Top Profitable and Unique Service Business Ideas

If you are starting a business in the service sector, the most important parameters of a successful business idea will be a low investment and a quick payback.

The service sector is best suited to these conditions, since 90% of the resources spent in this niche are knowledge and time. You can implement most of the business ideas presented below on your own, without involving employees or even having an office. The main thing is the high demand for the service and the quality of the service provided by your business.

Unique Service Business Ideas

We present 33 business ideas in the field of public services. On average, 200 thousand rupees will be required to open a small business from scratch. Some of the ideas presented can be implemented without any investments. You can earn from 30 to 300 thousand rupees per month – it all depends on the number of orders and entrepreneurial abilities.

1. Delivery of purchases from stores

Investments: from 0 rupees

Anyone who has a personal car will be able to implement such a business idea. The home delivery service is now gaining popularity. This is a kind of courier service that carries out quick orders. A similar scheme is common in retail chains and supermarkets. The essence of the business idea is simple: you buy certain products and deliver them to the customer’s home. Such services will be in demand among young mothers who do not have the opportunity to go to the store, or elderly people. Many work until late — and don’t want to waste time shopping, while others don’t like the shopping process at all.

Unique Service Business Ideas

2. Sugaring studio

Investments: 90 thousand rupees

Recently, the business idea of ​​sugaring has been in great demand. Many salons provide such services. However, sugaring at home is gradually replacing salon services. The main reason is saving time and money. 

Unique Service Business Ideas

Like any service, suraging requires certain skills to work successfully. The technology is quite simple, but experience is required. You can take a training course and get a certificate – this will be the advantage of the master, increasing customer confidence. The cost of basic courses is about 15 thousand rupees. To this should be added the costs of the purchase of equipment and supplies (30-50 thousand rupees) and advertising costs. Thus, about 90 thousand rupees will be required to open a sugaring business. Initial investments can pay off in 3-4 months of work. Read more about this business here.

3. Dry cleaning at home

Investments: 30 thousand rupees

In the USA, this business idea is not yet occupied, such as in Europe. The compatriots are in no hurry to entrust the cleaning services to cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture. In many cities, such firms operate in the garage and dry carpets on the fence. Surely many will appreciate the real dry cleaning that will come to your home. This is convenient for customers who save time, and for an entrepreneur who will save on renting a room. Place announcements on the Internet, at entrances, in mailboxes or in elevators. Take orders by phone. And go on a call.

If you have a car, you can cope with everything alone. To realize the idea of ​​this business, you will need about 30 thousand rupees. With this money you will have to buy the necessary equipment and supplies. Over time, if the business will generate revenue, you will be able to acquire powerful professional equipment. In the future, this small business may grow into a cleaning company. Read more about how to open dry cleaning carpets here.

4. Cleaning

Investments: from 30 thousand rupees

In the USA, this business idea is only gaining popularity. Initially, cleaning came to the corporate sector, and now more and more often it is addressed to ordinary people. The main objective of the business is cleaning the premises. Services are relevant for people who do not want to spend time cleaning, work hard and are ready to entrust household chores to specialists; those who have completed repairs or moved to new housing.

Keep in mind that cleaning companies are a business for medium and large cities. To open a business, you need to assemble a team of professional cleaners, purchase equipment and special cleaning products. In the simplest version of the business, all this will take about 30 thousand rupees. This will be enough at the start of the implementation of the idea. But cleaning also uses expensive equipment, which over time you will have to purchase. On a more serious scale, the organization of a cleaning company will require about 750 thousand rupees. Details of the implementation of the business idea of ​​cleaning are disclosed in the article: Clean business: how to open a cleaning company .

5. Shoe workshop

Investments : 250 thousand rupees

This idea, although not a new one, is in demand in any locality and at any time. While people wear shoes, they will need repair services. This service is especially popular during a crisis, when people tend to save money and more often turn to a shoe maker to repair the old, rather than buy a new one.

The standard format for a shoe workshop is a small stationary stall. But you can put it on wheels and move around the city in search of customers and a more profitable place. This idea of ​​a business is relevant for a shoe workshop for several reasons: first, people choose the workshop closest to their home; secondly, you can change the place if there are no orders; thirdly, you will be able to reach a large audience through your movements. You can run this business yourself. Even if you do not have experience, you will quickly master the necessary skills.

6. Atelier

Investments: 70 thousand rupees

Annual growth in consumer services is approximately 10%. Even in times of crisis, such business ideas are in demand. For example, people begin to save on clothes and more often go to the studio. Another growth factor is employment. Previously, mothers sewed Christmas costumes for children on their own, and now more and more are ordered from the atelier.

So opening an atelier is a profitable business idea. To open a studio from scratch, you need a minimum of investment. The equipment is simple. To master the skill and gain experience is also not difficult. In extreme cases, you can always hire a specialist who will work in your studio. Read more about the opening of the studio in this article .

7. Tattoo parlor and piercing studio

Investments: from 250 thousand rupees

The idea of ​​the business is quite specific and suitable for creative people. Most tattoo enthusiasts and artists are engaged in tattooing and piercing, for whom it is not only a source of income, but also a certain lifestyle, vocation. Most of these establishments are opened by tattoo artists themselves with an accumulated customer base.

The advantage of this business idea is a fairly low level of competition. This is due to the fact that there are not so many professional tattoo artists. The success of a business depends entirely on the skills of the craftsmen. The direction of the tattoo is now fashionable and in demand, so the market in the USA is growing and will increase every year. Read more about opening a tattoo parlor in the article: Own business: open a tattoo parlor .

8. Stylist services

Investments: from 0 rupees

The beauty industry is actively developing, and now you will not surprise anyone with the services of a stylist. Anyone can contact a specialist to analyze the wardrobe, shopping support, etc. This business idea is suitable for creative people with good taste and sense of style. Those who like to work with people are ready to work both as an artist and a psychologist at the same time. In general, the work is not suitable for everyone, but if you control it, you can forget about the question of how to make money for a long time.

To open such a business is quite simple. Of course, if you have the appropriate qualities and specialization. If you do not have such knowledge and experience, then you can take stylist courses. Now there are a lot of offers to learn the profession and get a certificate. The main thing is to choose a trusted specialist. A good base for implementing this business idea will be the presence of an audience in social networks – then it will be much easier to promote your services and find customers. At the same time, you do not have to rent an office – you can start with online consulting, and with time, develop your business. You watch more ideas of beauty business in a selection: To earn on beauty: 20 ideas of beauty business

9. Installation and maintenance of air conditioners

Investments: 50-100 thousand rupees

Hard work, but very much in demand – especially in spring and summer. But the main problem of this business idea is seasonality. But using entrepreneurial ingenuity, you can organize a related business that will generate income in the autumn-winter period.

To engage in the installation and maintenance of air conditioners, you will need to purchase a powerful hammer drill. Desirable work skills and preliminary training. Also, certain technical skills and special training will not interfere. Starting a business will be much easier after an internship in the service of a particular brand or work in the company of future competitors. About how to make money on installing air conditioners, more in the article: How to open a business for installing air conditioners

10. Travel agency

Investments: from 0 rupees

In recent years, people began to travel more, which means that the demand for travel services is growing. The competition in the tourism business is quite high, but the market is so diverse that you can always find a good business idea and successfully implement it.

To engage in this activity, it is advisable to have an appropriate education. However, practical experience is much more important. You should understand the intricacies of tourism and be able to organize travel. You will have to communicate a lot: with clients, guides, transport companies, landlords and other specialists. The main task is to find an individual approach to each client and have the skills of an organizer. The work is not easy, but very exciting and profitable.

You can implement the idea of ​​a business in the form of your own agency or at first provide services online: advise clients, organize trips, etc. It is not necessary to invest a large amount of money. The main thing is to enter the market with an interesting offer that will interest local residents. For more information on how to implement this business idea, see this article .

11. Proper nutrition delivery service

Investments: from 300 thousand rupees

The demand for food delivery services is increasing every day. Nowadays, healthy food is relevant – and this business idea has been caught by various services that deliver ready-made meals. Such services not only deliver and prepare meals, but also develop a balanced menu for the customer.

The service is in demand in large cities, where the pace of life and the solvency of the population are higher. Today, the niche is still relatively free, so there is the opportunity to open your own business for the delivery of proper nutrition. You can earn 100 thousand rupees a month. And with proper promotion, the size of net profit can be doubled. For information on how to make money on food delivery, see the article Business Lunch Delivery. How to make money on the delivery of ready meals .

12. Nutrition Trainer

Investments: from 0 rupees

Another business idea for those who want to make money on proper nutrition. If you have a certain qualification, knowledge and experience, you can earn on online consultations on proper nutrition. Correct the diet, make up the menu, create an individual program for the client, etc. Abroad, such specialists have long been in demand. And in the USA, a nutrition coach is a new direction. Most often, nutritionists work in it, the basis of their specialization is deep knowledge about nutrition, the composition of food and its impact on processes in the human body.

To realize your idea, you can take special courses. Many schools offer such training. Its cost is about 30 thousand rupees.

13. Psychological salon

A new direction is actively developing in the market of consulting services – the organization of psychological games. The venue for the games is most often neutral territory: a rented hall, office, meeting rooms, anticafe, classrooms of schools and universities, training centers. The game itself lasts about 2-3 hours. The cost can vary from 250 to 5000 rupees per person, depending on the size of the city and the authority of the organizer. An interesting direction of holding such games and training is the format of the psychological salon, which has parallels with the literary and political salons of the 18th-19th centuries. The mistress of the psychological salon is usually a woman who plays the role of the leading courses. It is interesting that such a business can be started even without a psychological education and with investments from 120 thousand rupees. here .

14. Repair of household appliances

Investments: from 10 thousand rupees

Now every house is crammed with household appliances. Periodically, it fails and requires constant maintenance. Making repairs in authorized services is quite expensive. Therefore, the idea of ​​a home appliance repair business is popular. Especially if you have experience of similar work and you can provide quality service. Performing your work efficiently, you can count on “word of mouth”, which will bring you new customers.

To start, you will need a minimum set of simple tools and a room for the workshop. A business idea can be implemented at home and with a minimum budget of no more than 10 thousand rupees.

15. Repair and construction work

Investments : from 3 thousand rupees

Repair work today is a popular type of service. Therefore, if you have knowledge in the construction industry and have the appropriate skills, then you can make money on it. Investments in the implementation of this business idea are minimal – you will need to purchase equipment and tools for work.

Many people make repairs and are looking for quality craftsmen. To find customers, it is enough to place an ad on sites such as “Avito”, paste the ads near the porches or in elevators. You can also give out flyers or business cards near the construction hypermarket. If possible, then you can agree with the residents of new buildings and place banners on their balconies. Over time, you can organize a construction team and successfully develop your business.

16. Car repair

Investments: from 100 thousand rupees

This business idea is based on the thesis that today almost every person has a car – and many need repair and constant maintenance. Therefore, the business in the automotive industry is always relevant. The low level of investments and the not picky business make it possible to open a repair shop, tire fitting , etc. without any problems . More car business ideas can be found in this collection .

17. Repair of telephones and computers

Investments: from 10 thousand rupees

The business of repair and maintenance of various equipment shows amazing survivability. The idea of ​​such a business is based on the fact that the demand for these services is stable from year to year. Because people are having more and more different gadgets. Today, technology has become an integral part of our lives. When it breaks, a man runs to the nearest repair shop. Especially often people who need to repair mobile phones turn to.

Today, a service for repairing small equipment is a great business idea. It is enough for you to rent a small pavilion, where you will receive customers and carry out repairs. Even if you do not have experience, you can open a service and hire a specialist. Nevertheless, it is better to have at least minimal experience and skills in matters of equipment repair. This will help to find good suppliers of equipment, profitably procure materials and provide customers with quality service. You can start with a home business, and over time, when all work processes are established, open your workshop in a good place.

18. Realtor services

Investments: from 0 rupees

Realtor services – a business idea built on mediation, which is still popular in the domestic market. The area is attractive to many entrepreneurs, since real estate transactions can make good money. However, in order to successfully engage in this activity, it is necessary to possess certain knowledge and information, be able to negotiate, understand the needs of the client, and also have the skill to organize and conduct transactions.

Starting a business is best with the provision of private real estate services. Before rushing to search for clients, it is necessary to study the regulatory framework governing the activities of real estate agents. The main difficulties in implementing this business idea are connected with legal nuances. The advantage of such a business is that it does not require special investments. The main resource in this area is your skills and information that you possess. 

19. Tutoring

Investments: 0 rupees

Tutoring is often associated precisely with the preparation for the exam, but the lessons of music and drawing, acting and vocals are also, in fact, tutoring. The idea of ​​a tutoring business is based on the organization of various creative circles, English courses, etc. for reward. In recent years, online business and online training have been actively developing. You can create a digital training product, conduct Skype lessons or organize webinars. Now the Internet provides a huge number of opportunities to start making money without investing.

To choose a business idea, you need to decide what skill you own and what you can teach; in which area you can become an expert, what experience you are willing to share. After choosing a business direction, you can think over the program and training format. To do this, study the offers on the market, determine your audience, and form your competitive advantages. 

Such a business does not require special cash costs. It is enough to place an offer of your services on the announcement site – and wait for customers to call. Your business is built on your personal resource. Success depends on whether you can offer customers something interesting and provide them with quality services. More business ideas in the field of education are presented in the selection: 25 most profitable lines of business in the field of education .

20. Gameplay

Investments: from 50 thousand rupees.

The services of game practitioners are becoming increasingly popular both among ordinary citizens and among corporate clients. Game practitioners are people who hold events in the format of collective board and floor games. A business is attractive in that you can conduct it alone, and opening it will require investment only in your own training. Permanent premises and equipment are not required, games can even be played in online format. The main thing for such a business is to have organizational skills, be able to communicate with people and promote yourself on social networks. The monthly earnings of game practitioners range from 70 to 300 thousand rupees per month. Learn more about this business here .

21. Domestic services and work “husband for an hour”

Investments: from 10 thousand rupees

With the modern pace of life, there is almost no time left for household chores, and the number of equipment and problems associated with it is becoming more and more. Given these facts, it is advisable to implement the idea of ​​a business by providing the services of a repairman. How to make money on this business? Quite simply, it is necessary to perform household tasks: repair wiring, install new outlets, change the faucet and many more things that people are ready to entrust to the master. The people called the service “husband for an hour.”

This is a profitable business for those who know how to work with their hands and are ready to provide their services to a wide range of customers. You can cope alone or assemble a team of specialists. In any case, the minimum amount of money needed to implement this business idea. All you need is to buy tools, workwear and place ads. Learn more about this idea here . More business ideas for men are presented in the selection: 35 harsh businesses for real men . 

22. Copy center

Investments: 70-200 thousand rupees

A suitable business idea for start-ups is a copy-center. A minimum of investment and the ability to use office equipment will be required. The scheme is simple: you purchase 2-3 devices, rent a small kiosk in a crowded place and start earning. Today, copy centers can be found on every corner, but in many of them entire lines are built. And someone needs a duplicate document urgently. Now new MFCs are opening in cities – and you can open nearby, ahead of competitors. And any copy center, which has taken a good place, will find its client.

Entrepreneurship is as easy as organizing. The main thing is to monitor the serviceability of the equipment in order to serve customers quickly and efficiently. In the future, this business idea can be turned into a more serious business. For example, to buy equipment and provide additional services: lamination and stitching of documents, photo design, printing of souvenir products, production of photo books, photo on documents, printing on canvas and more. How to make money on a copy center is described in the article: Own business: how to open a copy center .

23. Cooking to order

Investments: from 0 rupees

A business idea may seem strange, but in modern conditions it is in great demand. Especially among residents of big cities. People go to work every weekday. For many, the issue of nutrition outside the home is relevant. Usually during a work break, people eat what they brought from home, or have a bite to eat (fast food or food from the store). But you can save them from malnutrition and open a service for delivering home meals or business lunches . For convenience, it is advisable to have your own car to quickly deliver orders.

There is another option for the idea of ​​business – the organization of a banquet at home. For example, a person wants to invite guests home, but he does not have time to prepare meals. Then he will use the services of a specialist who will come home to the client, prepare everything according to the menu and even arrange a table. This service is especially popular on New Year’s holidays, when people have no time to stand at the stove. In some cities, services that offer such services are already operating successfully. As a result, entrepreneurs get a profitable business, and customers not only save time on cooking, but can surprise their guests with unusual dishes.

24. Rental items

Investments: from 10 thousand rupees

The idea is based on the thesis that you can rent anything: from clothes to cars. It all depends on the amount of initial investment. You can rent:

The list does not end there. An entrepreneur can independently examine the demand in the local market and understand what consumers lack. Be sure to draw up a contract so that there are no problems with non-return or damage to things. Provide a deposit – the amount that is returned to the client when he passes the thing. You can implement this business idea at home. The main thing is to place ads on various sites, talk about their services in social networks.

25. Balloon delivery

Investments: from 20 thousand rupees

A very simple business idea is balloon delivery. Demand for them remains high. They are used as decoration or as a complement to the gift. Helium balloons are especially popular now. Monthly profit may amount to 30 thousand rupees or more. And during the holidays it will double. And if you provide aero-registration services, then the profit will be even greater.

To implement this business idea, personal transport is required. Then you do not have to rent a point of sale, but rather buy a cylinder with helium and balls. All this can be stored at home, and promote business through social networks. You can read about how to make money on balloon delivery and aero design here .

26. Veterinary services

Investments: from 120 thousand rupees

Animal treatment is a business idea that will never lose its relevance. Especially in the USA, where more than 70% of the population own pets – cats, dogs, etc. All these animals periodically need veterinary services. To successfully implement this business idea and make money, you need education and qualifications. In this case, you can open a veterinarian or provide the services of a veterinarian’s departure to your home. And in the future, this business can be developed into a full-fledged veterinary clinic. The business plan of a full-fledged veterinary clinic can be found here .

27. Laundromat

Investments: from 250 thousand rupees

Laundry services are a popular idea of ​​doing business abroad, but for the USA this is still a rare occurrence. But the laundries that are now opening in various USAn cities are popular. Why? Many people live in rented apartments – some of them do not have their own washing machines. In large cities, there are many students, who make up the majority of laundry clients. In addition, professional equipment and special cleaning products are used in laundries – and people can wash certain things in it that an ordinary machine and powder cannot handle.

The most popular format for self-service laundries. That is, you do not need to hire an employee to work on duty there. The equipment itself has a payment function – the client throws a coin and erases. The cost of one set of such equipment is 120 thousand rupees. A minimum of 2 sets are required for laundry.

The cost of services in laundromats is low, so everyone can afford it. The business idea will be in demand in student and other hostels, resorts, resort towns, where people rent a room without household appliances. Read more about opening a laundry here .

28. Organization of “turnkey” relocation

Investments: from 0 rupees

People often move, especially in large cities, where many live in rented apartments. This is the basis of the business idea of ​​organizing transfers. Any move is a troublesome task, so moving help is a good way to make money. The turnkey relocation service provided by entrepreneurs will be in demand. The activity involves the implementation of all work on the transport of things from one premises to another. The list of services includes the dismantling of furniture, packaging of goods, loading, transportation and unloading, lifting to the floor, collecting furniture in a new place and even garbage collection that formed during the work.

A business idea is for those who have a truck. The usual “Gazelle” will be enough. You will also need to find an assistant, because you cannot handle loading alone. After organizing your business, actively advertise services in order to receive the first orders as soon as possible. Leave ads on the Internet, distribute leaflets to mailboxes, rent a place for advertising in the elevators of business centers, place ads on the information stand at the porches. You can also place a sticker with ads directly on your car. When fully loaded, the body can earn 200-300 thousand rupees a month. More business ideas for making money on your car are in this collection .

29. Landscaping and landscaping

Investments: from 20 thousand rupees

How to make money on landscape design? The business idea is quite simple. Many summer residents and residents of private houses seek to equip their site. Therefore, if you have certain abilities, you can provide landscaping and landscape design services. You can draw up a design project or directly carry out work on the creation of mini-ponds, laying paths, planting plants, etc. To perform this work, you will need construction tools and equipment. The implementation of this business idea can be started small, having invested about 20 thousand rupees. In general, a business requires minimal costs and will help to earn money from the first order.

30. Roadside assistance

Investments: from 2 thousand rupees

If you have a personal car and you are well versed in it, then you can become a “road rescuer” who will help the driver out in a difficult situation. And such situations arise very often, so this is a good business idea. You can earn money by providing evacuation services , minor repairs with departure, gasoline delivery, mobile tire fitting , etc.

For his business, an entrepreneur will need to purchase tools for a car. Gas canister, tow rope, etc. Costs will be minimal. Revenues will also be small, but the idea is great for extra income. You can realize this business idea, and over time, having developed a client base and experience, open a tire service or a full-fledged car service. And this is a completely different profit. You can also provide services of an exit car wash .

31. Organization of holidays

Investments: from 5 thousand rupees

In recent years, the entertainment industry is developing very rapidly. Demand for the services of organizers of various events is actively growing. Such a business idea is suitable for creative people who like to communicate with people and have organizational skills. Weddings, anniversaries, children’s parties, corporate events, event marketing, presentations – all this will help to earn money and will be a good option for your business. You can choose a separate niche or open a full-fledged agency.

When implementing a business idea, an entrepreneur should concentrate on something specific and then expand his business. You can open a business with minimal investment. The main resource in this matter is not money at all, but your personal abilities. The income from these services can be decent – and here, too, it all depends on the level of your skill. 27 entertainment and event business ideas can be found in this collection .

32. Beauty bar

Investments: from 100 thousand rupees

Beauty Islands is a popular service business. Entrepreneurs refuse standard beauty salons and organize compact studios that can be placed in shopping centers. In an area of ​​10 sq.m. usually several beauty services are provided to reach the majority of the audience. Express manicure, makeup, eyebrow correction, hairstyles, henna drawings – all that is enough for imagination.

The advantages of this business in the service sector: minimum investment, a large flow of customers, high profitability due to the fact that several services are offered to one client. More beauty business ideas can be found here.

33. personal fitness trainer

Investments: from 0 rupees

The modern world dictates a fashion for a healthy lifestyle. Instagram, fashion magazines, social networks and resorts are among the many places where you can boast a sports figure. At the same time, a passive lifestyle, fast food snacks, lead to weight gain. This problem is especially relevant for middle managers who are forced to spend a lot of time sitting in the office. The business idea is to provide assistance to those who wish to do fitness. A novice entrepreneur can earn money by providing the services of a personal fitness trainer and even a nutritionist, drawing up individual training and nutrition plans.

To implement a business idea, you need to have certain skills in the sports field and good personal results. Subject to the availability of these qualities, investment is required to a minimum. In addition, you can earn on the services of an intermediary in the selection of subscriptions to a gym or pool, the acquisition of sports nutrition and equipment. For the promotion of services, social networks, such as Instagram, are best suited. It is important to have positive feedback from satisfied customers. In the future, their business may transform into a sports hall or even a network of halls.

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