Artificial Intelligence Engineer: Details, Salary and Job Description

In this article, we will talk about artificial intelligence engineer salary, job description, what he does, etc. Here we will get all the details about artificial intelligence engineer.

With the developments in technology, new professions began to emerge. We started to meet new professions in many sectors from trade to health, from education to industry, from computer to retail.

We have not been able to catch up to these professions, which have emerged with the advancement of technology at an incredible speed. 

Data Specialist, Mobile Application and Game Developer, Robot Coordination Specialist, IoT Specialist, Data Security Specialist, Smart City Specialist and Artificial Intelligence Engineer are a few new jobs we can quickly count. If we try to count today’s popular and new professions, he goes on the list. 

So, what does the Artificial Intelligence Engineer do? What are the programs most frequently used by people doing this profession? Perhaps the subject we are most curious about is: How much money does an Artificial Intelligence Engineer make? An experienced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer can earn $1 million a year. 

In our country, a good artificial intelligence engineer can get 60-70 thousand pounds per month. 

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What Does an Artificial Intelligence Engineer Do?

Systems or machines that imitate human intelligence and can improve themselves recursively according to the information they gather are defined as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence reveals itself in many ways. We can list some of them as follows; 

  • Chat Robots: Artificial intelligence technologies are used to solve the customers’ questions, which are especially used by e-commerce sites, by responding quickly. 
  • Smart Assistants: Applications that understand the voice commands and fulfill the tasks given within this scope.
  • Suggestion engines: It offers users recommendations for television programs according to their habits. 

So, what are these people who are working in the field of Artificial Intelligence and defined as AI Engineers? Artificial Intelligence Engineer is trying to place artificial intelligence models in real-world production setups. In addition to structuring and deploying these models, it conceptualizes, designs, builds, and finally delivers sophisticated machine learning algorithms that make it easy to collect autonomous information through unstructured training sets (deep learning). 

AI engineers also formed the basis for intelligent automation processes using private or third-party tools within the enterprise. Other functions include improvements to existing machine learning algorithms, SDLC-based machine learning application in a dataset to train the model, data mining, pattern recognition and training of the artificial intelligence model, and ML-based algos training for the domain. We can list some basic features of the Artificial Intelligence engineer as follows; 

  • AI engineers should be problem solvers
  • Perspectives should be beyond ordinary observations, statistical thinking, logical reasoning and solution. 
  • Must have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics or statistics. 
  • Artificial intelligence engineers can work not only in software companies but also in many areas such as hospitals, factories, and service industry. 
  • AI engineers learn topics such as machine learning algorithms, software production cycle, data entry setup, data mining and pattern matching.
Artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence engineer, python, software, artificial intelligence engineering,

Programs Most Used by Artificial Intelligence Engineers

Artificial intelligence engineers learn comprehensively of programming concepts. Working knowledge on programming is the basis of all your technical skills. Almost all AI engineers think Python is the language of choice for AI development models worldwide. Combined with programming languages, certain areas of mathematics and statistics are part of the mix, which should also be.

Python: Python is one of the programs that AI engineers use the most. Along with some of the most advanced features in solving machine learning and artificial intelligence problems, Python is one of the easiest programs to widely learn. It is a program that can be easily implemented for the most complex tasks as a result of Python Training. 

Java: Although not as popular as Python, java is another widely used programming language. Deep Learning 4 Java (DL4J) library is one of the most popular corporate machine learning solutions today. In fact, it is also popular among students because of its ease of use. 

R: Initially, the statistical programming language includes R packs, Infer and Keras, which are becoming increasingly popular to handle large datasets and grow artificial intelligence in businesses around the world. 

C ++: Usually used in conjunction with Python as a mixed system for higher-level functions. Using C ++ speeds up the programming process.

What Is The Monthly Salary Of The Artificial Intelligence Engineer?

An AI engineer in the US earns an average of 170-180 thousand dollars a year. With the bonuses and bonuses these engineers received, their earnings can reach up to 200-250 thousand dollars. However, artificial intelligence engineers who develop and train themselves well in this field cannot be shared by companies. Technology companies can afford to pay approximately 1 million dollars a year in order to keep these engineers in their hands or to include them. An experienced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer can charge between $ 1 to $ 2 million a year. Even those who have several years of experience may have salaries of 300-400 thousand dollars a year. 

China plans to become the world’s number one in Artificial Intelligence by 2030. China, which has a passion for being a superpower in this field, is working hard to become a global leader. It has entered into a tough competition with China in this field with its deep-rooted technology culture in the USA. In addition to these two countries, the countries that speed up their work in artificial intelligence are; Britain, Canada, Germany, Russia and India.  

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The job responsibilities or description of an AI engineer are: 

  • Organizing operations between Data Scientists and Business Analysts
  • Setting up infrastructure automation for the Data Science Team
  • Developing ML models to APIs to access applications
  • Testing models
  • Distributing models
  • Automating processes with ML
  • Development of livable minimum products

What is Artificial Intelligence Engineering?

The engineering field that enables the programming of machines to work as if they are the human brain and the design of machine learning algorithms is called Artificial Intelligence Engineering. In this program, the machines are aimed to perform their movements in a logical and efficient manner.

What are the World Famous Companies Who Want to Employ Artificial Intelligence Engineers?

Artificial Intelligence engineering is one of the most popular lines of business today. The world-renowned companies that have worked hard to employ these engineers are: Amazon, Accenture, IBM, NVIDIA, Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, Lenovo, Samsung, Adobe. 

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