8 Profitable and Successful Wholesale Business Ideas in India

Thinking of wholesale business? Here are 8 profitable wholesale business ideas in India?

Having some capital on hand is a profitable way to start a wholesale business. The wholesale business requires more initial capital than the retail business and the profit is higher. Find out what a wholesale business is and some lucrative wholesale business ideas.

What is wholesale business?

Wholesalers collect products from manufacturers at wholesale rates and deliver them to retailers. The wholesaler initially has to buy a good quantity of goods, store them in warehouses and arrange for delivery to the retailer as required. Wholesalers act as a bridge between producers and retailers.

Wholesale Business Ideas in India

1. Clothing wholesale business

Cloth wholesale

If you want to do wholesale business of cloth, it is better to start with a capital of 8-10 lakh rupees. But it will depend on what kind of business you want to do. This is a profitable wholesale business idea.

You can do a sari or garment wholesale business just like you can do cloth business. Since Bengali sari is world famous, the wholesale business of sari will be profitable. Buy saree at wholesale price from weavers and sell it to local shopkeepers. You can also supply to retailers in other states.

2. Rice wholesale business

rice wholesale

Another lucrative wholesale business idea is the rice wholesale business. Rice is a commodity whose demand remains the same throughout the year. Rice production in our state is also good. So there is a possibility of making a lot of income by doing rice wholesale business. 

However, to start this business, you need to have a thorough knowledge of different types of rice and its market value. Buy rice from rice mills and sell it to retailers. As well as buying rice, you also need a good amount of money to transport rice, so keep that in mind before starting a business.

3. Wholesale business of stationery products

stationary wholesale

The market for stationery wholesale business is growing day by day. As a result, it is possible to make a good profit from this wholesale business idea. However, the margin in this business is low. Business depends on turnover.  

A wholesaler or wholesaler gets a margin of 30 percent to 40 percent from the manufacturer . From that, the retailer may have to pay a margin of 25 percent to 30 percent. As a result , your average margin will be 5-10 percent. Some brands lend up to 45 days. Try to keep things of different brands to get success in this wholesale wholesale business. Build good relationships with retailers.

4. Wholesale business of groceries

grocery store

This is a profitable wholesale business idea. Grocery stores have regular sales and so they will take regular goods. You can trade in various products like oil, spices, pulses etc. Collect items at wholesale rates from the company’s distributors and deliver to retailers. Find out what kind of product a company needs. Find out about new products.

5. Bag wholesale business    

bag wholesale

This wholesale business idea is profitable but requires a lot of capital. However, once the business is started, the profit will be good. Find out the wholesale price by contacting the manufacturers. Calculate the profit of giving the bag to any shop in any area. Pay attention to the quality of the bag, then it will run in the market.

6. Wholesale business of T-shirts

T Shirt Wholesale

It is possible to start this business with relatively little capital. There are many T-shirt making factories in our neighboring country Bangladesh, where world class T-shirts are made at low cost. You can bring T-shirts at wholesale rates from there and sell them in your local market with proper permission. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

7. Watch wholesale business

Watch Wholesale

There are two ways to go about this wholesale business idea, wholesale business of branded luxury watches and wholesale business of non-branded watches. 

Branded luxury watches require a lot of capital to do business. To be contracted with the manufacturers of expensive branded watches, you need to have a registered company, you need a well-written business plan . 

Contact and establish a relationship directly with the manufacturing company. Then contact the various watch shops and deal with the watch shop before ordering the watch. 

It takes less capital to do a non-branded watch wholesale business, but in this case you need to know well about the watch wholesale market. It is important to know which watch company will make the most profit, which watch sells best, or which watch market has the potential.

8. Wholesale business of three-piece or bangle

Dress wholesale, Wholesale Business Ideas in India

Three-piece or bangle is currently the most popular dress among Bengali women. There is a demand for this garment in any district of West Bengal and that demand is increasing. As a result, Three-Piece has a good wholesale market and is a profitable wholesale business idea. Three-pieces are available in different prices and quality and each has its own market. 

You need to decide which market you want to trade in first. The rest of the business depends on him. It depends on how much capital you need, where to collect such goods and which store to deliver it.

In order to do any wholesale business, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the wholesale market. Get into business only if you plan your business well and verify that plan . 

As the wholesale business requires a lot of capital, it can be difficult to turn around once the investment sinks. If you are confident about the business plan, you can also start a business with loans from various loan projects . In addition to the wholesale business ideas mentioned above, there are many more profitable wholesale businesses. Choose the right business for you and the market you want to work in. 

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