9 Benefits of Blogging You Must Know!

The benefits of blogging that each blogger gets can vary, depending on the original purpose of making a blog. In short, what a blog will be like, all comes back to the creator. And that is you.

Many people think that blogs are ‘just’ a medium for expressing opinions and expressing opinions. Of course not always. Various blog themes on the internet such as company blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs, to entertainment blogs, for example, can provide more benefits than just random posting or ‘happy talk’.

The benefits of creating a blog have another, far greater potential, not only for the author but also for the reader. In this article, we will review the benefits of blogging that many people don’t know that you should know. We’ll give a little leak, in addition to sharing knowledge, blogs can even be used to build networks and many other benefits.

Here are 9 benefits of blogging

1. Knowledge Sharing

Benefits of Blogging

Not all of your skills or knowledge can be easily shared. The reason is, not necessarily the people around you are fully interested in the skills you have. This is actually due to the limited range you have. Now, by using blogs to share knowledge, it will be more targeted towards readers who are interested in what you are presenting.

The interesting part is, you can make money from the blog you have, whether it’s from advertising or selling a product.

If you like to share your knowledge or put what you are good at in writing on a personal blog, this will be a great opportunity for you. The point is, decide on any theme you like, start your blog, and you will make a lot of money from there.

For those of you who like traveling, for example, you can share knowledge through blogs about interesting places that you visit. 

2. Hone Writing Skills

Benefits of Blogging

The only way to become the best writer is by writing. Of course, you can too. You can start by writing articles on a specific topic regularly. This is what bloggers do, they spend their time writing. The more often you write, the better your writing will be.

3. Learn to Make Money Online

Benefits of Blogging

For those of you who want to find additional income, you can do this by creating a blog. Our advice, make a blog first according to the theme you are good at, then maximize from there.

Keep in mind, making money through a blog is often not immediately visible. Just like a recipe for success for business people, blogging requires persistence in making and publishing articles regularly. For example, twice a day, or once every other day.

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After your visitors increase, to get the income you can install advertising services such as Google AdSense and the  Audience Network.

In addition to advertising, you can also sell products that you have according to the theme of your blog to be more targeted. For example, if your blog is about fashion tips, you could also sell fashion-related items. Likewise with other blog themes. You can sell anything!

4. Build Network

benefits of blogs

Networking offline is certainly not easy, especially if you have limited time to socialize and network. Blogs can help solve your difficulties easily.

You can start by writing useful and interesting things in your favorite field. When readers are interested in your writing, they will send messages or comments about what you are writing.

So, before they write comments, you can specify an email address or phone number as a requirement for writing comments. Furthermore, once you have their contact details, you can use them for mailing lists as well as promoting your products/services!

5. Selling Products

benefits of blogs

If you have an offline business, you can use your blog to get more subscribers every day. This step offers solutions to many problems at once, and can even get around the location of a less strategic place of business. You can start getting the benefits of blogging when the products being sold begin to appear in the online world.

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Durian entrepreneurs felt the same thing. Initially, his durian business was present in the online world through a blog. No need to wait too long, his turnover skyrocketed within a month, reaching around Rp. 2.2 billion. All he could get was just selling durian fruit. 

6. Better Work

benefits of blogs

Nowadays looking for a job is not easy, especially if you don’t have qualified skills. Just imagine, every year there are always more and more new graduates who need jobs, from high school to college.

According to MediaBistro, nine out of ten companies will search their profiles online before hiring employees. Nearly 43 percent of survey participants said they found qualified candidates this way.

Based on that, there is no reason for you not to have a blog. You can fill this blog with writings, photos, or projects, or works that you have worked on before. Having a blog is a smart way to attract the company you want!

7. Benefits of Blogs for Business

benefits of blogs

Starting a business or business is certainly not an easy matter. You need a lot of capital to just rent a decent place, for example. When later customers start arriving, many boundaries can potentially hinder the development of your business. If it is connected to a place, it could be that you run out of space so you have to expand the physical size of your business space or move places.

You can use blogs specifically for business. For example, you could start by writing a review of the product you are selling. When your blog is getting more and more crowded, you can charge if there are products you want to review on your blog.

Online business models like this have become increasingly popular in recent years. You don’t even need too much capital and business space to start.

8. Build Trust

benefits of blogs

Most people will not work with other people without knowing their background and abilities. Of course, it’s not easy to gain the trust of others in a short time, right?

You can’t just buy trust. However, the blog you have increases medium readers’ trust in you in no time. To do this, you only need to write things that are useful to readers according to the topics they like. Image yourself as a ‘reliable’ and insightful figure. Then they will trust you more.

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This is an effective way to present your image to people you just met.

9. Get More Prospects

benefits of blogs

Your blog can be your weapon to get more clients. Suppose you already have a business that sells shoes. Well, you can take advantage of the blog by constantly writing articles about shoes, both about the shoes you sell and shoes that are not in your store.

The content that you publish regularly will eventually snowball. The more often you publish articles regularly, the more readers will come to visit your website. It will also increase the level of trust the prospect has in your shoe business.

Of course, the frequency with which articles are published is not the only primary yardstick. You need to pay attention to the content. Create the best content and prioritize content that can solve customer problems. After that, publish new articles as often as possible. Prospects will come flooding the blog that you have by itself.


The benefits of blogging in this article are just a simple example of how blogging can impact your life. You can make a blog not only as a media for personal opinion in the online world. Blogs can provide far more powerful benefits, even for income.

If you want to share about the benefits of blogging that is not on this topic, don’t hesitate to add it in the comments column that we provide at the end of this page. We’d love to hear!