11 Ways to Make Money During Quarantine

During the quarantine period (caused by the outbreak of COVID-19), many are concerned about the question: how to pay bills if there is no way to go to work? We want to share with you a list of ideas for different ways of working part-time during the quarantine. Choose the best option for you and do not be afraid.

What is there to sin? We are all nervous now. Interviewing friends, I came to the conclusion that the panic about the virus is not as great as the fear of being left without money. You can sit out the epidemic at home – the benefit of the Internet allows you to earn extra money remotely. So, what can you do to not sit with a hole in your pocket?

Quarantine Job Ideas

1. Writing articles, copywriting, rewriting

Well, since I am the author of the magazine myself, I’ll start with the method that has turned from temporary work for me to a permanent job. The vacancy database is teeming with all kinds of offers of remote work as authors of articles. My advice: choose those options where they guarantee payment immediately upon completion of work.


2. Text editing and proofreading

If you are an expert in your native language, don’t confuse “tysya” and “tsya”, put on, but don’t put on a hat, you can also earn extra money on text editing. You can also hire as a proofreader in foreign companies, checking their translated texts on a paid basis.

3. Writing reviews and reviews

Do you like books, movies, or TV shows? Then combine business with pleasure and find vacancies with payment offers for writing reviews. Of course, no one can read many books and watch tons of films quickly. Do not despair, our sections of the magazine with movie reviews and descriptions of books of different genres from the section “Which book to read” will help you write reviews.

Writing Reviews

4. Translations into foreign or native languages

Are you fluent in English? Then you can earn extra money, for example, by translating films and series. From experience, I’ll say that it’s easiest to work with official studios that have copyright: a) no one will make a complaint to you, b) the airtime charge is higher there than in amateur studios, c) you will be given the prescribed scripts, so you don’t have to to understand foreign speech by ear. Also, a good way to earn extra money will be translations in studios that create online games. Work there is easier than in the field of cinema, and the pay is often even higher.


5. Tutoring

Many tutors have long switched to remote work, communicating with students through video conferencing. This is very convenient: no one needs to spend time and money on the road. In the context of quarantine, the benefits of distance learning are even higher, because everyone can stay at home without contacting outsiders.

Skype tutoring

6. Voice acting, dubbing

Another option for those who are eager to work in the field of cinema or advertising. Of course, you need to have a high-quality microphone and headphones. You can muffle the sounds from the neighbors’ apartments by carpeting the walls of the room.

7. Design, programming

Programmers are a dime a dozen and their work is quite suitable for remote earnings. If you have good equipment at home, then you can safely sit in quarantine, making good money.


8. Monetizing YouTube videos

Do you know how to do something that others do not? Then record a training video. You can upload funny videos with cats – the trend of the network. Another option is to read books aloud. Many modern book lovers prefer to listen to their favorite works before bedtime or during household chores. Kill two birds with one stone in one fell swoop: you’ll read the book yourself and earn money on the video by recording.

By the way, I noticed that audio books with children’s works have a pretty impressive number of views. You can earn money, while delighting young parents and their babies by writing books for children to read before bedtime . It doesn’t matter if you already have such an audiobook on YouTube. Show creativity, read in different voices, add accompanying sounds, as they do in radio performances.


9. Playing on the currency exchange

Personally, I have a tense relationship with mathematics and economics, but if you are ingenious financiers and are well-versed in the current situation, then you can also earn extra money. Just do not invest all the savings.

10. Online casinos

I personally know many people for whom poker, for example, has become a regular income. It is important to understand how strong you are in this area. Do not play at high stakes tables. Set small amounts and do not play for too long. Let there be a medium-sized but reliable income.

11. Advertising on social networks

If until recently, many left social networks, in recent days, traffic to various Internet platforms has increased. Do you have a group with a large number of subscribers? Then offer advertisers the option with a paid advertising post. If there is no group, then you can quickly create it by inviting more friends and acquaintances. You do not need bots, but live, active people. You can quickly gain subscribers if the group is dedicated to some actual trend. 

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