16 Profitable and Unique Business Ideas in the USA

This time we have taken the opportunity to update our list of unique business ideas in the USA, making it as complete as possible and, as always, with realistic ideas that, with good execution, innovation and originality, could be very profitable for us. 

Some of these businesses that we expose can be started without investment, while others require little money. There are for all economic sections.

16 Unique Business Ideas in the USA

Weight loss and martial arts.

Some time ago we talked about the business idea of military camps to lose weight , which literally consisted of a camp where you stayed for a week or a couple of weeks, and where you would have severe training to acquire healthy habits, including exercise and feeding. If starting this business could require more investment and preparation time, there is no doubt that the weight loss industry moves billions each year, and not always in a healthy way.

Today, many people know the importance of learning to defend themselves, so if in our business (which is not a gym) we teach people self-defense, and we also put them in shape and instill all kinds of eating habits, without It will certainly be a well-received idea.

Business ideas focused on pets.

Today, the number of people who have pets has increased, and it is a market that moves billions a year. We have already given some business ideas related to pets, but basically we would find business in services and products such as:

  • Pet insurance companies.
  • Pet training.
  • GPS devices for pets.
  • Healthy food for pets.
  • pet toys.
  • Pet clothing.

Anti-kidnapping systems.

We are witnessing countless cases of disappearances and kidnappings in practically all countries (in some more than in others), and the first hours are key to stopping the damage. The best way is prevention, and for now very few companies are fully dedicated to guaranteeing a service and providing advice and means to gain peace of mind. Here is business. Also, one of those businesses in which we are offering a service that saves lives.

Healthy food and healthy fast food.

The trend towards food varieties continues to grow, increasing the number of restaurants specializing in vegetarian and vegan food. We can copy the systems of fast food chains and even offer healthy food at home the way pizzerias do.

We have already seen 4 healthy fast food business ideas that have very similar systems to McDonalds. In fact, one of the healthy fast food franchises that we named already had more than 300 establishments, so as concerns about eating habits grow, this type of business will also increase.

New homes.

From underground houses to houses made with shipping containers  , the housing sector is also innovating to make the price more affordable.

Of course, not all countries have the same freedom to build this type of housing.On the other hand, investment in smart housing is beginning to increase, so the sale of all kinds of devices to have practically any function of our home connected to the mobile is also a good business idea. Home automation, robotics and mobile applications are sectors closely linked to housing, as are everything related to the energy efficiency of housing. Starting in 2017 we will see a big increase, and probably by 2020 we will start to see a boom in this sector.

Advanced security systems.

We are not talking about the typical alarm. The insecurity in housing in many countries, including USA, is such that even anti-panic rooms were in high demand. Security from the beginning of construction is his thing, but we could talk about implementing other types of security systems that in the United States are used by the most economically wealthy people.

From automatic door closers to intruder detection with subsequent gassing of the passenger compartment to other security systems, the legislation of the country in question would have to be studied to see if it would be entirely legal. 

Repair of electronic devices.

It is beginning to see an increase in the opening of repair shops for smartphones, PCs, tablets and camcorders, as well as the sale of all kinds of accessories. Consumers are now spending even more money than they can afford to stay on the cutting edge of technology. And this leaves a very attractive business niche for the small and medium-sized entrepreneur.

More than a movie theater.

Imagine a cinema where you could eat while watching a movie. The benefit would be double for the owner of the premises. Or imagine a cinema where premieres are not shown, but old films. Or a cultural cinema where after watching the film, someone gives a talk telling something more about the story on which the film is based. All the ideas I have said already exist and work. Question of seeing if they are applicable in your city.

The business of relaxation.

People are aware of the stress in their lives, and increasingly, of the need to manage it. That is why yoga and meditation are gaining importance in these times. In addition, they are businesses that can be started with very little investment. And if we add an added value or you want to do it in a hybrid way, you could differentiate yourself.

Editorial services.

Today, self-publishing your own book is easier than ever. Of course, some writers get lost along the way, and face all kinds of obstacles due to ignorance. You can self-publish your books in digital format on Amazon, and you can also self-publish on paper on demand.

A person or company that helps you throughout this process, including proofreading, preparing the cover page and advising on the paperwork, would undoubtedly be very useful for those people who want to focus on what they know how to do: write.

In Hospitality, pubs and theme restaurants and hybrid shops.

Do you remember when we published the 9 most original restaurants in the world ? At least in USA, one of the countries with the most bars and restaurants in the world, that your business stands out is a must. And any idea will do: Take advantage of people’s interest in comedy monologues in a nightclub or restaurant while people eat or live performances.

We can also distinguish ourselves in thematic pubs, generating an Egyptian atmosphere, or visually resembling a western place. Any idea is valid.

And finally, the hybrid shops, where a bar can be a bar and a souvenir shop. Also a clothing store section next door. Let’s remember that hybrid commerce manages to move the customer from one service to another in a natural way.

And this is my contribution: Educational restaurant.

We talk about people who like to have fun and go to restaurants to see live performances or humorous monologues, but why not a restaurant where instead of a humorous monologue, they are giving you a talk about financial education, investment or Personal development? Do you think it would be a good business idea?

Firearms instructor.

As you hear it. Searches for firearms instructors skyrocketed in some countries. From people who just want to learn how to shoot, to people who want to become instructors. These instructors usually do it privately or have agreements with the shooting ranges to offer their service.

Paranormal investigator.

Do you think you have a ghost at home? You are not the only one judging by the large number of people looking for paranormal investigators. I don’t know exactly what it takes to become a paranormal investigator, although I imagine that in 99% of situations, the evil presence will not be such and will have a more logical explanation.

And in the other remaining 1%? Puff, that would give us a lot of play to create new professions: ghost psychologist, ghost negotiator, etc … Okay, this part is a joke 😊

Trainer of pigeons and other animals for special occasions.

If you have ever dreamed of having pigeons at your wedding, there are already companies that are dedicated to preparing them to appear and give that romantic touch to your wedding. Likewise, training dogs and even cats to wear the ring to the altar can also be accomplished. It can even be achieved with a hawk. One type of business is, although with a too limited niche, unless with creativity you can promote it in other ways.

Any business idea with a home delivery service.

One way to create added value is to provide our home service. We already saw in a previous article the idea of ​​a mobile aesthetic clinic, which, like mobile restaurants, had in the back of a van everything needed to make masks, nails, eyebrows…. Therefore, if you provide home beauty services, hairdressing. Even homemade food can make a difference.

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