Tools for Improving the Productivity of Content Writers

Writing has become much easier these days. Now writers are equipped with tons of online tools that can assist them throughout the writing process. These tools can save time, improve content quality, beautify its language, and enhance productivity.

Due to their extraordinary benefits, they have become every writer’s need. However, the issue is that many content writers need to learn the best tools they must use in the writing and post-writing process. 

Moreover, they also need to learn how to utilize them. But don’t worry at all. This detailed article will introduce you to the top five that can enhance productivity and convert your ordinary content into a masterpiece.

Let’s learn about those tools and know they can make your life easier as a content creator!

1. AnswerThePublic

Knowing readers’ needs, interests, pain points, and queries is essential for content creators. Without that, it can be very challenging for writers to gratify users’ needs and generate their interest in your content. But the question is, how to know their needs? That’s where AnswerThePublic helps content writers. 

Although many online tools help writers learn about users’ pain points, AnswerThePublic is arguably the best tool for understanding users’ thought processes. It provides detailed reports to users, which can assist writers to refine their topics and learn what type of content they must create.

AnswerThePublic beautifully presents data that makes it a better choice than many of its competitors. Plus, it provides many unique suggestions and guides writers about the search volume and CPC (Cost-Per-Click) that helps writers select the best topic for their upcoming articles.


Help in Topic Selection: AnswerThePublic provides detailed reports to users to help them select suitable topics with a heavy search volume. This data allows users to directly address users’ needs and get a lot of traffic and leads.

Unlimited Searches: Those with its paid plan can enjoy unlimited searches every day. No matter how much content they want to create, they don’t need to worry about the daily usage limit. The no search limit makes it an excellent tool for teams.

Presents Data in Easy-to-Understand Format: Another great advantage of AnswerThePublic is that it provides data in an easy-to-understand format. Whether someone has already used this kind of tool or not, they can quickly understand everything presented by it.


Not a Comprehensive Writing Tool: AnswerThePublic only helps users with topic selection. Apart from it, you cannot get any help from AnswerThePublic even if your title has some contextual or any other kind of errors if you remove them or improve their quality.

Provide Detailed Reports to Only Paid Users: This tool only offers its exclusive features to paid subscribers. If you want to get detailed information or in-depth analysis, you must get its subscription. Otherwise, you will get a little help from it. 

Moreover, you will also get only three daily searches.

2. PlagiarismDetector

PlagiarismDetector is another excellent platform for writers. Many consider it a one-stop solution to many content writing problems. For example, it offers a reliable plagiarism checker that can help you find all sorts of plagiarism in your content. 

Whether you have written the content yourself, copied it from elsewhere, or got assistance from any AI-writing tool, this plagiarism detector can help you find plagiarism with maximum efficiency. 

Moreover, this tool is very easy to use. Just click the link, open the website, paste your content, and click the “Check Plagiarism” button. You will soon receive your plagiarism report that can provide all the details you want.

Apart from that, PlagiarismDetector also offers a paraphrasing tool that can polish your content and remove plagiarism. If you want to paraphrase online an entire blog or just a few lines, you can always rely on this advanced paraphrase tool.


Free Plagiarism Checking Facility: PlagiarismDetector offers all its users an accessible plagiarism-checking facility. If you want to check only a few lines or whole books, you can do it easily. You don’t need to pay per word or page to locate plagiarism with this tool. 

Accurate and Detailed Reports: PlagiarismDetector offers precise and detailed reports to writers so they can easily decide whether to paraphrase the content or publish it as it is. The plagiarism reports of this tool show plagiarized portions, matched sources, and plagiarism percentage.

Advanced Algorithms: This platform uses advanced algorithms that make its tools more valuable and beneficial for writers. The platform regularly updates its algorithms to keep providing the best services to its users.


Limited Words Per Query: PlagiarismDetector’s tools offer limited words per query. You can upload only 1,000 words per query to detect plagiarism in content. Similarly, the word limit for its paraphrasing tool is only 2,000 words.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is another exceptional tool that most content writers use in their work. Grammarly helps users make their content more grammatically and contextually correct. It allows users to eradicate multiple types of grammar, syntax, and other errors. Whether you are a seasoned writer or a newbie, Grammarly can make your work easier and clearer.

Apart from helping users with editing, it can also assist users in detecting plagiarism in their content. Grammarly’s plagiarism checker is more efficient than many other free and paid tools. That’s why those who use Grammarly Premium for content editing also use it for checking plagiarism. 


Precision: Precision and accuracy are the best things about Grammarly. Most of the time, it provides the best suggestions to users to help them improve their content. Whether those suggestions are related to grammar, spelling, or syntax, you will rarely find any issues in them.

Setting Goals: Unlike many editing tools, Grammarly allows users to set goals and adjust suggestions accordingly. No matter who your target audience is, Grammarly can help you make your content more relevant and understandable.

Content Improvement: Grammarly can also help you improve content quality. Its suggestions can make your content more relevant to your targeted audience. 

Moreover, Grammarly has recently introduced Grammarly Go which can sweeten your content using AI algorithms. This feature benefits new writers wanting to make a great career in content writing.


Minimal Features for Free Users: Like AnswerThePublic, Grammarly also offers minimum features for free users. It doesn’t provide advanced suggestions to enhance content clarity or improve syntax. Moreover, Grammarly only offers a plagiarism-checking facility for paid users.

Over-Reliance Can Create Issues: If you are a creative writer and frequently break some grammar rules to sound more natural, relying on Grammarly can create issues for you. For example, it can ask you to remove those mistakes. 

However, removing them can create problems for you, and you may not make the point you want.

4. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is one of the most valuable tools for content writers. This tool has taken the world by storm. Although many content writers believe this tool can take their jobs and replace them, there is still time to predict anything about it. However, this tool is extraordinarily great for users.

With the help of ChatGPT, any writer can enhance their productivity and write more content in less time. Moreover, ChatGPT is comparatively much more accessible than any other online tool. Users don’t need to learn any command to generate content with this tool.

Apart from that, with ChatGPT, you can easily create any type of content. Additionally, you can buff up your content’s language, improve style, and learn multiple ways to state the same thing.

Moreover, users can also use ChatGPT for learning purposes. For instance, if you want to learn multiple words, terminologies, phrases, or writing techniques, ChatGPT can significantly help you.


Easy to Use: ChatGPT is as easy as talking to someone. To use ChatGPT, you only need to write prompts and press the enter button. ChatGPT will quickly respond to your prompts and start generating content. No matter what type of content you want, a single prompt in a natural language is enough for you.

Provide Plagiarism-Free Content: ChatGPT is famous for plagiarism-free content. Although it takes information from the internet, its algorithms make the content unique. So, it always provides plagiarism-free content to users. However, if you want to write academic content, you must not use it as educational institutes also use AI plagiarism checkers to ensure academic integrity.

Write Every Type of Content: Another great thing about ChatGPT is that it can write every type of content. It doesn’t matter if you want to write a novel, marketing copy, ad, website content, poem, or blog; you can rely on ChatGPT to help you. 

Plus, it can write in well-known writers’ language and style, which makes it much better than other AI tools.


Factual Inaccuracies: The worst thing about ChatGPT is that it doesn’t necessarily provide factually accurate data. It has limited knowledge of the world after 2021. In fact, for ChatGPT, Boris Johnson is still the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Therefore, you must rely on something other than ChatGPT for fact-based content.

5. Bard

Bard is also an AI-language model like ChatGPT. However, it is more factually accurate than ChatGPT, which makes it a reliable option for users. Content writers who want to generate fast-based content prefer it over ChatGPT.

Bard can assist content writers in many ways. For example, users can use it for brainstorming, finding different topics for their articles, research, writing content in multiple languages, editing the already written content, paraphrasing, and proofreading. So, Bard is also a compact solution for writers. If you are a writer and want to enhance productivity, use Bard, it won’t disappoint you.


Accuracy: Compared to ChatGPT and many other AI tools, Bard is more accurate and reliable. Usually, people don’t trust AI language models due to their inaccuracy. However, Bard is comparatively better and less prone to make mistakes.

Quick: Another great thing about Bard is that it is faster than other AI-writing tools. No matter what type of content you want, you will get it within a few moments. It can help you generate long-form articles within only a few seconds.

Easy to Use: Bard is also easy to use. You can use prompts in the communication language and ask it to create content for you. Furthermore, you can ask it to write like a professional and get great content effortlessly.


Lack of Creativity: If we compare Bard with ChatGPT, it is less creative than it is. Even Bard itself claims that it is less innovative than its biggest rival. If you want to generate creative content, ChatGPT is much better than Bard.

How to Perfectly Utilize These Writing Assistants?

All the tools mentioned above are only helpful if you know how to utilize them. Otherwise, you will only waste your time and get nothing in response. Below are some tips for using all these tools.

Don’t Blindly Trust Any Tool

Whenever you want assistance from any of these tools or any other online tool for content writing or improvement, trust the suggestions carefully. If you do so, you can ruin your content’s natural beauty. Your content could look robotic and confusing. 

That’s why whenever you use any online tool, always read it yourself and decide whether to trust them. If you don’t like the suggestions, you can manually replace them and polish your content.

Learn to Utilize Each Tool

Most online tools are tricky to use. Although they can significantly help you in your work, you need to learn how they can provide the most valuable suggestions. For example, if you want to use Bard or ChatGPT, you must learn to write prompts. Apart from that, you also have to understand setting goals for Grammarly. That’s how you can get the best response and enhance productivity.

Don’t Compromise on Proofreading

No matter how many proofreading tools you use for content creation or improvement, it can help if you use your knowledge, skills, and language understanding to brush up on text. 

You need to proofread the content to bring perfection to it. That’s why almost all seasoned writers suggest newbies proofread their content like an enemy.


The landscape of content creation has been revolutionized by the availability of various online writing tools that can greatly assist writers in their processes. These tools offer benefits such as time savings, improved content quality, enhanced language, and increased productivity. However, the challenge lies in selecting and effectively utilizing the right tools for each phase of the writing journey.

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