Characteristics of Business Opportunity

20 Characteristics of Business Opportunity

An opportunity can create economic value and also involves risk. A good business opportunity has some characteristics that you should know.

To make a business successful, the first step is to choose a business opportunity that has characteristics or features that will benefit you.

Let know the characteristics of the business opportunity that make it good and profitable.

Characteristics of Business Opportunity

Low capital necessity

A decent business opportunity ought to be modest to fund. Access to capital is a significant obstruction to business enterprise inferring that business visionaries should concentrate on thoughts that are modest to fund. Business people exploit business plan and proposition composing administrations in Kenya financing strategies, for example, credits, investors and commitments from loved ones among others. Capital providers are hesitant to back new businesses with tremendous capital necessities. 


A decent business opportunity is one that lines up with the person’s energy. The author’s inspiration is a key determinant of the accomplishment of a beginning up. An enthusiastic organizer has an inward inspiration towards building a brilliant future for the business. Thus, such a pioneer makes a reasonable vision and statements of purpose and uses them to rouse partners towards authoritative objectives. 

Matches singular aptitudes 

Person’s abilities are a key determinant of the wellness of a business proposition. A decent business proposition lines up with the business person’s aptitudes that guarantee conversance with the complexities of the business procedure. 


Growing a business is one of the main objectives of a business person. It is subsequently foremost to guarantee the versatility of an opportunity before submitting assets. A decent business opportunity’s development in regards to benefits, income, size, and different measuring sticks of assessing development are irrefutable. 

Reflect ecological real factors 

A business opportunity ought to be significant to the overarching condition. The business condition is dynamic, and business visionaries ought to see how changes in the earth influence client needs and business activities. A business person ought to have a profound comprehension of the natural patterns to learn the opportunity’s long haul suitability.

Something you are energetic about 

Energy is the beginning stage of any perfect business. Discover your interests, and expand on the things you are energetically going to make an effective business. Dealing with something you love helps make the entire procedure of beginning and maintaining a business so a lot simpler. 

Explicit market speciality 

Discover a speciality where your business can be big enchilada; don’t turn into a handyman. 

Low beginning up cost 

Having a low startup cost implies you can utilize your cash to begin the business and bootstrap your business development. 

Low fixed expenses 

The higher the fixed costs, the more you need to sell before you can earn back the original investment on your expenses.

Profound channel 

Work to assemble a genuine association with your customers and make them more profound into your business channel.

Repeating deals to your customers 

The most effortless deal you’ll ever make is to a current upbeat client.

Gather cash before you satisfy your item or administration 

Try not to commit the error of not having enough money to work. Income is the soul of business, and one fundamental component of guaranteeing a sound capital is by gathering instalments first. 

Intensity of pre-distinction 

There are 2 different ways to positively shape the market: by being the best or being the least expensive. 

No apparent rivalry 

You have to have an unmistakable, particular situation in the commercial centre that bounces to your customers’ and planned customers’ brains. 

Expand the special abilities of you and your group 

Invest more energy doing what you love and you will turn out to be progressively successful in your job in your business.


Search for a business that can develop quickly. 

Make licensed innovation 

Discover a business that reliably creates a significant protected innovation that you can sell or permit.


Placing in vigorous working and money related controls increment the odds of endurance and achievement and at last, will enhance the firm. The significant basic in the early years is to screen and oversee income. 

The board abilities that can be utilized – the business person needs to have the proper administration aptitudes and, if they don’t, they have to gain them or select or band together with others with the suitable abilities. 


Little undertakings can normally get off the ground effectively however greater activities can be risky because they are simply ‘too enormous’. In which case, you have to see whether the undertaking can be separated into littler ventures that can be executed when the first thought is demonstrated. 


The thought is to maintain a strategic distance from however much hazard as could reasonably be expected for whatever length of time that was conceivable.

Yet to ensure you don’t botch the window of chance. This is every one of the issues of justice and changing economic situations, so you have to stay adaptable and thoroughly consider how you may scale-up the task when it demonstrates effectiveness.

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