How to Start a Tea Shop Business – Business Plan

Tea Shop Business is a profitable business idea, you can set up a tea shop with low and medium investment. It depends how much you are willing to invest in this business.

Tea is the oldest widely consumed beverage in the world, starting tea in a virtual environment can be an excellent business, tea is popular for many reasons as most people know the health benefits of green tea, therefore, they use tea for health reasons.

If you are planning to start a tea shop business, then you will know all the details and of this business i.e how much you are required for this business and what are the profit of the tea shop business.

How to Start a Tea Shop Business?

Here is the complete guide on how you can start a tea shop business, investment required and profit of this tea business.

Check out Tea Business Opportunities

First step is to check its opportunities in the market.

Morning is fragmented without some tea and there is no such explicit time for tea each time is tea time, individuals by and large lean toward tea over the espresso, the examination says that the grown-ups devour at any rate 2 cups of tea consistently.

India is a second most noteworthy maker for the tea crop after the china, chai business isn’t just favored in metro urban communities yet in addition it is a productive endeavor in humble communities, tea business is anything but difficult to begin and an incredible open door for the lady business visionaries who are searching for the independent venture thoughts.

By considering the ubiquity of the tea it is ensured that your tea shop business is unquestionably run effectively.

Tea Business Profit Margin

How about we discover the expense of the Tea:

  • Absolute amount of the tea – 40 ml
  • Milk (30ml) +water (10ml) + tea powder (2.5 gram) + sugar (10gram i.e.2.5 teaspoon) + chai masala (4gram for example 1 teaspoon)
  • Milk cost – RS 30 INR for each liter (RS 1 INR for one cup of tea)
  • Water cost–no expense if faucet water is utilized
  • Tea powder cost–RS 350 INR for each kg (RS 0.75INR for one cup of tea)
  • Sugar cost–RS 40 INR (RS 0.50 for one cup of tea)
  • Chai masala cost-RS 350 INR for each Kg (RS 0.30 for one cup of tea)
  • Work and other expense – RS 1 INR for each day
  • The all out expense of tea – RS 3.50 INR

Business Plan of Tea Shop Business

Your business model for the tea slow down is relying on your venture capital; to maintain the business effectively you should need to draw a business plan for a tea slow down.

You can begin the tea slow down business with two different ways by thinking about your speculation, in the event that you are intending to begin the teas slow down with low venture, at that point you can begin the business with little tea slow down and on the off chance that you are prepared to spend more right now, at that point certainly go for the tea bar where you can serve the various kinds of tea.

Tea bars offer the well-guest plan and agreeable climate and they will offer diverse tea flavors, for example,

  • Frosted Tea
  • Green Tea
  • Air pockets Tea
  • Cardamom Tea
  • Fragrance Tea

Moreover; on the off chance that you are keen on establishments’ business model, at that point go for the tea business establishments where you will get the well to set up a business model and they will assist you with promoting your tea shop business.

Location and Area Required For Tea Shop Business

Area assumes a vital job in each business, along these lines, choosing an area for business is a significant errand, the accomplishment of your business is in a roundabout way subordinate upon the zone area that you had chosen for the team’s slow down business.

Build up you tea bar with the offices, you will require at any rate 600 sq ft zone for the tea bar, where you can arrangement open to guest plan and great inside which is agreeable for your clients

Ensure that your tea slow down is effectively available; by and large close by business area, schools, shopping centers, markets are the best spot to open the tea bars

Also, you can begin the tea shop business on the versatile van with the goal that you can change your area.


Enlistment of Firm: You may begin the little to medium tea slow down business either a Proprietorship or Partnership Firm.

In the event that you are beginning this business as One Person Company, at that point you need to enroll your firm as an ownership.

For Partnership activity, you need to enlist as a constrained risk association (LLP) or Pvt. Ltd. Organization with Registrar of Companies (ROC).

GST Registration

GST number is required to run Tea Shop Business; along these lines, you need to apply for the GST enlistment.

Exchange License

You can get the exchange permit from the neighborhood specialists.

MSME/SSI Registration

MSMS enrollment will permit you to take the administration plans and sponsorships with respect to your business.

Exchange Mark

You can make sure about your tea image name with basically enlisting for the trademark.

Sanitation and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI)

Tea slow down business is classes under nourishment preparing business; in this manner, you should need to take the FSSAI permit.

Fire permit

Tea slows down business manage the fire hardware, in this way, you need to take the fire permit for the wellbeing reason.


More than 80 % of the houses in India are expending tea consistently yet not every one of them are focused on the crowd, the crowd, and advertising of your tea business relies upon the limited time procedure and office you gave.

You can mindful the individuals about the utilization of tea for the medical advantages, aside from all conventional promoting procedure you can utilize the internet showcasing methodology to reach to individuals

You can develop your new flavor for tea that will end up being your one of a kind personality. So individuals effectively pull in your image and will never go for other tea.

If you have any questions about the tea shop business, feel free to tell us your opinion and thoughts.

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