5 Effective Tips for Adsense Approval – Get Approval Fast

Every beginner blogger struggle for AdSense approval. In this article, I’m sharing some tips for Adsense approval that can help you in getting Google Adsense approval.

Recently Google has changed its policies and with that change, many beginner bloggers are not able to get an AdSense approval. There are some reasons that, Google is not approving your AdSense application.

5 Effective tips for Adsense approval

These five tips for Adsense approval will help you in getting Google AdSense approval fast.

1. Avoid Duplicate Content

Beginner bloggers copy and alter the content of others and post them on their blogs, but while submitting the application for Google AdSense approval they get rejected.

Whenever you submit the application to Google for AdSense approval, write about 10-30 original posts. Google hasn’t given any criteria for AdSense approval. I’m telling this to you from my own experience.

2. Create Privacy Policy, Contact Us and About Us Page

These three pages, Privacy Policy, Contact Us and About Us, pages are very necessary for a blog or website. The reason behind the rejection may be that you have not created these three pages on your blog.

Some people generate these pages from the Internet in order to save time but that is not the right way. If you don’t know what to write in these pages, take a look at this blog and see how I have written these pages.

3. Sufficient Content (One of the most important tips for Adsense approval)

As I have told you in the first step that you have to write original content about 10-30 posts, but the length of the content also plays an important role while getting AdSense approval. Length of the content should be more than 600 words.

4. Google Privacy Policies

Sometimes Google AdSense application gets rejected because your website or blog is not in accordance with Google Policies, and you will get a message from Google that “Site does not comply with Google policies”.

Read Google AdSense program policies and the Webmaster Quality guidelines carefully. Don’t post any Adult content or pirated content because those websites don’t get approval from Google AdSense. Select a niche and post relevant articles on that website or blog.

5. Copyright-free Images

People usually take pictures and images from Google and post them on their blog.

Add original images to the blog by taking screenshots if your website or blog is based on tutorials and howto content. Also, there are many websites where you can download royalty-free images for your blog and you will not get any copyright strike.

Follow these 5 tips for Adsense approval. If you are facing any other problem, mention it in the comments section below.

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