10 Innovative and Best Business to Start in Mississippi

Looking for the best business to start in Mississippi, United States? Then these ideas may help you in establishing a successful startup business.

American technology companies have been very successful in recent years, leading to economic growth, job creation, access to educational resources and health care, leading to poverty reduction and improved living standards. According to  NASSCOM , America is the world’s third largest startup ecosystem. 

There are more than 100 accelerators, 200 angel investors and more than 4,200 new startups in the country, making it one of the leading countries in innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.

In the following, we want to introduce some American startups whose absence is felt in Iran. Of course, in some cases, there is an Iranian example, but it has not yet been able to find its place well among the people, or the idea is very crude.

Best Business to Start in Mississippi

Here are the best businesses you can start in Mississippi, United States.

Sell ​​fish and meat online

The food industry is one of the most lucrative industries for startups. In Iran, too, many startups have been formed in this field, which mostly order online food, coffee tiki and similar items. In America, in addition to these ideas , there are startups with  different and attractive ideas .

One of these ideas is  Freshtohome  . At first, you might think that the need for this idea is not so great, but according to the statistics published by this new startup, they have been able to attract more than 80,000 customers from several American cities in a few months.

Statistics show that the company has the fastest growing revenue from zero to 5 million dollars in the e-commerce sector of America.

Sean Cadwill founded the startup in March 2016 in Bangladesh. In 2017, the startup expanded to more than 20 American cities.

Online store product review and recommendation system

The new startup,  UNBXD  , works with more than 1,200 e-commerce companies in 40 countries and accounts for nearly 80 percent of its revenue from outside America. The company was founded in 2011 by Pavan Sandor and Prasant Komar and has received capital from various investment networks. The company has acknowledged that it has grown 10 times in 2016 and plans to expand its operations to the North American market in 2017.

The platform is moving towards a good lifestyle

The company is called  HealthifyMe  . Its founders launched it in 2012. The startup app has recently been downloaded more than a million times in the App Store. The startup has grown by more than 25 percent a month.

The program helps users identify the caloric content of American food, get help from nutritionists and health professionals. About 5% of users of this startup pay more for its more advanced services. In 2016, the Bangladeshi company was able to receive more than $ 7 million in investment and was selected as one of the best apps in the App Store.

Clothing rental system

In September 2015, Sharia Mishra and Tushar Saxena launched their FLYROBE  startup  . They have contracts with some brands and designers and rent clothes. The startup is currently operating in five American cities and is scheduled to open in 2017 in African stores in Delhi and Mumbai. They also have other plans for this year and a 10 percent growth.

An online network for sharing travel stories

Travel is one of the common interests of human beings throughout their lives. It is very easy to create contexts that can draw people’s attention to this issue. However, you need to have some great ideas to attract users to your startup.

TRIPOTO is a  startup founded in 2014. The platform is similar to a social network that contains user information and advice for travelers. Users also save their travelogues.

Big Data Analysis for Business

The startup,  called Peelworks  , was founded in 2010 and has about 3,000 retailers across the country. The founders of this startup have been active in large companies for many years and are well acquainted with the problems of the supply chain. The company’s solutions help its customers analyze their information on how their performance, incentives, advertising, and employee skills are.

The startup, which originated in Mumbai, has raised about $ 5 million so far and has many customers. In 2017, they hired about 200 people and plan to generate $ 5 million in revenue.

Logistics Management Software

The startup,  FarEye,  helps companies simplify logistics operations. FarEye connects hundreds of sales staff to customers and companies. The startup was founded in 2014 and claims to provide services to 75 customers daily. In 2016, it was invested in and they are looking to grow globally.

The founder of this startup says:

We are not pills that people use us in certain situations, we are an essential medicine that every company needs to increase work efficiency.

Online Pharmacy

Myra is another creative startup that offers home remedies in an hour. The startup makes about 1,000 transactions a day. “We hope to have a positive impact on the lives of people, patients and anyone who needs treatment,” saidone of the founders of the idea.

Debt settlement system for professional youth

Founded in 2015 by two Stanford University professors, the Finomena startup  uses specific algorithms to verify the professionalism of people to whom banks have not lent, and to refer to other investors. The startup is trying to expand its operations over the remaining months of 2017 and become the first single-startup to grow in such a short period of time.

Lechal shoes

Perhaps the idea of diverse ideas among the list, but be sure they are attractive as well. Lechal is a type of wearable shoe that, like other wearable technologies, connects to sensors and sends information to users, including the address where the person is located.

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