12 Best and Top Ranked PTC Sites for 2021

Would you like to earn money from top ranked PTC sites? Then you came to the right place.

All things considered, PTC represents Paid To Click and a site that pays its clients mostly to watch and snap on the ads or do whatever other exercises that require a ton of clicking is known as a Paid To Click Website or a PTC website. 

These sites were at first PTC based, however later a large number of them changed to GPT (Get Paid To) sites by including additionally acquiring ways like taking overviews, finishing different errands, and so on alongside giving a PTC alternative to win. 

On the off chance that you are hoping to make an additional wellspring of pay from PTC sites, at that point feel free to pursue further. 

Here you’ll discover the rundown of the best and the top most lucrative PTC websites that are trusted and are likewise genuine and allowed to join with no speculation. 

Additionally, If you need to get more cash-flow from PTC sites, you should join more than one PTC site to build your general profit. 

12 Top Ranked PTC Sites


This is a very notable PTC site that isn’t for opportune installments and great quality advertisements. The pleasant aspect of this site is that they acknowledge enlistments around the world. This again offers various approaches to acquire cash like finishing reviews, tapping on advertisements, finishing offers, seeing recordings, taking assignments and by referrals. 

The least complex method of gaining cash for tenderfoots is pay per click as it is direct. You simply need to tap on the promotion connection and sit tight for the page load completely and afterward leave it open for just a single moment. Guarantee that you don’t close the promotion promptly, as you may lose your record. 

You would be happy to hear that they cycle the installment twice in seven days through different stages like PayPal, WebMoney, Skrill, and NETELLER. Likewise, this site permits just one record for every PC and web association and on the off chance that the part attempts to abuse it, at that point the record may get suspended. 


Various installment choices accessible 

Easy Navigation 

Anyone can turn into a part from anyplace on the planet 

Numerous methods of procuring cash 


Each family can have only one record 

No consistent offers 

2. Offer country 

It is a paid review site that furnishes you with various streams to acquire a great deal of cash by only a couple of snaps. Here you can take offers, total errands, clicking promotions and watching recordings. The payout of this site is similarly low when contrasted with different websites. They pay $0.001 to $0.01 per click. 

They likewise pay for an immediate referral, on the off chance that you prescribe it to your companions or family, as you can likewise make a commission out of their exercises. You would need to check for various choices now and again to win more pay. 

Much the same as a couple of different websites, it likewise permits one client for each IP address strategy; in this way you ought to do whatever it takes not to allude to yourself by making another email address. This may prompt lasting suspension of your record. 

The focuses that you gain can be reclaimed into money or you can likewise take gift vouchers in return. You can get installments through a ton of channels like PayPal, bitcoin, and Skrill. The simplest method of procuring from them is by Paid to tap the program. 


Multiple installment alternatives 

Various gaining stages 

Easy to utilize 

You can likewise gain through referrals 


Only one client can sign in through one PC 

Low payout 

Visit Now 

3. InboxPounds 

This site has gotten one of the top stages in the UK and Europe. It has become a main site that has one more site called InboxDollars, which has additionally been perceived by a great many clients internationally. You can join with them, liberated from cost. 

Utilizing this site is exceptionally simple; you simply need to login, become its part and complete the errands that are offered by InboxPounds. On their site, there are varieties of errands that you can decide to procure cash like taking overviews, watching recordings, playing web based games, all the energizing things. 

They give you heaps of installment alternatives to make it simple for you. The beneficial thing about this site is that you would acquire money, not focus as it inspired you to accomplish more work as opposed to procuring focus. 


Trusted and solid site 

Super huge network 

Easy route 

You would gain money not focuses 


Does not uphold PayPal 

There is a preparing expense 

This was about the top-most and most lucrative site, which makes it simple for you to acquire cash sitting at home. You should ensure that alongside PTC websites, you can likewise utilize GTC sites, Survey sites, and Micro Job sites as well.

4. GrabPoints 

Ratings: 4.1/5 (from 400+ clients) on TrustPilot 

Earning Potential: (0 to $150 month to month) 

Available in: Worldwide Countries 

Support: 5/5 

GrabPoints is a generally new PTC site established in 2014 and is at present possessed by Reward Holdings Limited (situated in Hong Kong). It has developed quickly like Swagbucks and is genuine with a great deal of clients who are oftentimes paid and fulfilled. 

Its working is very like different sites you have perused previously. You can take paid overviews, surf and snap websites, search the web, shop on the web, watch recordings, download applications, and significantly more for focuses that can be later reclaimed as money or by means of gift vouchers. 


No speculation required, as it’s completely free. 

Easy to utilize and very much planned versatile neighborly site. 

Different procuring ways are accessible. 

It is likewise accessible in a few nations. 

You get an assortment of installment techniques. 

Fast Customer Support reaction who will react even on TrustPilot. 

Low least payout equalization of just $3 required. 


Less data is accessible for its current overseeing organization. 

They permit two records for every family/family with various email addresses. That implies your one record in addition to one for your relative as it were. 

No versatile application gave, it was accessible prior however not currently. 

Lower paying studies and errands for clients of certain nations. 

(Note: GrabPoints is still less well known and is developing, yet it has got some extraordinary potential to try and become the most flawlessly awesome later on) 

5. InboxDollars 

Ratings: 4.1/5 (from 8.9K+ clients) on TrustPilot 

Earning Potential: (0 to $200 month to month) 

Available in: USA and its regions as it were 

Support: 5/5 

InboxDollars is another popular PTC site purchased by Prodege LLC in 2019. It was initially made in 2000 and still runs under the administration of its old organization and its old highlights. InboxDollars is accessible just for the clients living in the United States and its regions. 

You can without much of a stretch procure by finishing overviews, sitting in front of the TV, looking through the web, perusing paid messages, and by numerous other energizing things. What’s more, as ySense they straightforwardly pay in real money (US dollars) and not in focus. 


Completely Free PTC site, you’ll need to pay nothing. 

Positive surveys on TrustPilot. 

Various gaining ways are given. 

User-accommodating site. 

They have the InboxDollars application that chips away at both Android and iOS gadgets. 

Very Good Customer Support as they react rapidly. 

They additionally give a great deal of rewards and even a reward of $5 when you exchange information for InboxDollars. 


A high least payout parity of $30 required. 

If your record stays inert for a half year, it will get deactivated, and you may lose all your income. 

They permit just one record for every family unit/family. 

It isn’t accessible around the world. 

6. NeoBux 

Ratings: 2.9/5 (from 80+ clients) on SiteJabber 

Earning Potential: (0 to $10 month to month) 

Available in: Worldwide Countries 

Support: 1/5 

NeoBux is an exaggerated PTC site established in 2008 and possessed by NeoDev Lda (situated in Portugal). It additionally has other winning ways like taking overviews, finishing undertakings, and so on yet its essential plan of action depends on pay to click advertisements. 

NeoBux is just a not too bad PTC website to win some cash and NOT an extraordinary PTC webpage as asserted by certain bloggers and YouTubers. 


NeoBux is Genuine and has truly paid its clients. 

It is additionally accessible worldwide in a few nations. 

For the first payout, a low least parity of just $2 required. 


Not a totally Free stage, they have paid participation plans. 

Low procuring potential, and it takes a while to make a tolerable total of cash. 

Your record will get forever suspended on the off chance that it is dormant for just 60 days, and you may likewise lose all your income. 

If your relatives each have a different PC/laptop, the entirety of your family/family individuals can join NeoBux. 

No App and Not so much as a versatile well disposed site gave: You need to mandatorily tap on the advertisements utilizing your PC/laptop as it were. Cell phones/tablets aren’t permitted, and on the off chance that you don’t keep this standard, your record will get suspended. 

No Customer Support: You can’t legitimately contact NeoBux by means of email, and so forth. You can just compose your concern on their gathering page and hang tight for an answer. 

Fewer payout choices just by means of Skrill, NETELLER, AirTM and Tipalti given. No PayPal nor any gift vouchers accessible.

7. PaidVerts 

Ratings: 3.3/5 (from just 11 clients) on TrustPilot 

Earning Potential: (0 to $10 month to month) 

Available in: Worldwide Countries 

Support: 2/5 

PaidVerts is additionally a generally fresher PTC site that began in 2014 and claimed by Linstow LP (situated in Scotland). Like NeoBux the essential mode to win on PaidVerts is through tapping on advertisements, and furthermore some different techniques for profit are accessible. 

PaidVerts utilizes a special direct based framework toward choosing your per click pace of commission. Thus, everybody won’t get equivalent acquiring opportunities nor lucrative advertisements to click. 

In any case, numerous bloggers and YouTubers state PaidVerts is a well known PTC webpage. It isn’t correct, and actually it’s just a reasonable PTC site with certain clients who have been paid and are truly fulfilled. 


PaidVerts is a genuine PTC site. 

They give a portable application. 

It is additionally accessible worldwide in numerous nations. 

Their payout choices incorporate digital forms of money like Bitcoin and Litecoin. 


They offer payout by means of Payza, whose organizers were captured in a tax evasion case in the United States. Payza is likewise prohibited in the USA and different nations, and PaidVerts doesn’t give PayPal. 

Not a totally Free PTC site, they have a few paid participation plans. 

A low winning potential that isn’t generally commendable. 

Account support expenses will be charged every day. 

Every family/family can have just one record. 

No basic per click rate was given to every one of their individuals. 

Customer uphold isn’t acceptable. 

(Note: If PaidVerts (oversaw by Linstow LP) keeps on being related with Payza, it will hurt their business, and they’ll before long lose numerous clients) 

8. Red Clicks 

Ratings: 3.9/5 (from just 6 clients) on TrustPilot 

Earning Potential: (0 to $5 month to month) 

Available in: All Countries 

Support: 2/5 

Red Clicks is a bad quality PTC site established in 2009 and claimed by Media Flow DOO, [based in Montenegro (in Europe)]. 

They too offer other winning ways, yet their per click pace of commission is very lower than their rivals. It is generally a certifiable PTC site that has additionally truly paid something to its individuals. 


They have numerous payout choices. 

Low least payout balance expected of just $2. 

It is accessible in every single nation. 


Not a totally Free stage, you’ll have to put resources into their paid enrollment to acquire some great cash. 

Very Low acquiring potential: Many haven’t ready to make even $1. 

Negative Reviews and low appraisals. 

Very Bad web composition and not a versatile well disposed site with no portable application given. 

If your record is latent for only 30 days, it will get suspended and you will lose all the equalization that was in your record. 

Only one record in your family/family is permitted. 

Poor quality promotions are accessible. 

9. GPTPlanet 


Earning Potential: (0 to $5 month to month) 

Available in: All Countries 

Support: 2/5 

GPTPlanet is another PTC site begun by the producer of Scarlet-Clicks in 2010. It also is at present overseen and claimed by Media Flow, DOO. Thus, the two of them are a finished duplicate of one another and don’t have any significant distinction between them. Just thing is that the quantity of clients of Scarlet-Clicks is more than that of GPTPlanet. 


Low least payout balance just $1 required. 

Available in all the nations of our reality. 

Same numerous payout choices like Scarlet-Clicks. 


A full duplicate of Scarlet-Clicks, including its highlights and even the downsides. 

No evaluations accessible and surveys are generally negative. 

It is anything but a totally Free PTC site, they charge expenses to overhaul your enrollment. 

Earning Potential is exceptionally low. 

Each family unit/family can have just one record. 

If your record is dormant for just 60 days, it will get suspended, and you’ll lose all your income. 

Website configuration is poor and isn’t versatile agreeable, nor a portable application is given. 

Bad quality advertisements will be shown. 

10. Swagbucks 

Ratings: 4.3/5 (from 16.5K+ clients) on TrustPilot 

Earning Potential: (0 to $200 month to month) 

Available in: Limited Countries 

Support: 4/5 

Swagbucks is the best ever PTC site established in 2008 by Prodege, LLC (a believed organization situated in the USA) and presently has in excess of 20 million individuals on its foundation who have been paid a monstrous measure of over $400 million. 

It has developed at a fast rate and gives the best pay open door than some other PTC sites. Swagbucks is in reality to a greater extent a GPT site than a PTC site yet offers the best and most straightforward winning approaches to its individuals. 

Swagbucks utilizes a point-based framework named as SBs and gives you focuses for the undertakings you complete. The focus can be changed over into US dollars and reclaimed by means of gift vouchers of Amazon, and so forth, or as money through PayPal, and so on. 


Completely Free Platform with no speculation required. 

Highest acquiring potential for low maintenance work. 

High appraisals and positive surveys on Trustpilot and SiteJabber for a long time. 

Very Popular and profoundly presumed parent organization of Prodege, LLC. 

They furnish portable applications that are viable with both Android and iOS. 

Multiple winning techniques are accessible to help your salary. 

Everyone in your family/family unit can join Swagbucks. 

Good and agreeable Customer Support. 

Well planned, portable agreeable, and simple to utilize the site. 

You’ll get a ton of extra focus. 


You’ll need to adhere to their standards, or probably they may deactivate your record. 

You won’t fit the bill for each overview. 

It isn’t accessible around the world. 

11. Siyensa (ClixSense) 

Ratings: 3/5 (from 40+ clients) on TrustPilot 

Earning Potential: (0 to $150 month to month) 

Available in: Worldwide Countries 

Support: 5/5 

ySense is a top class PTC site prior known as ClixSense. It was initially made in 2007 and purchased by Prodege, LLC in 2019 and they changed its name to ySense. 

ClixSense was a prime PTC site, yet they additionally included different acquiring ways like a GPT site. It is still among the most mainstream PTC sites accessible on the Internet. They are dependable and have paid their clients a huge number of dollars. 

ySense doesn’t give you focuses, yet straightforwardly credits the cash (in US dollars) to your ySense account. 


Completely Free and genuine PTC site. 

It is currently overseen by Prodege, LLC. 

Multiple gaining ways are accessible to amplify your pay. 

Every individual from your family can join ySense. 

Well planned and simple to utilize the site. 

Their per click rate is higher than other PTC sites. 

Flexible payout alternatives are accessible. 

Very Good and quick Customer Support. 

It is accessible worldwide in practically all the nations. 


They don’t give a portable application. 

You may NOT get various reviews in a split second and you’ll need to stand by now and again. 

Has become like Swagbucks, just a huge distinction is that they are accessible Worldwide. 

(Note: The ySense evaluations/audits on TrustPilot have been around just since a couple of months and will change, along these lines it wasn’t considered significant in this rankings. For more data read the end) 

12. PrizeRebel 

Ratings: 3.4/5 (from 120+ clients) on TrustPilot 

Earning Potential: (0 to $150 month to month) 

Available in: Worldwide Countries 

Support: 3/5 

PrizeRebel is a profoundly dependable PTC site that began in 2007 by iAngelic, Inc (USA). It has additionally gotten to a greater extent a GPT site and has increased more than 10 million individuals on its foundation who have been paid more than $21 million. 

PrizeRebel is trusted and offers different techniques to win focuses that can later be changed over to money, yet is generally known for giving quality lucrative overviews. 


It is among the most established and totally free PTC sites. 

Multiple winning ways are accessible. 

It is additionally accessible worldwide in a few nations. 

Their site excessively is responsive and simple to explore. 

They additionally offer numerous payout choices, including gift vouchers of Amazon and money through PayPal, and so forth. 

Low least payout balance prerequisite of $2 accessible. 


Only one record is permitted per family/family unit. 

They don’t give a PrizeRebel portable application. 

Average client care as they take as much time as is needed to answer. 

Their assignments other than reviews are to some degree low paying.

Tips to acquire more cash with PTC websites 

In each business, we all attempt to acquire the most extreme from it; the equivalent is with the PTC websites; all you need is to apply a few stunts for that. Beneath referenced are a portion of the strategies which would assist you with acquiring more: 

1)Join a ton of PTC websites: The most ideal path is to apply on in excess of 5 sites on the off chance that you are a novice. The explanation for it is that the more advertisements you will tap on, the more cash you would gain, in addition to you would get an opportunity to become familiar with this industry. On the off chance that you join only 1 site, you will procure less and it would likewise reduce your advantage. 

2)No Shortcuts: Just like different organizations, easy routes don’t work here. Guarantee that you accomplish all the work lawfully and morally. 

3)Spare some an ideal opportunity to work and advance: Just making a record isn’t sufficient, you should give some time on figuring out how to advance with the goal that you can construct our own downline. You should give 15 minutes in a day to learn; it likewise doesn’t utilize a cell phone to work the PTC websites; attempt and use Chroma or Firefox as it spares a ton of time. 

4)Quality and Quantity: You should have a functioning downline to acquire cash as regardless of whether you have 5000 refs however are dormant, that is a finished waste. You should set aside some effort to prepare the referrals and inspire them to remain dynamic. 

5)Create your systems: It is a superb practice to make your technique by extricating the thoughts from specialists in this field. Likewise, it isn’t basic that a similar methodology works for everybody. Henceforth, in this field, you would need to work savvy, not hard. 

6)Purchase premium participation: It would be an extraordinary thought to purchase premium enrollment updates as it helps in duplicating your income. For doing this, you simply need to pay a few expenses and when you take the updated membership, you will get two fold installments for your snaps and referral clicks as well. 

7)Save time by utilizing the PTC application: Watching promotions individually takes a great deal of time; it is smarter to utilize the free PTC application. This application composes the sites and the advertisements with no difficulty of opening various tabs. 

8)Other Earning ways: You can likewise utilize various parts of acquiring through PTC websites. There are plenty of websites that offer you numerous choices of bringing in cash aside from tapping on advertisements, for example, paid online reviews, miniature positions, paid to mess around and significantly more. Thus, you can gain $5-$50 by finishing these undertakings on the site. 

How to check if the PTC sites are genuine and safe? 

Albeit all the above websites are sheltered it is essential for you to distinguish the trick PTC websites. The main thing you ought to do is to see the previous exercises; in the event that you see the terrible surveys or any dubious action, at that point it tends to be a trick. 

Likewise, on the off chance that you consider burdens to be advertisements when you sign in, at that point there are odds of it to be a trick. Continuously check the historical backdrop of the site and their installment alternatives as they additionally come clean about their authenticity. 

How would you get paid on PTC sites? 

Here, we have referenced the websites which are veritable and notable as we have done careful exploration before distributing. When you register and login, you can quickly begin functioning as would see the promotions. You can likewise partake in studies, online structures, and so forth. Your procuring gets credited to your record right away. 

Guarantee that you don’t utilize Adblock on your site, as all things considered, you would not have the option to see any promotions. On the off chance that we talk about installments, every one of these websites have a base edge you would need to meet for accepting the installment. 

You don’t get the installment through bank move; you get paid through Payza or other such applications. The base installment limit lies between $2-$10 relying upon the site. 

You get paid $0.001-$0.002 for review 1 advertisement, which is excessively less on the off chance that you simply click on promotions. Accordingly, you ought to take an interest in other accessible salary streams also on the site. For expanding the salary you should- 

  • Log in consistently, without a fall flat and view promotions 
  • Spare in any event 1 hour day by day to win more 
  • Ensure that you introduce both Ad Alert and Addon to the program 
  • Upgrade to the enrollment for procuring more 

Final Thoughts

In the event that you need to procure additional salary on the web and anticipate it, at that point this is truly outstanding and least demanding. The previously mentioned PTC websites are ideal and believed ones that would furnish you with the installment convenient. Likewise, alongside the PTC sites, you can choose GPT sites and Survey sites as well.

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