Top 10 Preschool Franchise in India That Will Shine in 2021

Looking for the top 10 preschool franchise in India that will be the best opportunity for you. Here we will tell you about top 10 preschool franchise in India and their cost.

The idea of pre-schooling created in India two or thirty years back and has been growing quickly in the current situation. 

Guardians are more worried than any time in recent memory with their kids’ future and readily go through cash to give the youngsters the most ideal schooling directly from preschool levels. 

Thus, Opening a preschool franchise business in India can end up being an astute business choice. While there are numerous preschools across different districts in India, underneath is the rundown of the most rewarding pre-school franchise in India that has the most ideal future.

Top 10 Preschool Franchise in India

Here are the top 10 best preschool franchise in India:

ABC Montessori Preschool Franchise Chain

Start your play school with ABC Montessori — an international preschool chain brand with presence across India. ABC Montessori is a pioneer and just Franchisee chain in India offering franchise for Authentic Montessori preschool model. Join the Montessori upheaval with the most nominal franchisee charge and eminence model franchise. Give a Missed call at 1800–1370–130. 

Franchise Space Requirements 

  • Space Requirement: Min. 300–500 Sq.Yard private property/school site Using Awesome Backgrounds 
  • Covered Area: Min. 1600–3200 Sq.Ft with open play/green zone 
  • Property should be agreeable by a four-wheeler 
  • Property should be ideally noticeable from the main methodology street 
  • Property should be close to some prominent achievement/city symbol building 
  • Property should be ideally possessed or should be on leased on long haul rent 

Kidzee: 5–12 lakhs 

Kidzee is without a doubt extraordinary compared to other preschool franchises in India After Rich Look Play School. In 2010, Kidzee likewise arose as India’s franchisor of the year in all areas. The required investment is simply Rs. 5 to 12 Lacs. 

Maple Bear 

With consistent development, Maple bear is probably the most ideal choice. The help you get from the organization for the development and benefit of your franchise can’t be analyzed. It is outstanding amongst other International preschool franchises which point in bringing Canadian early learning approaches to India. 


Have a territory of around 3000-4000 Sq.ft. 

Contact them, after receiving your enquiry a delegate of Maple bear will get in touch with you. 

For Maple bear, an investment of INR 15-20 lakhs is required. The investment includes franchise expense, branch set up charge, furniture and installations, gear and different adornments. 

Contact Details 

For the Maple Bear franchise, you can legitimately contact the specialists: 

Maple Bear South Asia Head Office, 

4-7 C DDA Shopping Complex, 

New Friends Colony, 

New Delhi-110025 

Or on the other hand, go to and pick “Own a school” to top off the franchise enquiry structure. 

Kangaroo Kids 

Kangaroo Kids is an excellent preschool franchise. This organization gives a ton of help to the franchisee and permits to set up various franchises. Opening this would be an incredible chance. 


Contact the authorities through the site or address and afterwards, the supervisory crew will hit you up for subtleties. 

For Kangaroo kids, somewhat higher investment of INR 30-50 lakh is required, the surmised franchise expense is 3 lakh and sovereignty charge is about 20%. 

Contact Details 

Visit their official site and select franchise enquiry to fill the structure, www. kangaroo 

Abacus Preschool chain 

The Abacus Educational and Welfare Trust (the Franchisor) offers a wide range of assistance, merchandise and idea. The franchise gets quick acknowledgement as a result of the brand name. Regardless of whether it has begun a couple of years back, it has just set up its name. 


A region of around 1000 Sq.ft. is required 

Contact them and afterwards, they will tell you about the further methodology. 

An investment of INR 5-10 lakh would be needed for Abacus Preschool Chain franchise 

Contact Details 

Visit their official site, and visit “Reach us” 

Eurokids: ( 10 to 12 lakhs) 

Euro Kids preschool is one of the amplest preschool organizations of India and can’t be kept out of our rundown of top 5 preschool franchises in India. The expense of opening a Euro Kids nursery school franchise in India is 10 to 12 lakhs INR. The necessary space is 2000 square feet. 

Address: Dani Corporate Park, First Floor, 158 Vidyanagari Marg, Kalina, Santacruz (East), Mumbai — 400 098 


Bachpan: 900+ Schools All over India (10 LAC ) 

Bachpan is one of those couples of top preschool franchise chains in India that has Fewer expenses. This cuts the essential investment fundamentally, It can be viewed as one of the most productive play school franchise business. In India, the expense of opening a Bachpan playschool is about Rs. 10 lakhs, and the necessary floor territory is a minimum of 1000 square feet. The capital is required to return if 40–50 kids concentrate in your school, and You Can Enjoy a 100% ROI. 

Bachpan Corporate office 

9988/B-1, S.K. Pinnacle, Sarai Rohilla, New Rohtak Road, Delhi-110005 (India). Ph-91–11–28711111 (10 lines), For Franchise call at 088607–55000 


Shemrock: Oldest playschool Chain ( 10 lac ) 

Shemrock is one of the most established preschools of the nation. India’s first preschool chain, Shemrock has now more than 175 branches in different urban areas is as yet going more grounded. As of late, Shemrock Group of Schools has likewise been presented the honour of Franchisor of the Year in Education: Pre School by Franchise Plus, one of India’s best franchise business distributions. You need a minimum investment of Rs. 10 lakhs to Open a Shemrock franchise preschool in India just as a story zone of 2500 square feet. 


It is perhaps the best preschool for a precise and disciplined methodology. The best brand school in India for kids. The organization currently works a bigger number of self-worked preschools. Having a franchise of this would be a help in light of its norm and the number of renowned honours won by this school bunch is noteworthy. 


  • A zone of around 1000 Sq.ft. on the ground floor with the goal that youngsters are protected 
  • Get NOC from society 
  • Commercialisation endorsement from Local Municipality Office 

For Tree House, an investment of INR 5-10 lakhs would be required, the earn back the original investment time frame to get return investment would be years and the make back the initial investment is around half of the investment. 

Contact Details 

Visit their official site, and apply for franchise there or reach them at, 702 ‘C’, Morya House, Off New Link Road, Near Infinity Mall, Andheri West, Mumbai-400053 

Little Millennium 

Leading preschool of India, with more than 500 schools in 100 urban communities. They give a comprehensive methodology towards schooling and the earlier acknowledgement set up by the organization encourages new franchisees to develop their name without any problem. 


2000-2500 Sq.ft. region and ground floor 

Good investment ability 

Contact them and they will hit you up. 

Little Millenium requires an investment of INR 10-15 lakhs. 

Contact information 

Little Millenium 


Telephone: +91-9811735229 



Telephone: +91-9884056699/+91-9731322777/+91-9962556555 








For Franchise Enquiries in different areas, keep in touch with them at 

Final Words

These top 10 preschool franchise can be your most ideal choice if you are thinking to open any preschool franchise. Each preschool franchise relies on the franchise from the start and afterwards on the understudies for a superior result. The brand name and nature of instruction depends a great deal for having a superior result of the franchise. These top 10 preschool franchise will never let you down all things considered.

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