10 Best Inventions in the Last 10 Years

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Here we will talk about the best inventions that you may have seen in the last 10 years.

Best Inventions in the Last 10 Years

Here are the 10 best inventions in the last 10 years.

A Pair of Eyes for the Visually Impaired: Aira

Best Inventions in the Last 10 Years

Everyday simple tasks, such as sending emails for the visually impaired or washing the accumulated laundry, manifest themselves as quite troublesome processes. But what if they could borrow someone else’s eyes? This is exactly the idea of ​​the emergence of the membership-based service called Aira. Aira, which has to be paid 99 dollars a month for the standard usage plan, allows you to broadcast images live with smartphones or Aira’s registered glasses. The assistants working in the system and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, explain the objects in the images shared by the visually impaired, give directions and answer their questions. Greg Stilson, who is also visually impaired, before joining Aira as Product Management Director,

A New Remedy for Those Who Have Hearing Hearing: Eargo Max

Best Inventions in the Last 10 Years

In the United States alone, there are 48 million people with hearing loss. Although most of these patients can improve their quality of life with hearing aids, they avoid using hearing aids due to aesthetic concerns. Eargo, owned by Christian Gormsen, has succeeded in designing a hearing aid that can fulfill its task almost invisibly after eight years of development. With a high price tag of $ 2450, the Eargo Max rechargeable hearing aid is designed for patients with low to moderate hearing loss. While traditional hearing aids must be around the ear and usually need to be customized and delivered by the doctor, Eargo Max, on the contrary, via the Internet, It can be purchased easily with the help of a specialist and is perfectly placed in the ear. Eargo Max, which has received positive feedback so far in the United States, seems to reach 20,000 users by the end of the year.

Razor for the Elderly and the Disabled: Gillette Treo

Most blades are made for people to shave on their own. On the other hand, for the elderly and the disabled who need help, this daily job can be quite annoying or impossible to do. Because razor blades are not produced to use this cut. Gillette TREO, on the other hand, is an auxiliary razor designed specifically for the male face. Gillette TREO with flexible blades designed to prevent clogging with cut bristles has a short handle similar to paint brush. This handle has a smart shaving cream inside, which can shake things up. “Shaving doesn’t just mean getting rid of hair on your face.” “It is an indication of dignity,” Gillette executive Sushant Trivedi said. TREO that Gillette worked on,

Next Step of the Wheelchair: WHILL Model Ci

In the United States alone, 3 million people have to use a wheelchair. This number is much larger worldwide. Despite this, there has not yet been a significant innovation in the wheelchair field. Most of these chairs are bulky and have a structure that can cause trouble in different road conditions. Model Ci, which has a price tag of $ 3999, is an electric wheelchair different from the others. Model Ci, which can reach up to 16 kilometers per hour indoors and outdoors, can handle obstacles up to 5 centimeters in height and is easy to use in narrow spaces, thanks to its prone front wheels, which are the work of a clever engineering. Whill, the manufacturer, He states that Model Ci’s gold and millennium pink colors are also in the color range. The chair has been sold 10 thousand units since its introduction in January.

Game Pleasure for the Disabled: Xbox Adaptive Controller

For people who have difficulty moving their hands and arms, playing video games can be quite troublesome. Because these games are usually played with small keys and joysticks. While some players and small-scale companies have been thinking about this issue, large companies have generally been satisfied with watching. Microsoft, called the “hackathon” organized by the programmers and acting under the direction of the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, has developed a joystick called the Xbox Adaptive Controller with a $ 100 tag price. This is an enlarged version of Xbox’s classic joystick format and designed to include as many disabled players as possible. The game handle, whose main keys are on average 10 centimeters in diameter, can be easily pressed with the elbow or chin. The joystick also If necessary, it can make the experience even easier with pedals and similar attachments. Inviting competitors to move forward on this path, Xbox designer Chris Kujawski said, “We hope our game arm acts as a trigger in the gaming industry and increases inclusiveness.” He expressed this invitation with his words.

A Simple Sofa: Burrow Sofa

Business school students Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra are two young people who suffer from many people: Buying a sofa. The duo found cheap models, despite being fast shipping, saw that they had poor quality material and tedious assembly times, while luxury models encountered long waiting times and expensive delivery. The duo eventually found their firm called Burrow and found the middle of these two extremes. Entrepreneurs who have tried more than twenty designs to manufacture modular three-seater chairs have set a $ 1195 tag as a starting price. Products sent directly to the user’s home can be customized in both color and form. When Kuhl and Chopra shared this idea for the first time in 2016, they stated that they laughed at them. Now, the duo selling over 10 thousand seats,

Tool Bag Challenging Gravity: Grypmat

Tom Burden observed that during the period when the F-16 aircraft were working in the weapon repairs in the United States Air Force, his tools were constantly missing from the aircraft. As a result, he realized that no tool bag was designed to lie on inclined surfaces without damaging the surface. As a result, Burden, who decided to design his own tool bag, started to work with a mat-like, bendable material that prevents the mobile phones from slipping in the front console of the vehicles, making this material to withstand the heat and chemicals encountered in the environments in which it works. Grypmat, with a price tag of $ 40, was launched in 2017 after being supported by investors in the TV show “Shark Tank” in which Burden participated. Since then, Tom Burden, who has a wide customer base from surgeons to jewelers, aims to sell 200,000 Grypmats by the end of the year. Satisfied with his success, Burden was also surprised at the fact that he was the first to think about it, “This is not a genius idea, it’s just a smart idea.” He expresses his surprise.

House Annunciation to be Produced for the Homeless with a 3D Printer: ICON Vulcan 3-D Printer

Completing a 32 square meter house in early 2018 in 48 hours, the initiative in the state of Texas, USA, ICON, attracted all the attention. Vulcan 3D printer was used in this construction, which has no secret in production. While the groundbreaking machine forms the basic structure of the house from layered concrete, it does this work with a much lesser amount of workforce and material to be used in a normal construction. Vulcan, which ICON has been working to develop for nine months, has raised 9 million dollars in donations in order to be able to complete a 185 square meter house in 24 hours by increasing its functionality. ICON also plans to work with a non-profit organization called “New Story” to produce cheap and durable homes with Vulcan in Latin America and the Caribbean. The company’s CEO, Jason Ballard,

Shoes That Can Save the World: Allbirds SweetFoam

The footwear industry has a very large carbon footprint due to its many parts made of petroleum-based materials such as plastic soles, logos and shoe laces. On the other hand, the retail initiative called Allbirds is trying to create an environmentally friendly alternative. The company used a new material called SweetFoam using sugarcane, which goes to the trash if not used and causes carbon dioxide release and climate change, and used this material for flip-flops early last year. The company plans to use this material in all its products in a short time. Among the products mentioned are popular wool sneakers that have sold over a million since their introduction in 2016. Since Allbirds wants its competitors to move on the path they have opened,

Diamond Beaten in Plasma: Diamond Foundry Sustainable Diamonds

For decades, we expect the diamonds to be produced in a laboratory environment that we can obtain perfectly and without harming the environment. But all efforts have been inconclusive so far. Diamond Foundry, which is hosted by the city of Wenatchee in Washington state of the United States, is close to ending this wait. The new plasma reactor from the company in Wenatchee is capable of producing diamonds with much less energy than any road used in diamond production, including mining. As a result, the company can produce 1 million carats of diamonds per year. This means approximately 500 thousand ring of words. According to the company, with this speed, diamonds will be produced for the first time at a price performance ratio in mining standards. All stones of Diamond Foundry, which produce diamonds ranging from a few hundred dollars to 30 thousand dollars, are of high quality. The company also recently rolled up sleeves to produce a fully diamond ring for charity with Apple’s Jony Ive foundation.

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