business ideas in India for beginners

52 Business Ideas in India for Beginners for Startups

Looking for business ideas in India for beginners? Then you jumped into the right article. Here in this article, I’m sharing with you the best and unique business ideas that you can use to start your own profitable business as a beginner.

To begin a little Profitable business, most of the beginners stuck on First Phase, i.e., choosing the right idea for the business. Here you will get the best ideas for your business.

As we all know online business is quite profitable and in trend nowadays. First 20 business ideas are mainly focused on online business opportunities and the rest are both traditional and online business ideas in India for beginners.

Business ideas in India for Beginners

Here are top profitable business ideas in India for beginners:

1. Start blogging

Business ideas in India for Beginners

Spending only 1 hour a week or a little more to create a blogging platform where you can publish your own stories, thoughts, or research may seem like a really simple idea at first. However, you can make your articles read more by making small investments and start earning money with Google . Another good thing about monetizing your blog posts is that blogging is a passive form of income, because you can only spend a few hours a week writing blog posts and make money as long as your posts are read.

In summary; If you love to write and want to make money in the digital world, you should definitely create your own blog .

2. Establish affiliates

Business ideas in India for Beginners

The Affiliate Marketing system, which we translated into Turkish as an affiliate system, is to earn income through the sale of products belonging to companies or individuals. The company or person that owns the sold product gives the sales link of the product to the person who mediates the sale of the product, and this person earns a certain amount of money from each sale made through this link in different digital channels.

Today in Turkey, Turkish Airlines, Trendyol, Gittigidiyor, many companies such as the N11 and Turkey participated in the Amazon last month to market, develop marketing channels by providing Affiliate Marketing solutions. If you want to discover new platforms for your Affiliate Marketing market or develop your business, take action immediately and start researching more.

3.Make your designs meet with buyers

If you trust your imagination and designs, there are a few websites we can recommend. These sites feature many designers who often print on calendars, books, T-shirts, bags, hats, and more. For example; CafePress , You can place your designs on products on this site and receive commissions on each product sale. You can also use Zazzle , Teespring and Lulu for alternative income.

Maybe you want to produce your own products with your own designs and sell them through your own digital channels.

4. Develop mobile apps

With the widespread use of smart phones, the popularity of mobile applications has increased considerably. Millions of people are discovering and using new apps every day through Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone marketplace. Mobile apps that make people’s lives easier or offer fun experiences bring passive income for their creators today. Remember that without having enough technical knowledge, you can only create apps using some tools or buy an already existing app!

If you’re thinking about where to start developing apps, check out Forbes’ 12-step mobile app development guide .

5.Buy and sell domains

Some of the entrepreneurs today buy and sell domain names with very little time . The most critical point in buying and selling domain names is about knowing what is popular and predicting what will be popular accordingly. You can review , or other domain auction websites to improve your insights on this matter . Also, don’t forget to check lists that offer expired names to find good names. For this, the website can help you.

6.Start trading stocks and Forex

According to some entrepreneurs, investing in variable stocks or the forex market carries a huge risk; however, by starting with small amounts and gaining experience, you can make big gains over time.

7. Open your e-commerce store

You can set up your own e-commerce store in a very short time using solutions such as Shopify and Woocommerce . You can also use methods such as dropshipping for your transactions such as delivery or storage and start your digital sales without worry. You can even support these sales with FacebookBusiness .

In addition, before starting e-commerce, it will be useful to review the “Everything You Need To Know About E-Commerce” content to learn more about e-commerce .

8.Be a social media consultant

Large companies and businesses have their own social media experts to manage social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or work with social media agencies to be able to actively interact with their target audience . However, smaller businesses often run social media platforms themselves and don’t want to spend large budgets for it. Due to the intensity of the business and business management, this process often ends with the forgetting of social media, and eventually every small business needs to work with a social media consultant.

Remember to keep in mind that as a social media consultant, you can provide remote support to small or medium-sized businesses. By creating your own job post on the web, you can meet new brands and increase your additional income by providing social media consultancy to them.

In the meantime, if you are interested in social media, do n’t forget to check out our ” Social Media Trends That Will Make a Sound in 2019 ”

9.Search for freelance jobs

Today, the number of people working as freelancers on the internet is increasing day by day. You can find a channel where you can find the best job for you, whether you are a writer, graphic designer, software developer, architect, translator, designer or whatever you are. You can meet your project-based employers on , Upwork or similar , and even transform freelance work into a main earning model.

10. Become a professional blogger

If you are passionate about writing, you have already created your own blog. However, if you haven’t created yet, this title may carry a message for you.

Creating your own blog doesn’t require much technical or computer knowledge. The most important point in blogging is what you write about and the way you present your content. After you start to write, you can earn money through the ads that are featured by your audience reading your articles or the sponsorship products you will find in your content.

11. Create WordPress themes

Whatever the reason, many people today continue their digital journey by making use of WorldPress themes and website templates when creating their web pages. If you are skilled in website design and Html coding, you can create impressive website themes and sell them on digital markets like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster .

12. Work with advertisers

If you have a website or blog page, you can earn passively money on every ad your visitors click by placing advertisers in a part of your page domain. Today, the most popular way to monetize ad clicks, you can earn regular incomes with Google AdSense or its alternatives .

13. Earn by writing

Managing your own blog is difficult for you; But if you want to turn your writing passion into profit , you can write for other sites or blogs like PayPerPost , Textbroker or Helium . You may also want to consider writing an interesting ebook. It will be a great advantage for you that e-books do not have any printing or shipping costs.

14. Provide remote support by research

The fact that you cannot design a website, write content or code does not mean that you cannot make money on the internet. If you have a few more hours a week, you can do research for people or companies who are unable to find time for themselves. Many organizations post job postings today to do their research online. You can research on web pages such as Upwork, Indeed and Freelancer.

15. Make use of content marketing

After a website or a blog has been created in accordance with search engine optimization (SEO) , search engine marketing (SEM) is done. If you know what you are doing in SEO management, you can earn big revenues for brands with the right search engine marketing (SEM).

Brands may not have enough employees for SEO-friendly blogging, article creation, advertisement, press release or SEM operations. Most of the businesses today perform SEO and SEM tasks through external resources in order to perform these operations.

16. Take more photos and update your library

One of the most effective ways to earn passive income online is by selling photos. To get started with stock photography, you can subscribe to Shutterstock , Fotolia and similar photo sites.

17. Work as a virtual assistant

Although we think of artificial intelligence solutions when we talk about virtual assistants , we are talking about people, not robots, under this heading. Virtual assistants, whose work examples are rarely encountered in our country, today provide support to organizations that need help in their daily administrative duties and do not want to pay a full-time employee for these tasks.

As a virtual assistant, you can organize travel plans of the business you work for, make meeting reminders and bill payments, or provide support to customers looking for the business in providing basic solutions.

If you have enough English and want to work as a virtual assistant from your home, you can check Gina’s Guide to Working as a Virtual Assistant .

18. Train online or host webinars

If you want to make use of your free time using your knowledge, becoming an e-teacher can be a pleasant solution for you. You may believe there are too many people out there who want to learn what you know; but getting together with them can be difficult sometimes.

For this, all you need is to register on websites such as or TutorVista and meet your new students. If you are really good, you can create videos for your lectures or earn good additional income by running webinars.

19. Check out the crypto world

Crypto currency trading, which entered our world with Bitcoin and brought us together with blockchain technology , has a very important value in the world today. With your crypto money purchases, you can earn passive income in line with the increase rates of the currency you invest in; However, do not forget that this investment area that requires good research is full of risks! Losing as much as you win will not be very enjoyable

20. Become a web developer

Web developers are people who can create a website with everything from start to finish. If you are a web developer and work for yourself, you can work from almost anywhere in the world. However, this is the part that sounds enjoyable for now. If you really want to be a web developer, we have to say that there is a tough road ahead.

If you want to learn more about web developers and if you want to become a web developer, you can take a look at makeawebsitehub’s guide to becoming a web developer.


The demand for breed horses is increasing day by day. In addition, horses are used for therapeutic purposes for many health problems for children. Horse breeding is a specific but profitable business idea. It can be evaluated for those looking for a business idea with high long-term potential


People want to buy breakfast products and direct meat products from businesses that now have more organic and delicious options.

Delicatessen businesses are a business idea that provides serious profit margins in a short time. Recently, the business volume in the sector has increased with the establishment of many new businesses for meat products and the purchase of these businesses from successful delicatessen businesses.

23.Goose Breeding

Although not as popular business idea as chicken breeding; can be evaluated specifically. geese breeding in Turkey is usually carried out on farms in the countryside away from professionalism. If you have a capital of over 400 thousand liras; You can professionally establish a facility and gain a significant share in the market.


Even a simple mobile application idea can now generate income that can enrich people. You just need an idea that people might need. Mobile application development service can be obtained at lower prices than a few years ago. The important thing is; is finding an app or game idea people might want to download. The right idea can save you a lot of money.


Able to make the necessary permissions on hemp farming in many cities in Turkey. Hemp, which has been used extensively in the pharmaceutical and textile industry recently; It provides an important breeding idea with high added value. If done right; It is among the business ideas that provide serious growth opportunities in a short time. Additional incentives are expected for hemp cultivation, especially for the textile industry in the coming years.


As in the rest of the world, both parents have started to take an active role in business life in our country. In this case, nurseries are heavily needed to take care of children during daytime hours. It is among the smart business ideas with high potential, together with the increasing demand for kindergarten . It stands out as an evaluable business idea for both medium and high capital owners. Open a nursery; It is among the business ideas that it is possible to start in a short time with the right few training staff.


We are living in a century where we are caught up in the philosophy of time is money. People now want to get things done with a few clicks instead of going from shop to store to buy something.

Florists have also been affected by the transformation to a large extent. With a florist that will open in a serious location and has developed a fully online presence, there is an opportunity to achieve a serious volume of business.

Entrepreneurs and investors who want to enter the sector must spend money on online order channels.


It is one of the smart business ideas that it is possible to start with at very low capital costs. We recommend employing only one motor home delivery team. You can set up your business and start selling water within 2 days. The most important thing to do to get a job is; is to leave a leaflet to all residential and business places around you. If you provide price advantage and fast delivery, you will have more business volume day by day.

14 Companies Providing Water Dealers and Their Terms


Businesses closed for at least do business in Turkey tops ovens. Some bakeries have been serving in the same location for more than 10, 20 years. The bakery business is among the business ideas that generate regular income and have a certain potential. It stands out as a business idea that can definitely be included among your investment choices in order to gain regular income. The most important thing you have to have to open an oven; is to find a location with high potential. One furnace is usually sufficient for every 2 thousand residences. This should be the main data you examine while doing market research.


post construction cleaning

This is a great low capital business idea for anyone looking for a different and intelligent business idea. A country which is literally building after construction for residential and business locations in Turkey can provide cleaning services. Even a capital of 3-4 thousand lira is enough for this business idea that started with 3-4 people . For detailed information about the business idea, we recommend that you read the guide below. We have provided important tips.


Astro pitches, which are among the active business sectors that have recently been on the rise, continue to be in serious demand with increasing hourly wages. Although it is among the business ideas that require high capital; carpet pitches have a payback period of approximately 2 years . After 2 years, astro pitches have no serious costs other than personnel and electricity, and they regularly provide a serious income stream. If you are planning to set out to set up an astro pitch; Our guide is waiting for you.


Cargo sector was one of the business sectors that literally ” exploded ” due to the pandemic process that affected the whole world by 2020 . People who do not go out and do not want to risk themselves by going shop and shop; It started to turn to e-commerce platforms. Latest data, in the first half of 2020; It shows that the cargo sector has grown by about 120 percent compared to the previous year. Shopping preferences are expected to change for a long time and there is a serious gap in the sector due to cargo companies that cannot keep up with demand.

It is definitely the right time to get the franchise of a cargo company or to establish a cargo company directly! The main subject you should have; high capital.



It is possible to come across many more entrepreneurs and business owners who need offices to start their own business. However, these people do not want to rent an independent office and incur dozens of different expense items. There are many offices for those who want to establish an office; options for renting a computer and fairy tale space appeared.

Office space rental service is a USA-based system, and it can be seen frequently in big cities in our country. By holding a large office space to rent office space; your compartment is enough for your needs. A standard online marketing effort will often be sufficient.


affiliate marketing

It is among the high potential business ideas we can recommend for entrepreneurs who do not have any capital. You can provide affiliate services especially for e-commerce sites. Almost all e-commerce platforms in our country have affiliate services. On average, your earnings will be around 15 percent of the purchases of every customer you bring . However , the rate will be much higher for products with high profit margins . You can earn unique gains by finding a large team on social media and gaining follower growth .


If you are thinking about what to do and have social media skills, you can provide social media consulting services to businesses and famous people.

Social media is now one of the most important elements of our lives and is absolutely essential for businesses. However, instead of employing a full-time staff , businesses generally receive services from businesses and freelancers working in this field . We strongly recommend that you take action to provide services for businesses and famous people in the growing social media industry. To get started, you must first get references; The best way to do this is to work for a few profiles for free.


business development

If you want to start a great business idea by setting up a professional advisory team, the business development center may be the idea you are looking for.

You will provide support to provide consultancy services for businesses. Business centers provide great business opportunities, especially for large cities. They are generally the first choice businesses for market research.

It is recommended that you focus more on online service to start the business.


It is a business idea where you can achieve significant growth in a short time if you have developed yourself or can spend a few months developing it.

Generally, large enterprises have a staff working on this subject. However, millions of small businesses get their graphics service from freelancers . It is a good business idea that you can start almost without capital. If you don’t know where to start, you can get a chance to learn in a short time by purchasing a course from Udemy-style online course sites. Graphic design service is best suited for those with a creative personality.


Life coach

If you have experience in life and career, you can make money by passing it on to others.

Many of us are looking for guidance in our careers, and it’s really hard to find someone who has the time to mentor us.

Life / career coaches are often very costly. However, they can provide serious touches to crucial turning points in people’s personal and professional lives. After all, sometimes everyone needs an uplifting advice.



If you have the skills to write, there are a lot of people and businesses out there willing to pay you for it.

You can create and get paid for articles for numerous jobs, such as blog posts, magazine articles, and website news. It is possible to get additional information from our guide called Making Money by Writing an Article .


Parallel to the incredible increase in the number of youtubers, more and more people need video editing services every day. You can work on a freelance basis or set up a business or an office.


Thread one of the best in the country on a tourist tour guide when Turkey is among the serious potential including business ideas. If you speak a foreign language, great! You can work for foreign tourists, but if you don’t know; your only chance will be local tourists. Unfortunately, there is serious competition in the tour guide sector for local tourists in our country. We strongly recommend that you learn a foreign language to start work.

After working in the industry for a few seasons, you will have the opportunity to make great connections every year.


In our country, people started to prefer more special and personal clothing boutique brands instead of using the clothing products of big brands as standard. Opening one of these boutiques with a very high profit margin demands an average of 120 thousand lira of capital. It is a high potential business idea with a successful advertising work



It is a business idea whose potential increases steadily as health concerns increase significantly. It is recommended for entrepreneurs and investors with high capital. You will need around 600 thousand lira of capital to open an average gym . If you are far from the capital you need, you can try to implement the business idea with one or more partners.


If you’re thinking about what to do, you can take action to set up a shipping company as a high-potential business idea that you can start off by buying a small van. There are transportation / transportation needs in every part of our country and therefore transportation companies are needed.

It is worth noting that there is a heavy need for labor in transport companies. It is a business idea that cannot be started without building a team. The most important thing to do is; Finding the right team and having a transport vehicle that can meet your needs.


It is a great business idea, especially for those with a large circle. Brokers often act as brokers for any type of business activity and spend almost no money. The most important feature that entrepreneurs and investors who will brokerage should have; it is nothing more than a broad environment and good communication skills. If you think you have both, you can especially help people who want to sell their vehicle and property.

To get started, by searching for the owners of sales postings on platforms like Sahibinden You can indicate that you can find customers. In this way, if you make the sale; You can get up to 10 percent commission from the sale.

A broad environment is essential for the brokerage profession. Our guide for details:




You can become a business owner in the sector with high profit margins by opening one of the Waffle and Kumpir shops, which are heavily consumed in our country in recent years. It is much easier to open a business for both tastes than a standard restaurant.

In this business idea proposed to entrepreneurs and investors with an average capital of around 70-100 thousand TL; profit margins are high. Moreover, the marketing chance is higher and the level of competition is lower than standard restaurants. It is one of the best choices for those looking for a business idea in the food industry. If you think you don’t have experience in the industry, it still stands out as one of the easiest business ideas to get started.



Our country has adapted to smart mobile phones faster than the rest of the world, and the age of use of smart mobile phones is rapidly falling. While the sector is growing rapidly, businesses for the sale of smart phones and especially for their repair continue to maintain their significant potential.

It is recommended to provide repair services to businesses who want to enter the smart mobile phone sales business. If you are knowledgeable in repair or can improve yourself through a course; We definitely recommend. Even if you are going to start by employing a master, you must be able to keep the personnel in your business for a long term with a contract. The biggest problem in this sector is for the masters to frequently establish their own businesses; It is experienced when he leaves his business halfway

Entry into the sector demands higher capital in recent years. Due to the astronomical level of smart mobile phone prices, it is no longer a suitable business idea for low and medium capitals. The average capital demand is around 200 thousand lira. Additional details:



Even though chain stores such as A101, BIM and SHOCK have taken over every important location, they are still weak against supermarkets because they cannot fully meet all the demands of consumers. The main issue you should focus on in the supermarket business recommended for investors with high capital; It should be to have all products that consumers cannot find in main chain stores.

Today, although there are all chain stores around, there are super markets with very high turnover. The only reason underlying their success; it is nothing but to provide price competition and to have products not available in chain stores. If you manage to get one step ahead of both, you will have the chance to reach a large customer base over time. The main purpose of customers in the retail industry; continues to tend to buy all of their products from the same point.



It is really hard to imagine a life free from both chocolate and various candies. Moreover, in our culture, chocolates and sweets are needed for many processes such as weddings, weddings, birthday organizations, patient visits, and store opening.

If you can provide good marketing, a wide variety of opportunities and home delivery options; are among the great business ideas to start. Moreover, you can start with a low capital of 50 thousand lira.

Turkey is generally preferred by women entrepreneurs and is often carried out successfully a business idea.


open a jeweler

Jewelers are one of the least “sinking” businesses in any location in the world. Because the risk level involved in the business is almost zero and the price of the basic product that the business sells continues to increase exponentially over the years. Even a jewelery business that does not do any business can make serious profits while closing its doors.

It remains a great business idea for investors with very high capital.

Turkey wedding, engagement, birthday, birth, mother’s, when taken into consideration all the important processes such as demand for gold for days; will continue to protect its potential.



open a call center

Today, although almost all businesses need a call center, businesses generally receive services from call center providers instead of planning and spending on this issue. The process is thus less costly and tiring.

Call centers, which are among the most opened and employing the most personnel in our country for the last 5-6 years, provide a significant income with a serious business volume. Many KOSGEB- İŞKUR support can be obtained due to the high employment figures in enterprises. Thanks to the supports, businesses can get rid of an important burden for personnel salaries, which is the most important expense item.

It is definitely one of the recommended business ideas if you have experience in the industry. If you do not have industry experience, it is highly recommended that you first work for a company in the sector or find a working partner. Although everything seems to be dust, it is among the business ideas that are frequently encountered with problems, especially due to the process of coordinating the staff.

call center



If you already have a computer and internet connection that you can start at home; It is among the business ideas without capital. Editorship can also be evaluated in many different categories. Editors can provide services to businesses and directly to individual users for many services simultaneously.

In our country, while the process of opening up businesses to the Internet is rapidly increasing, the demands for editorial services are increasing. It is recommended that those who provide editorial services improve themselves on the following issues:

  • Editing Text: A real check is made, grammatical, stylistic and typographic errors are caught.
  • Proofreading : It is the final process for a finished text. The grammar, spelling and spelling rules of any work are regulated.
  • Developmental Editing : It includes the adjustments made to make a text more readable and interesting.
  • Ghostwriting : There is no exact Turkish equivalent, but it is also frequently used in our country. Ghost writers write a book and sell it to someone else. They have no rights to the book and the book is published under the name of the person who bought the book.
  • Copywriting: It is the work of preparing the texts of advertisements.
  • Journal Article Preparation: Journals often need content on various topics. Journal writers earn income by providing regular employment.
  • Web Page Content Provider: Providing content for a website is a good way to make some money.

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