What Is the Role of a Mentor in the Workplace

Wondering what is the role of a mentor in the workplace? This article will guide you about the duties and roles of a mentor or mentee.

Having a mentor for each person can be a valuable experience for both parties. Mentor and Matthew learn valuable and new information about themselves and others that helps them move toward their professional goals. But to be successful in mentoring, both parties must understand their role and be familiar with their duties.

Role of a Mentor

What is the role of a mentor? The mentor must be present in the following roles in order to be successful.

In the role of counsellor and trainer

To provide advice, guidance and feedback.

The mentor should share his or her experiences and expertise in a language that is understandable and appropriate to the mentee, such as a teacher or an expert, to speed up ideas and executive and operational plans.

In the role of hero and leader

Providing encouragement and support to do new things and plans.

The mentor must help Manti to distance himself from the realm of his comfort and laziness. Mentor, by telling the facts, offers Manti a conscious insight into the uncontrollable variables that affect his work or purpose, and as a hero.

In the role of introducing resources and recommendations

Advising to read books, participate in workshops or other learning tools.

By introducing the required scientific resources, Mentor helps Menty to learn and grow scientifically about his goal; he also encourages Menty to re-establish new relationships and increase his working relationships by joining organizations related to the goal.

In the role of “truth-teller”

Not so heartwarming but real feedback.

The mentor must provide the right and perhaps painful feedback to Manti so that Men can face the facts and be able to move forward. If a path offers interesting and suitable opportunities, direct the person to that path. And warn him of the potential consequences that may occur along the way.

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