What Is New Media: Meaning, Job Opportunities and Use in Business

Looking for what is new media? What is new media technology? Advantages of new media? Importance of new media? Functions of new media in business? Then here you will get to know all these things about new media.

New media is a concept defined by those who are familiar with traditional media tools and replace the traditional media. In fact, we cannot talk about the novelty of the media for the end of generation Y and generation Z. They were born in this media, and therefore new media is a familiar concept.

The transformation of the media was inevitable with the internet’s accessibility and the transition to digital. The media, founded mainly on communication and accessibility, performs this task with mass media. Today, it would be appropriate to talk about the internet, which strengthens its place among mass media and is the main source of the formation of new media. 

The Internet was originally used as a limited intra-state initiative and was seen as the communication element of a limited audience. Since the 90s, the internet has gained more than a starting way for access to information and communication. Today, we use it to access information in a short time. In addition, internet browsers emerged in order to reach what we were looking for even faster. All these developments, the change in the understanding of access to information, the wide spread of communication have taken us to the new media. The new media will continue to have impressive effects on the media through the media channels that continue to evolve with the digital communication tools we use. 

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New Media Tools

The transformation of the internet and mass media has also made it easier for the new media to take shape. Thanks to today’s digital and mobile-oriented communication tools, communication can be achieved in a short time and the desired information can often be found. This also refers to the transformation of communication depending on the form of time. What is meant to be expressed can now be reflected as written, visual, emoji and video through digital channels. According to some, this creates a situation that restricts and does not define communication, according to others, it shows the understanding of communication in the period. 

It is also necessary to mention the communication channels created by the new media and creating the new media. The Internet, on the one hand, provides information exchange, on the other hand, has become the main stop of communication and interaction. We can send messages from one point to another through social media, online channels, mobile applications, communication and new media tools, and we can permanently store the message.

In particular, we can say that social media channels have appropriate features to define new media. Through these channels, messages suitable for the purposes such as accessing up-to-date information, catching accessibility in a short time and addressing large masses can be shared. With all these features and possibilities, it is made possible by Web 3.0, the last stage where the internet we live for now. Artificial intelligence, multiple data, online channels, mobile-oriented communication and applications and online advertising, advanced search engines are the main sources of the development of new media. 

When we look at the media side, we should also say that the way of informing and communicating has changed. Television, which was once a favorite means of communication, lost its former popularity. The news bulletins, which are especially informative and informative, have lost blood against social media and internet journalism. Of course there are certain reasons for this.

The biggest reason is that the news belt, which has a limited time and which is made for a certain hour, does not catch up with the current information and the understanding of informing changes. The width of the crowd that the Internet calls out and the opportunity for everyone to get new information at any time started to determine the new center of journalism.

The period we live in is suitable for internet journalism and online journalism. In this period, the news prepared in online channels are prepared by online content editors and the grounds for the audience to be interactive are prepared. Through comments, live chats and social media, viewers can interfere with the news and convey their views. In short, with the transfer of traditional media to digital, journalism, television, cinema and print publishing continue to show their presence in this field at full speed. 

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New Media Section

All the developments that gave rise to the new media and all the transformations created by the new media also require the education of this field. University level training are provided to understand and use new media in the world and in our country. 

However, there are also communication design and new media, including new media, and new media and journalism departments. The new media section includes lectures on theory and practice to understand digitalization.

Course content in general; It consists of several courses, including communication and media, internet journalism, introduction to new media, professional English, communication theories, content production, basic design and new media management. The new media department, which provides training on how to use and manage the visual, audio and written documents and channels that mainly involve the transformation of the media, can also create various job opportunities for its graduates. 

Graduates who have the opportunity to work in every field where new media are used can do their jobs in areas such as journalism, cinema, visual design, online content editor, online publishing, online advertising and mobile marketing, and social media expertise. In addition, new media department graduates have the opportunity to work in different fields according to their knowledge and practices. Graduates; apply the practical and theoretical knowledge of new media in traditional media, advertising, public relations and communication. 

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How should businesses look at the new media?

Businesses and institutions have to follow the innovations and transformations due to their jobs. Especially in terms of accessibility and addressing to the target audience, it is a necessity for businesses to use media tools. When we look at the situation in terms of new media, television and traditional marketing content can no longer benefit businesses. Digital marketing and digital advertising can detect the target audiences of businesses and create appropriate campaign options. Again, social media creates the opportunity to provide instant communication and to meet the target audience. In addition, this opportunity makes the complaints, requests and needs of the target audience visible. A business that no longer exists in social media and new media has a limited production and a limited target audience. 

New media; The website provides the opportunity for businesses to announce their production and themselves with the opportunities such as online content preparation, online product promotion and sale. Again, in the face of a crisis, negative situation, the new media hosts various uses in order for the institution to provide information to the target audience and the target audience to follow this situation. 

What does new media mean?

It is a concept that covers digital communication tools and digital communication channels other than the mass media of traditional media. The source of the new media in the development of the internet and the transfer of the media to digital. Web3.0, social media, internet journalism, online channels and digital channels have become possible with the development of new media. 

What are the new media department job opportunities?

New media department graduates can work in areas such as online content production, web and visual design, internet journalism, social media expertise, online advertising. There is also the opportunity to work on the traditional media side. Apart from these, graduates can be employed in different fields depending on their knowledge.

How can businesses and institutions use new media?

New media can be used for website and content preparation, communication and social media campaigns. businesses and institutions should also know how to use social media tools to create and reach a specific target audience. The new media creates suitable opportunities for digital campaign and marketing.

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