Steps for Working from Home for Complete Productivity

Some industries can work fully remotely, others can only be posted online, and online work is almost impossible for most service providers.

But no matter how much the industry allows, the number one priority in organizing remote work should be to maintain efficiency.

So let’s start.

Steps for Working from Home

STEP 1 – Provide computers

Before you start working remotely, you need to make sure that all employees are well-equipped with computers. It is also desirable that these computers be provided by the employer itself with the necessary settings and standards.

If there are not enough computers or it is advisable to use an employee PC, it should also be configured to meet all corporate standards.

STEP 2 – Computer training

In a decentralized environment, computers must be ready for remote service. All computers must have Team Viewer or some other remote configuration software installed.

First, not all employees will be able to make remote adjustments, they will need help, and second, it will be much easier to solve work-related difficulties with a virtual “visit”.

STEP 3 – Internet

Make sure everyone has the right internet package to do the job online.


The company needs a so-called “virtual office” where employees will be able to “be” during working hours.

It should contain at least the following components:

• Video-audio և written chat feature: individual և group

• Calendar with specific days and times to work

• Document domain with change

• Mail


It is desirable, of course, that the platform is narrow sector tools depending on the type of activity.

STEP 5 – Develop rules and rules for telework

WebApricot, for example, has a “Morning Coffee Hour” where employees gather for a general chat and drink coffee together.

The following points may be among the laws:

• Be online during business hours

• Answer any internal question or request within at least 10 minutes, and external – immediately

• Make audio-video calls only after prior arrangement

• Communicate with the outside world without outside voices

, etc.

Any company can set such rules based on its internal regulations.

STEP 6 – Training and Introduction

All employees should be properly explained both the rules and the basics of using the software, be sure to inform them in case of any questions they should apply.

STEP 7 – Organize an Account

Online work should not mean abandonment. It is necessary to clearly define the criteria of work efficiency, the principles of recording the results of activities և all other measurable indicators.

The WebApricot programming company is also guided by these steps , which will gladly help you to properly organize your company’s remote operations.

And so, good work to all of us, let the days go by when companies decide for themselves how to organize work based on their own convenience.

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