9 Small Capital Toy Business Ideas for Children

Children’s toys, although not a major requirement, are still one of the best small business ideas.

When viewed on the street, mall, or shop, this children’s toy is never empty of visitors or eroded by the season.

Therefore, opening a children’s toy business can be a good idea because toys are in great demand by children, both toddlers, and children who have entered elementary school age.

Seeing such a huge opportunity, many toy business actors began to emerge. The types of children’s toy businesses also vary, ranging from educational toy businesses, rental, elementary school children’s toys, toddlers, and many more.

And most importantly, marketing children’s toys can be done online or offline. Even if you open a business from home if the marketing and promotion are good, it will bring in quite a lucrative profit.

9 Toy Business Ideas With Small Capital

If you want to open a children’s toy business but are still confused about the types of toys and their capital, we will describe 9 small capital toy businesses that can be done at home. And here are the reviews!

Here are the best ideas for children’s toy businesses:

1. Children’s Toy Business: Miniature Excavator Mini

Small capital toy business

This mini excavator miniature toy business is currently a hit and viral on social media. Due to a large number of enthusiasts of these toys, many business people have tried this business from the large number of enthusiasts who are dominated by children.

Apart from being financially profitable, opening a toy business also has other advantages, namely:

  • Children don’t get bored easily because playing it requires its own challenges.
  • Using a hydraulic system, so it doesn’t require electricity, batteries, or batteries to play it.
  • Cheap and easy to maintain.
  • Very good for children’s development, especially in training concentration, motor skills, and also children’s brain development.

The capital issued is IDR 5.5 million per net, you get:

  • 5 Excavator
  • 5 trucks
  • 5 plastic sawdust
  • 5 excavator holder boxes
  • 5 timers

This children’s toy business can be done at home or if it doesn’t allow you to become an agent or distributor where marketing can be done online.

2. Educational Children’s Toys Business

Puzzle business for children

The next children’s toy business is an educational toy. This means that these toys are designed specifically to train and stimulate children’s development. starting from the motor, brain development, speaking ability, and so on.

Many of these businesses have done it and sold it online. Of course, there are already many offline, just considering the sophisticated era, many people want to look for it via smartphone.

The good news is that opening a business can be done without capital. Namely by becoming a reseller of an online store supplier. If you have to spend capital, it will not be more than 1 million dollars.1

The examples of these educational children’s toys are as follows:

  • Puzzle
  • Flashcard
  • Wood beam
  • Wisdom box
  • Tetris beam
  • Alphabet card,
  • And so forth

3. Car Toys Business

Miniature car toy business

The next children’s toy business is selling cars. Even though the types and materials of these toy cars are different, they are still in great demand and are very liked by children.

The capital spent to open this toy is not more than 3 million. The withdrawal of this capital can be returned within 1-3 months.

For example, there is a man who lives in a big city in the USA. Only by spending 3 million in the capital, within a month the turnover obtained was around 20 million with a profit of about 30% of that turnover.

Boys really like this toy car. Usually, to choose a toy, parents will not question the material or type. For them, the most important thing is that the child is happy and fits the toy for sure.

The types of toy car businesses can also sell remote control cars, cars using batteries, to rent cars for children, which are often found in shopping centers.

Of course, if it is supported by online marketing, it will generate even greater turnover.

4. Action Figure children’s toy business

types of educational toys

The next children’s toy business is selling action figures. As is well known, these action figures usually feature characters that children really like, both from anime and a cartoon.

So, when they see their “idol” in the mini version, of course, they will immediately fall in love with them and ask their parents to buy them.

Seeing this business opportunity, of course, business people also flocked to make action figures that children liked.

Whether from the quality of action figures that are mediocre to the best quality, these children’s toys are definitely sought after and sold in the market.

The capital to sell these toys also varies depending on the quality and material. But what is certain is that if you don’t have the capital, you can still sell it.

You do this by becoming a reseller of a toy store. Marketing can be done online or offline. It would be better if the toy store also accepts a drop shipping system so you don’t have to bother with packing.

The types of action figure toys in question also vary from Batman, Spiderman, Naruto, Captain America, the Hulk, and so on.

5. Doll Children’s Toy Business

Cute doll kid's toy business

Not inferior to the toy car toy or action figure business, selling stuffed toys is also very profitable.

When viewed from the type, these toys are often bought by girls. However, if the child is still a toddler, even the baby, many parents give it even though the child is a boy.

Dolls also have many types, some sell them using cloth, plastic, and so on.

As with action figures, doll forms are sold according to what is currently becoming a hit among children. So that when they watch their favorite cartoon they can be found in the real world in the form of a doll.

Similar to opening a children’s toy car business, the capital spent on these toys is not more than 3 million.

Of course, to get a cheap price, you can buy it at a grocery store. But if you don’t have any capital at all, you can offer yourself to a distributor or agent to become a reseller.

Don’t be afraid that the goods will not be sold, because apart from being offline you can sell them online.

6. Children’s Toys Business: Musical Instruments

Musical instrument toy business

The next toy business is selling musical instruments for children. Usually, there are musical instruments in toy shops that sell a variety of toys. However, there is nothing wrong with opening a children’s musical instrument business separately.

Creating a children’s musical instrument shop, in particular, can be a solution for those of you who are limited in terms of capital.

Musical instruments that can be sold can range from plastic to really good quality. Of course, besides being in accordance with the material, it can be adjusted for age and also needs.

Selling this musical instrument toy has great potential and is also rewarding. Given this musical instruments can also train children’s brain development and other developments.

7. Children’s Toys Business: Portable Pool

Swimming is one of the activities that children really enjoy. At first, maybe they will be afraid of water, but if they already feel the pleasure of playing water they will be addicted and often ask Mother and Father to invite him back to swimming.

Seeing this, many business people have made innovations by making portable swimming pools. This means that the swimming pool is made of balloon material and can then be filled with water.

Of course, filling and storing the pond can be done anywhere, as long as a water source is available.

This innovation is certainly welcomed by parents, especially children. that way, whenever and wherever they can swim even though the height and width are not as big as a swimming pool in general.

With this innovation, it can become a profitable business area. You can also try to sell or rent a portable swimming pool.

8. Children’s toy business: Playstation rental or lease

Along with the development of technology, children’s toys have begun to be varied, one of which is the availability of 2D and 3D PlayStation devices.

There are many games that children can play on the PlayStation. But PlayStation is intended for children who have entered elementary school age and must be accompanied by their parents.

Seeing the children’s enthusiasm for this play station, it could be a very profitable business opportunity.

You can open a PS rental so that children who can’t buy can play it. Because the price of the PS itself is almost the same as the price of a smartphone.

However, don’t force it to buy more than two PS, opening this business can be started from the smallest first.

9. Traditional Children’s Toys Business

Selling traditional toys

Traditional children’s toy business is relatively rare and can be said to only be sold when it is seasonal. The toy business in question is selling kites, bekel, congklak, marbles, and other toys.

In this sophisticated era, it must be very difficult to get it except during the month of Ramadan. It’s just that there is nothing wrong with opening the business because the capital issued is not too large.

Also, the business does not need to have enough space from the house, you can sell it.

Final Words

Toys for Children are not just for fun. But the existing toys often have their own philosophy that can help the development of the child.

So, there is nothing wrong with parents to provide these toys as long as they are safe and can provide benefits for them.

Besides that, it can also provide its own advantages because the business opportunities in this toy are so big and promising.

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Hopefully, the information above about 9 types of children’s toy businesses can be useful and become a solution for you.

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