Trending Small Business Ideas With Low investment and High Profits

Are you looking for trending small business ideas with low investment and high profits? Here in this article, I am sharing the best trending small business ideas with you.

Here is the list of 51 best trending small business ideas

ATM space rental

If you have a small extra space at some private or business zone, you can lease it for building up ATM. The banks give generally excellent lease to it.

Car leasing

You can put your cash in purchasing vehicles and run them on a rental premise. Autos on a rental premise are consistently sought after.

Audio gear rental

Powerful speakers, blenders, mikes are constantly required gatherings, small social events, and relationships. You can purchase these instruments and start the business of leasing them.

Aquarium shop

People like to keep fish in their homes in small and large aquariums. So opening its shop is a trending business thought of low investment.

Manufacturing of eco-accommodating polybags

Keeping in see the hurtful impacts of the ordinary polybags, the need of polybags that are eco-accommodating will without a doubt rise.

Funeral administrations

It might sound abnormal yet memorial service administrations are given by the individuals that incorporate material required for incineration customs and transportation of the dead body from home to the spot of entombment.

Computer preparing focus

We are living in an innovative world which is highly subject to PC. You can open a PC preparing focus to bestow fundamental information on PCs.

Diet nourishment bistro

People are increasingly worried about wellbeing nowadays. You can furnish a spot to spend time with loved ones that serve just dietary and sound nourishment. It is a decent choice for the individuals who are searching for decreasing weight and still need to go out. It requires low investment and can bring great profits whenever oversaw appropriately.

Opening café

Some of the urban areas like in Hyderabad, individuals are nourishment sweethearts and like assortment of nourishments. With careful arranging and low investment, one can plan to open a café in such urban areas. It is a highly beneficial business, whenever arranged and oversaw appropriately. It is a standout amongst other trending small business ideas in 2020 in India now.


Bread shop is one of a kind business, where the net revenue is very high and investment is low. On the off chance that you are acceptable at making cakes and rolls, you can choose opening a pastry kitchen. All you need is acceptable plans, heating oven, and different molds.

Game parlor

Kids love playing computer games with their companions and it is a smart thought to open a game parlor in a neighborhood. You can purchase gadgets like play-station, Xbox for this. It is a decent beneficial business that can be worked from home as well.

Chocolate making

individuals are attached to acceptable home-made chocolates. On the off chance that you know the craft of making chocolates, you can settle on it as your business that can be worked for home as well.

Packaged drinking water

Bottled drinking water is much sought after in gatherings and weddings, yet additionally in household and business places. This is because of an expansion in wellbeing mindfulness. It requires a small investment for building up water separating and bundling of drinking water. There are barely any administration compliances additionally that should be satisfied before opening it. A portion of the urban areas and towns in India has shortage of water, henceforth this is one of the top trending Small Business Ideas in 2020 at this point.

Customized blessings

India is where all celebrations and events are praised with intensity and life. Individuals like to trade endowments on every single such occasion. You can encash this open door by giving them some exceptional, hand-made redid blessing things.

Ice-cream parlor

It is an awesome business thought with low investment. You can either make your frozen yogurts or take an establishment of some renowned organization.

Mobile nourishment vans

nowadays, band vans of nourishment is picking up prominence for the explanation they have the adaptability to go anyplace. They for the most part serve inexpensive food or combo-nourishment that can be eaten in a hurry or distributed.

Medical store

Initiating a clinical store close to some center and emergency clinic is another acceptable business thought with low investment and ensured benefit. Be that as it may, you have to get a permit of the drug specialist to start a clinical shop.

Cooking classes

on the off chance that you are a specialist in cooking and have some splendid plans, you can open your cooking classes. It is a highly productive business and investment is very low. In the event that you love cooking, this could be extraordinary compared to other small business ideas in 2020 for you.

Catering administrations

If you are a decent organizer, and have the board aptitudes, you can offer providing food benefits on a small or huge scope. Individuals every now and again plan gatherings and you can give taking into account them.

Cloth shop

Unstitched material is constantly required by boutiques and tailors. Opening a shop of unstitched garments is an exceptional thought with low investment. Great quality and powerful rates are the achievement mantra for this business. In the underlying stage, you need to do great advertising as well.

Mobile shop

The cell phones are making individuals insane nowadays. They are changing their telephones all the time. You can take an organization for any versatile handset organization.

Seasonal business

India is a place that is known for celebrations and with each celebration comes an alternate need. You can maintain an occasional business like wafers at Diwali, Rakhi at Rakshabandhan, and so forth.

Make-up salon

You can open a salon that offers just make-up administrations for gatherings and weddings. The quality items required for make-up makes a touch of investment in it however it is a highly productive business. You have to get legitimate preparing and testament before beginning this business.

Antique business

If you can mastermind some old fashioned furnishings and articles, you can open a small shop for it. You can even compose a closeout. It is a lavish section and discovering purchasers isn’t a simple assignment however it is highly productive business.

Hot air inflatable or vessel ride administrations

These business ideas come in the experience games class. It requests a wise investment and talented labor staff.

Chatbot administrations

A chatbot is a cutting edge business. Right now, required to manufacture bots according to prerequisites. It requires a great deal of specialized aptitudes and ability. The investment necessity is very low.

Soap making

It is one of the least difficult business ideas where you need to set up a small scope industry of assembling cleansers. For this, you may require cleanser molds and crude material.


Quality and special photos are consistently sought after. In the event that you are excessively acceptable at photography, you can accept it as your business. You have to put resources into a high-definition camera for this business. You can take proficient preparing for this.

Soap making

It is one of the least difficult business ideas where you need to build up a small scope industry of assembling cleansers. For this, you may require cleanser molds and crude material.

Dairy items

Milk and related items are consistently popular. You can either take the establishment of some mainstream organization like Mother Dairy, Amul or you can make your items and sell.

Scented sticks making

India is where God is adored by lighting scented sticks. In this way, they are consistently sought after. There are prepared machines accessible for making scented sticks. You simply need to achieve the information on assembling and advertising.

Health club

Initiating a gym is one of the most gainful business ideas of present day times. Individuals are eager to spend attractive cash on their wellness. The odds of getting accomplishment right now very high yet it requires a touch of investment and an appropriate spot to open a rec center.

Organic nourishment shop

individuals are turning out to be very wellbeing cognizant nowadays. You can open a shop that keeps just natural items.

Grocery store

This is the most fundamental business thought to open a market. You can include exceptional tech-offices likewise in it like taking requests on email, whats-application and home-conveying and so forth.


bread is expended in all pieces of the world. In the event that you are taking a gander at a small business thought, you can begin fabricating bread. A ton of assortment has been presented in portions of breads nowadays.

Sweet shop

desserts are much popular around the year and highly requested during the celebrations. This makes this business an exceptionally alluring one. Look after quality, cleanliness, and taste and you can do ponders right now.

Fruit and vegetable store

It is an evergreen business that you can begin as distributer or retailer.

Accounting and record-keeping

Every business needs to keep up its monetary records. On the off chance that you are from the bookkeeping field and have the information on bookkeeping programming projects, you can generally do this business. The investment right now of PC frameworks and programming buys. You can even take some underlying preparing for it.

Mobile carport administrations

This is another business thought in which a portable carport van is made accessible at call with all the important apparatuses and repairer in light of the fact that for the most part, vehicles stall on highways where there is no carport administration accessible. It is one of the top small business ideas in India now.

Spice-powder making

It is one of the most productive small-scale business separated from our customary flavors like red nippy powder, turmeric powder, one can start to make diverse blends of flavors like meat masala, oven masala and so forth.

Popcorn or wafer making

you can set up a small-scale industry to make wafers and pop-corns which require moderate investment. Advertising must be legitimate in it.

Condensed milk creation

improved milk has an extraordinary interest in the household showcase just as the global market. The main prime crude material right now full cream milk. It is one of the most beneficial businesses.

Get Pre-School establishment

Creative and charming pre-schools are in a lot of interest as the guardians are pulled in to ‘learning with fun’ idea.

DJ administrations

If you are a decent music audience and have an extraordinary bit of information on melodies and music, you can begin considering DJ administration business. Here you have to have CD players, blends and turntable.

Laundry administration

this administration is additionally popular with the expansion of utilization of sensitive garments. It doesn’t require any uncommon aptitudes.

Spy and security items

ith wrongdoing expanding step by step, one can open a store that keeps all the security things like cameras and so forth.

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Jewelry creation and deal

the business of fake adornments creation can be started with low investment and the items are likewise much sought after.

Providing business hardware on lease

You can get some business apparatus and give them on lease to different ventures like JCB, digger and so on.

Making of composts

India is a cultivating focused nation. Assembling of natural composts that are inviting to the earth just as soil is a generally excellent business thought.

Production of cowhide related things

Small and large things of calfskin are in customary interest. You can start its business.

Fancy dress leasing business

You can start a business of leasing dresses for extravagant dresses required by younger students every once in a while.

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