Why Do We Need to Conserve Our Natural Resources

From the earliest times to our times, people have some constant basic needs such as nutrition, shelter and clothing. Since people meet these basic needs from the nature they live in, they need to conserve our natural resources.

If Natural resources are not protected, we cannot benefit from them again. In the previous chapters, we have seen that some substances in nature are used over and over again, cyclically. After meeting some of the needs of nature, man should act in a way to regain it.

To use and protect natural resources without wasting; It is a humanitarian debt to replace some of the spent resources with new ones. Man is a part of nature; it always needs it. For example, it provides oxygen and basic nutrients from natural plant and animal sources. The papers of the books we read are actually a processed version of a tree. The sugar you put in your tea is derived from either sugar beet or sugar cane. The source of the water flowing from the fountains and springs is nature. We also meet all our fuel and household items from nature.

The unconscious use and extreme degradation of nature have dangerous consequences for humans and other living things. The leading ones are natural resources are pollution, erosion, material loss and desertification. For example, the decrease in the forests of Kastamonu, the risk of desertification in Central Anatolia, the blurring of rivers, the areas destroyed by forest fires, the unbearable air from time to time, the deterioration of the Bosphorus and various coastal beauties, are the problems that arise as a result of poor use of natural resources.

Especially in recent years, the rapid deterioration of the ecological balance and its threat to human health has created a consciousness for the protection of nature.

People use natural resources, mines, water resources, soil and forests in order to survive and improve their living conditions.

Preserving natural resources does not mean saving resources or not using them at all. We must know how to utilize these resources without waste. Man must establish a balance between production and consumption without disturbing the ecosystems too much. It should seek ways to obtain continuous products from useful plants, animals and other substances.

The amount of natural resources in the world is limited and it takes many years to reproduce. At least 50-60 years must pass before a burning forest area is reforested and restored. For this reason, it is of great importance for the future of people to use resources in the most appropriate way without wasting.

We don’t need to spend money on caring for and protecting the natural resources, as simple as changing our lifestyle to reduce the carbon footprint that we produce everyday is more than enough.

Here Are 15 Reasons Why We Should Conserve Our Natural Resources

Natural Resources are important part of our life

Natural Resources consists not only of the animals that live on earth, but also forests, grasslands, tundra, which are also important to maintain the life cycle of the ecosystem.

Caring for Natural Resources reflects one’s personality

We tend to treat others the way we treat our natural resources, therefore the way we treat the natural resources has a lot to do with our personality. The more we treat the natural resources well, it reflects a good personality too.

It is a way to give back to our generation

Being natural resources fully conscious, we will feel happier if we often give rather than take. Taking care of the natural resources is our way of giving to others.

Caring for Natural Resources can reduce the impact of global warming

Deforestation and deforestation increase the amount of carbon dioxide. Forests slow down the process of global warming, because trees absorb carbon dioxide gas.

Forests provide us with clean air

The air we breathe becomes cleaner because the trees act as an air filter.

Natural resources protection stimulates economic stability

Many people find work because of forests, and many will lose their jobs if forests are cleared.

Protecting the natural resources makes us happy

Many people go to the forest for peace and balance. It has been scientifically proven that forests can be a cure for mental stress.

The natural resources provides the best source of groundwater

About 20 percent of the water we drink comes from forests. In forest ecosystems, rain and moisture infiltrate the soil and form water bodies.

Protecting the natural resources makes the body healthier

The quality of water found in the forest can improve lung health and there are many activities that can be done in the forest such as walking healthily and doing tracing.

Forests provide raw natural resources needed in the production process

Forests are essential in the natural resources, where forests provide raw materials such as wood and rubber. Forest management means the availability and sustainable use of natural resources.

Forests are a habitat for a wide variety of species

Almost half of the species on earth live in forests. Forest destruction means destruction of a fairly extensive ecosystem.

Taking care of the natural resources is our way of thanking nature

Essentially, humans are consumptive creatures. We cannot live without the natural resources provided by nature. We get energy from coal, oil and sunlight.

Caring for the natural resources helps to maintain the ecosystem

Ecosystems are influenced by one another. Changes in ecosystems mean putting some species in danger of extinction.

Humans have a moral obligation to care for the natural resources

Humans are responsible for caring for their natural resources. Protecting the natural resources is a compulsive fulfillment of their needs.

Caring for it means providing natural resources for the next generation

Protecting the natural resources is not only beneficial for current generations, but also benefits for generations after us. Earth is a legacy for our children and grandchildren.

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