11 Best And Profitable Weekend Business Ideas In India

Weekends are good for many business ideas in India and if you are really interested in making some extra profit then you should consider these business opportunities.

Many people work as employees or employers in an organisation but some of them spend weekends watching movies, picnicking and some other activities. 

Among them there are some people who use their weekends as business opportunities to earn profits. Here the main question that will keep your mind confused is what are the business ideas that you can pursue on weekends in India.

Don’tworry, your confusion is cleared and some of the best weekend business ideas are mentioned in this article that you can use to start your weekend dream business. Most of the business ideas mentioned here are not only applicable for India but most parts of the world.

Weekend Business Ideas in India

Here are the best weekend business ideas that you can pursue in India:

Wedding Photography Business

Photography business in weddings has great potential on weekends in India because usually people choose a date for their wedding on weekends so that everyone who is invited to the wedding can come without having to compromise with their job or business.

You can take advantage of the photography business if you have some skills in this field. Also, you can learn different techniques freely on YouTube about photography to make yourself more demanding.

The basic requirements for photography business in weddings are camera, lighting and stand. As you grow your business you can buy drone cameras to make it more interesting and appealing.

Food Truck Business

Initially this business showed growth in America and foreign countries. Now in India many food truck business owners are doing great with this business. The advantage of this business is that you don’t need a place for doing business.

You need a truck which you have to customise as per your need and then you go to the public places and sell food.

Although the initial cost of setup in this business is medium because of the price of the truck and its customisation. Also, you should have cooking skills. Set prices which everyone can buy so that the more customers you have the more profit you make.

Blogging Business

Blogging has now become an important business and competitive as well. But there is always a space that you can fill. This business has a great potential on weekends as well if you do it with proper strategies.

There is no 101 formula in this field you should be ready to adapt changes. The requirements of this business are a laptop, internet connection, and server charges (domain and hosting) and you should have a lot of patience because it takes time to show you the results of your efforts.

Consistency is the key in every field, whether it is blogging or any other business.

Online Course Creator

Creating a course and selling it online is one of the best business ideas that you can do on weekends. Now most of the people buy online courses and study in their houses.

If you have skill in a particular niche or subject create a pdf and video course and sell it online. There are various platforms these days where you sell courses and earn profit. With your busy schedule all week you can use your free time on weekends to create a course and use social media and other platforms to sell it online.

Dog Training Business

Now most of the people in India like dogs but don’t know the ways to train them so they hire professionals for dog training. This business has great potential if used in a proper strategic location.

The requirement for this business is just skill and knowledge about different breeds of dogs. Also, this business opportunity is suitable on weekends where you can use your free hours to earn extra profit.

Tutoring Business

If you have skills and good knowledge about a particular subject why waste it. Use that knowledge and teach students. That way you can earn good profits.

Tutoring is the one of the best business ideas one can use on weekends in India. The efforts are less and returns are great.

Tour Guide

This business idea on weekends is quite interesting and fun. If you have good communication skills and hold on to a few languages, then this business is for you.

On weekends people like to go out with family and friends. Also, if you are living in a place where there are many historic places then you can use your tour guide skills to start this business. Initially you can start on your own, thenh with the passage of time you can open an agency, where you hire people.

Sports Coach

Now people are more into sports than ever. If you have been a sportsperson then you can teach your techniques and other skills to the new people who are interested in sports.

If you don’t have enough time all week then on weekends you can do this particular business until it grows. Then you can hire other people to provide coaching. This way, with the course of time you don’t have to be involved in every activity.

Cooking Classes

Cooking classes have now become a profession as well as a business. With the advantage that the great platform of Google has provided us, you can now easily start your business and also grow and reach more people with the help of YouTube.

As you may have seen many channels which provide cooking classes while sitting at home. This business is fun doing on weekends in India.

Cleaning Service

In India, people don’t like these kinds of businesses but if you understand the concept of this business opportunity you may start this right now.

Cleaning business has been a great business in the USA, Canada, and many other parts of the world. In India, you can start this business near high societies, big colonies, etc. Because people don’t like to clean their houses, carpets and other things.

The best part of this business is that you don’t have to do it by your own. You can hire people who work in these jobs and open a cleaning business and provide services to the customers in a systematic manner.

Social Media Service

Many celebrities have social media accounts which they don’t use by themselves. They hire people for that. Most business organisations now use social media for promotion and many other things and they need social media services to do that and this is where your opportunity arises.

It may look like a job to you but before you make it into a business you have to do it solo so to gain popularity and customers and after that you can establish a network or a business which provides such services to business organisations and clients.


Now you are aware of many business ideas that you use on weekends and earn great profits. But before diving into any business idea make sure you do proper research on your own.

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