15 Amazing Village and Small-Town Business Ideas

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Depending on the geographical and socio-economic conditions of an area, any business in that area will be profitable. So in order to start a business in an area, it is very important to understand the resources of that area and the needs of the people in that area. 

If you are a resident of a village or a small town then you have to start the business by understanding the needs of that area and it is definitely different from the metro town. 

15 Village and Small-Town Business Ideas

Today we will discuss some village and small-town business ideas that can be started for less money. If you want to do business in a rural or small town with little capital, you can choose the business that suits you from these business ideas.

1. Cloth bags

You can make colourful cloth bags of various designs and sell them in your own area or you can also supply them in other areas. It doesn’t take much skill to make this bag, it doesn’t require a lot of equipment or capital. You can make all these bags with a simple sewing machine. If you buy clothes of different designs and make bags, it will be better to sell them in both urban and rural areas. You can make a bag by buying printed cloth from the market or you can make a bag of one color cloth and print on it the design of your choice.  

2. Fertilizer and pesticide dealership

Fertilizer, Village and Small-Town Business Ideas

There is a huge demand for fertilizers and pesticides in rural areas. This is a very lucrative village business. Which company’s dealership to take will depend on the market demand and the company’s conditions. You can easily find out by talking to people which fertilizer or what kind of pesticide will be sold more in your village. It is possible to start this business with little capital .

3. Fast food shop

Fastfood stall

Fast food shops within walking distance of big metro cities. Competition is still relatively low in small towns and especially in rural areas. So this business can be considered. This is also a good business for a small amount of money . 

You can start a business with shop rent, utensils, gas etc. Initially you can start a business with Chinese and Mughlai food as these two types of food are known and appreciated by everyone. Later you can think of other types of food.

4. Bakery business


The bread is eaten in almost all the houses and it cannot be eaten for too long. So the demand of the area can be met by making bread regionally. People will not buy outside bread if they provide fresh bread. Also start making cakes, biscuits etc. The initial investment is a bit higher as it is a manufacturing business . A factory should be built and the necessary equipment should be kept in it. But once the business is started, the money will come up.

5. Computer Training Center

Nowadays it is difficult to get a good job without computer skills. In rural areas, computers are still not available in the homes, so they often lag behind in this regard. By opening a computer training center in the village, you can give them a chance to learn as well as benefit themselves. 

However, it is important to have a good trainer. Besides, you have to invest to buy a suitable number of computers and arrange for government registration.

6. Cybercafe

Another good village business related to computers is cyber cafe. Nowadays the forms for everything from college admissions to competitive exams are filled online. People also have to work from computer to internet for various other needs. Print out is also required. All this you can do in your cyber cafe. 

Starting this business also requires some initial investment. As a result of doing business in a place where the business is run , make sure the business is well before the start of the topic.

7. Coaching class

The school can open coaching classes for students in college and for success in various competitive exams. You can start a business by renting two or three houses. Area teachers can bring in teachers as well as experts from outside to conduct classes. If the students succeed after falling from your coaching class, the student crowd will increase.

8. NGO

There are plenty of opportunities for development work in villages and small towns. You can open an NGO by choosing any one of the areas. Many companies give grants for this work. It is possible to get money if you create the project properly and apply for all those grants. 

This will be your income on the one hand and the development of the area on the other. You can also find employment in your area.

9. Repair of electronic items

The use of electronic items is increasing in villages and small towns. In many cases, if those things are bad, you have to go to the city for repairs. If you learn to work and open such a shop in your village with proper training then there is a possibility of good profit.

10. Diagnostic Center

Medical shop

The people of the village always have to rush to the city to get blood tests for common diseases like blood sugar and thyroid. However, these patients have to undergo regular blood tests. If you set up a diagnostic center in your village, the people of the village will come to you. 

Have a blood test at your center for common ailments and for major illnesses you can collect samples and get them tested at a major center in the city. Keep in touch with any big center like that.

11. Organic farming

With the increase in environmental awareness and health awareness among the people, the demand for organic agricultural products is increasing. You can start this business in very few places in your village. There is no need for too much capital for this.

12. Sell ​​fresh eggs

Egg seller

The demand for grass-fed chicken eggs is increasing in different parts of the society. These eggs are kept in various big grocery stores. You can start this egg business by raising chickens at your home and supplying those eggs in the city. You don’t even need a lot of space to start this business.

13. Make ginger garlic paste

Another village business to start with little capital is to make ginger garlic paste. In today’s busy world most people buy readymade paste and use it in cooking. As a result, the demand for ginger garlic paste is increasing. This business also does not require much capital or skill. Initially you have to invest a little behind the paste making and packaging machine.

14. Made jams, jellies and pickles

Jam manufacture

Another lucrative business, like ginger garlic paste, is making jams, jellies and pickles. Although some large companies have started making these products, there is still a demand for locally made jams, jellies and pickles. 

It is possible to start this business together with some other women in the village. In that case production will be higher, initial investment will be shared among all and work pressure will also be reduced.

15. Renting space for ATMs

Banks usually rent ATMs for a fixed period of time. That agreement is renewed every two to three years. If you have a place in your house to build an ATM, you can rent that place and earn regular income from the bank. You have no investment for this business except the house, but the amount of profit is good.

At present, new markets are being created and growing in rural and small towns, creating a lot of business opportunities in these areas. If you can choose the right business and move forward, then you will benefit from your village business.

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