business ideas with low investment and high profit

34 Profitable Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

Looking for business ideas with low investment and high profit? Then we will tell you about the most lucrative and profitable business ideas that you can use in your first business. All these ideas are achievable and most popular all over the world.

Lots of business opportunities have become very popular in recent years. We also have to be careful and calculating in choosing business opportunities. If not, we could be swallowed up by temporary trends that are not profitable, even detrimental.

There are many reasons people want to start their own business, either they want to free themselves from office jobs that have many rules and are not free, or want to increase their allowance which can generate extra funds for your pocket.

Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit

Here are the in detail list of Business Ideas with Low Investment and High Profit:

1. Online Marketing Services

business ideas with low investment and high profit

Providing marketing services cannot be done carelessly. We need to understand the ins and outs before actually selling a service. Fortunately, there are many affordable online courses that are suitable for your investment in this field.

Companies nowadays need a lot of  freelancers who are reliable in making marketing copy (ad sentences) that are SEO- friendly, in order to convert their website visitors into customers.

2. Affiliate Marketing 

business ideas with low investment and high profit

Affiliate marketing  is easy enough for anyone to do. Basically, you will earn commissions from other companies by promoting their products or services. The concept is simple, you choose the product you like from the company, promote it and then make a profit from every sale that comes from your promotion. Affiliate marketing  will be very easy to do if:

3. Tester or Reviewer

business ideas with low investment and high profit

Individual business people or startups often look for reviewers to review their products and hope the reviewers are able to convince customers to buy their products. You can start being a  reviewer  by creating a profile on the freelancer website  or contacting the company directly. It would be better if you have your own website or blog. You can write about your experiences using a particular product and earn money in return.

4. Website Developer

Today we live in a digital age when all businesses need a website to attract visitors and turn them into sales. If you have the ability to develop websites, you can enter this never-dying industry. You can start from small steps such as creating a website on the wordpress platform. If  your skills  are high, maybe you can learn further such as programming languages ​​to create:

  • Shopping carts 
  • Product pages
  • Galleries
  • Blogs
  • etc.

5. Graphic Designer

Companies will always need a graphic designer role to help handle their branding  in society. The software that is really needed by a graphic designer is Photoshop or Illustrator. Graphic designers are usually responsible for creating the following media:

  • Logo
  • Flier
  • Newsletter
  • Magazine
  • Advertisement
  • etc.

6. Become a Personal Trainer

Apart from beauty, sport is now a promising business idea. The increasing popularity of sports and maintaining your beauty, various offers such as gym membership and personal trainers are becoming increasingly popular.

With a personal trainer, people can get their body goals more quickly and precisely. No longer spend useless hours that do not form unwanted bodies.

If you know a lot about workouts or a sports science graduate, this can be a very promising career. With an hourly salary that is usually quite high, this career choice could be the right business for you.

7. Food or Coffee Truck

Opening a restaurant or coffee shop can present a lot of risks, because of the large amount of capital required, as well as the chance factor. Having a ‘permanent’ restaurant located in a building is not the only option if you want to open a business in the world of food or beverage.

You can choose the coffee or food truck option , a concept that has become popular in recent years. Capital that is not as high as the original restaurant can still bring a sizable profit. Even more so with the online application for ordering food.

It is no longer necessary to rent a luxurious or strategic place because of the large demand from online applications. Especially with people today who are too lazy to queue or leave the house to buy food, these business ideas can be the right choice for those of you who have a passion for food but don’t want to spend a lot of capital!

8. Social Media Influencers

This occupation has become very popular now, especially with the use of social media which is becoming increasingly popular. This idea is perfect for those of you who are talented in the arts, such as make-up, dance, singing, photography, and others.

By posting your work in the online world, you will get attention and popularity which can lead to online business. Don’t forget to regularly update your social media pages, so that your fans and viewers will still be you and you will get the results later.

9. Social Media Consultant

business idea

Everyone has at least one social media account, whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. No wonder social media can become a potential business whose clients are spread all over the world.

Don’t have qualified skills ? Don’t worry, Twitter and Google are two of the few platforms that often offer certified professional courses in this field. Some require you to pay a certain amount of money, while others are free.

10. Healthy Catering

Healthy catering- or healthy catering has become increasingly popular in recent years. Many people now rely on catering services for their daily meals.

Moreover, with the growing popularity of the diet culture , many women and men are also on a diet using this healthy catering service.

Not only for those who want to lose weight, but also other options such as weight gain packages, food packages for diabetes, low blood pressure, for pregnant women, and others.

With this wide variety of catering, it is sure to become increasingly popular and profitable. In this era of high mobility, people don’t want to be complicated by cooking alone or going to restaurants.

If you use healthy catering, people can choose the nutrients themselves in their food, so that a healthy life is no longer expensive or complicated.

11. EO ( Event Organizer )

What people are looking for these days is everything that is neither complicated nor practical. Event Organizers who organize events such as birthdays, weddings, and office events will definitely be high-demand .

With the event organizer , people can enjoy the smooth running of an event without being complicated or tired. This idea is one that has been around for a long time but is still selling well and will continue to last for many years to come.

12. Tax Consultant

Any company big or small is sure to pay their taxes to avoid trouble. Maybe because of the many things they need to take care of, tax matters may not receive special attention. Therefore companies need tax consultants who are responsible for taking care of taxes for them. This can be a great idea, especially for those of you who have experienced it before.

13. Blogger or Vlogger

Business idea

Are you good at certain fields such as fashion,  traveling , cooking or handicrafts? If you know how to do something in great detail, why not share it on a blog or vlog? All you need is a laptop, a good internet connection and a good quality camera. You can also earn income from advertisements that appear on your blog.

14. Translator

Business idea

If you are proficient in English or other languages, it doesn’t hurt to become a freelance translator. Freelance translation is the most sought-after position in the world today. You can start with translating short, easy documents first before going any further. Adhering to translation rates is also highly recommended before pursuing this field.

15. Financial Advisor (Financial Advisor)

The number of people who want to set up a business is currently growing, but there are still many who don’t know how to manage their finances properly. You can take advantage of these ideas and become a financial advisor. Show if you already have a certificate related to financial planning if you have one. If you already have experience, you can start with individuals before moving on to companies.

16. Editorial Services

You don’t need to spend a lot of money if you want to open an editorial service. Your clients can also come from a wide range, ranging from small businesses, big businesses, writers to students. The services you can offer include:

  • Copywriting
  • Ghostwriting
  • Articles in magazines
  • Articles in the newspaper
  • Write content on the website
  • Proofreading
  • Editing
  • Indexing
  • etc.

17. Ecommerce Store

If you have a pile of products, but have minimal capital to open a physical store that requires staff, a cashier and a building, it’s time to consider an online store. Compared to physical stores, e-commerce stores have advantages such as:

  • Able to reach a wider range of customers
  • The shop can be open 24 hours
  • Holding promotions is easier wherever you are
  • Cross each other with other platforms such as social media and websites
  • Can run  marketing campaigns  through google

18. Tour Guide

Many tourists like to be accompanied by a guide when they are at tourist attractions. They can ask whatever they want and get a feel for the local area where they are. If you know your city well, why not make a tour? You can make a package that includes:

  • A sightseeing tour
  • Taxi service to and from the tourist hotel
  • Breakfast, lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.

19. Teacher

Are you good at studies at school? Can you speak more than one language? If so, there is nothing wrong with sharing that knowledge by becoming a teacher. You can start by taking a teacher certification to do so. Nowadays, teaching can be done remotely with the help of online videos. So teaching can also be a side job.

20. Public Relations Agency

Business opportunities

Every businessman and company definitely needs to communicate with the public and build good relationships with him. However, this doesn’t have to be done alone. It is okay to use the services of other parties to carry out this task. Public Relations (PR) agencies are tasked with fulfilling this responsibility. One of their tasks is to make a  press release  containing information about the company and give it to the media for publication.

21. Packing Services

This business is suitable for those of you who have an eye that is sensitive to details. When someone moves house, they will pay a certain amount of money for the cost of moving their belongings to the new home. However, the process of packing items can be very time consuming. This is your idea to offer a packaging service.

22. Laundry Services

Laundry service is one business idea that is easy to do without the need for special skills. The ideal place to organize this business is in a location where people do not have enough time to wash their own clothes, such as near campuses, offices and factories.

23. Babysitter Services

A babysitter may not sound profitable enough to be a business idea, but you would be surprised to know what a professional babysitter salary comes with a license and certificate.

24. Photography

Professional photographers are needed at weddings, corporate events, family photos and more. Therefore, photography services can be an interesting business idea. Moreover, a freelance  photographer usually does not need a lot of funds to start a business.

25. Interior Design Services

business opportunities

Instead of having to decorate your living room many times, you can channel your love of interior design by opening an interior design service. You can start this business idea with a small personal network like your friend’s apartment or house, then move on to a larger reach. You can ask clients for an hourly fee for your services, work with home furnishings and others.

26. Video Production

business opportunities

Videos are currently very popular on social media and the internet. Those who have the ability to cut videos, edit and record videos will be indispensable. This is one business idea that can be done from home.

27. Podcasting

Podcasts have been very popular lately in Indonesia and many listeners are already investing their time here. If you enjoy telling stories or sharing important information, then podcasting can be the right business idea. The initial capital you need for podcasting includes audio equipment and editing software. As your audience grows, your market will get bigger.

28. SEO Consultant

SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) is the process of increasing website traffic or pages on websites with certain keywords  to be at the top of the list organically. SEO consultants are tasked with increasing the organic search results of the client websites they handle. To start this business, you can take SEO training, hire people who are experts in this field and create a website to market your services.

29. Application Developer

Every day new applications are launched online. If you have the ability to create applications, you must run this business! You don’t need to pay a lot of money to create an application. Creating an application also doesn’t take much time (unlike office hours from 9am to 5pm). The good news is, you can create applications wherever you are.

30. Internet Security Consultant

business opportunities

Today, hacking,  scamming  and viruses are the dangers that threaten the internet. If you are keen to see opportunities, you can become a consultant to deal with this problem. Your clients are primarily those who handle sensitive customer information and want to keep it as secure as possible.

31. Content Creation Services

Currently, many well-known brands or brands choose to advertise their products in the form of content, be it writing or video. These brands are starting to rack their brains to find out how to sell products without sounding pushy. Some may need  freelancers  to create their content. This could be your chance!

32. Animator

Apart from writing, the content required by the brand is also in the form of animation. Animation is considered to be more attractive than other forms of content, if the process is also appropriate. Therefore, the role of the animator will be indispensable here. Before starting this business idea, you can take courses in animation designing if you lack confidence.

33. Flower Shop

If you are passionate about flowers and making attractive flower arrangements, building a flower shop can be the best business idea. Currently flowers are not only needed for weddings, but also death, birthdays,  wedding anniversaries, grand openings and others.

34. Property Agent

Given the ever increasing population growth, the need for housing has also increased. The need for housing or property also increases with the population.

The property business ideas are also right to try, one of which is becoming a property agent. You only need to market and find consumers.

You don’t need a lot of capital to become a property agent, you just have to have marketing skills and actively market both offline and online. In essence, you only need to bring in potential buyers / consumers of your property products.

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