in writing.

You can write various topics that can be uploaded to your personal website. The capital required is also not much, only a laptop and your ability to produce quality writing.

Travel Blogger

Travel blogging seems to be a dream job for some people. That’s because travel bloggers can make money while traveling. To get started as a travel blogger, you need to pay attention to the platform you will use and the content you want to make.

If you just want to write, then a personal blog is enough.

But if you want to make both videos and write blogs at the same time, then you need to set up a private channel on YouTube. Before starting this business, you should also know how your content can make money because this will affect your content development strategy and personal channel.

SEO Writer

SEO Writer is different from Content Writer. An SEO writer is a writer who focuses on writing so that he can make the article appear on the first page of Google and even be in the top row.

This is useful for getting your website visited by more people and can make money from the ads that are placed. SEO writers use certain techniques by using a combination of the most frequently searched keywords and other components.

An SEO writer is also needed by business people, especially startups, to make their website at the top of the Google search engine.

This also has an impact on the products sold so that they can be more salable.

Providing Computer Service

Some shops sometimes do not accept service for computers or laptops with old series. You can use this as a business opportunity in the IT technology field. You can provide laptop and computer service services.

In addition, you can also combine it with buying and selling used laptops. This is useful for getting components that need to be replaced from other laptops that are already damaged.

An example is a keyboard. If you combine service with buying and selling used laptops, then you can just get a keyboard that still works from a laptop that is no longer in use.

App Developer

Currently, many applications are developed to help our daily lives. Smartphones that have become part of our lives certainly require applications to do a certain task. You can take this as a profitable business idea.

Various aspects of life can be developed in the form of applications ranging from applications for home workouts, applications for drinking water reminders, applications for controlling smartphone use, to applications for video editing.

You can be an app developer from home or from anywhere. This is because to create applications, you do not need a special place. You only need a solid idea and a supporting tool to develop an app.

Web Developer

Web developers are slightly different from app developers. The main job of a web developer is to develop a website to make it more attractive and easy to use. Web developers also don’t need a special place to work so you can work on them anywhere.

In addition, you can also become a consultant for different companies and are not tied to just one company. This work can also be done without being bound by time and is very flexible.

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer service business is a business for IT professionals that is quite profitable. Especially if you have experience, reputation, and an interesting portfolio.

These things will further increase your chances of getting the project and increase your marketability. To start this business, you need supporting hardware and software.

Social Media Consultant

The use of social media in everyday life is also inseparable. Currently, many product advertisements appear on various social media. This is quite profitable for business people because the advertisements provided are right on target.

The increase in advertising on social media has an impact on the emergence of a new profession, namely social media consultant. You can offer advertising efficiency analysis services on certain social media and provide appropriate social media recommendations for business people who use your services.

Product Photographer

Product photographer is a business in the IT Technology field that is still rare in demand. As a product photographer, you are required to produce photos that can show the attractive side of a product and increase consumer interest in getting the product.

Developing Robots

If you have programming and electronics skills, then you can also develop simple robots. Some tech companies need robots to do simple things like open doors or as personal assistants.

Data Analyst

Data Analyst is a suitable business for those of you who have strong thinking and analytical skills. You can work to process large amounts of data and produce conclusions that are easily understood by your clients.

If you are interested in running a data analyst business, there are currently many online courses that you can take to improve your ability to analyze data using Excel, SPSS, or other software.

UI/UX Designer

UI and UX designer is a useful job to produce user-friendly interfaces for applications and websites. If you have an interest in the world of graphic design and programming, then this business is quite profitable for IT professionals

You can offer your clients a new concept in the application that makes it easier for users to operate the application. In addition, the resulting application is also more attractive in terms of appearance.

Internet Café

Internet cafe is a suitable place for freelancers or business people who want to work and meet clients. You can provide a variety of drink and snack menus for consumers.

The most important thing is a fast internet connection because all consumers who come need a stable internet connection to support their work.

Become an Influencer

Being an influencer in the world of technology is also quite profitable. You can use Instagram social media to share your work with your followers.

As an influencer, you can make money from endorsements or sponsorships given by interested technology companies.

Creating a Chatbot

The chatbot is a chat feature that can reply to messages from someone directly. Usually, this feature is used by online shops which must be available 24 hours a day.

You can make chatbots which are then sold to online businesses. Chatbots are also useful for reducing operational costs and can reply to messages quickly.

There are many businesses in the IT Technology field that can be utilized and are quite profitable because technology is currently growing.

You can start learning certain skills from the many online courses available. You can also join groups or communities that are learning the same thing as a place to share.

FAQ on Business Ideas for IT Professionals

What is the best tech business to start?

The best tech business to start as per my opinion is App Developer which is currently in high demand because of the smartphones and other gadgets being used.

How can I start a business in IT sector?

Starting a business IT sector is quite a competitive right row and to start you need to follow certain steps:
Choose which field you can work
Make a business plan
Legalize your business
Promote your business
Share your love