Successful Small Business Opportunities in Japan

16 Successful Small Business Opportunities in Japan

Not only is Japan a beautiful country with unique landscapes, but its people are also very creative. These almond-shaped eyes have very pure ideas and produce goods that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Business Opportunities in Japan

Gas station

In Japan, nozzles for gas pumps hang from the ceiling. This design helps people not to have trouble getting the hose to the tank of their car.

Automatic Vending Machine

Japanese automatic vending machine values ​​time, and the famous proverb “golden time” can be seen in this country. Examples of such claims are vending machines that offer chips, chocolate, fruit juices, pasta, french fries, boiled eggs, and animal feed.

Compact parking

Japan has a population of about 127 million people, so they should make the best use of all of their country’s territory. Therefore, in the buildings of this country, two-story parking lots have been installed as you can see in the picture.

Drink cans for the blind

In this country, in honour of the blind, on all the cans of drinks, the name of its contents is also written in Braille.

A chair with a special place to hang a bag

One of the problems for women is that if the chair doesn’t have a handle, they have to put their bag on their feet or on the floor. But in the land of the shining sun, with the interesting design of the armless chairs, this problem is gone. In the back of the chair, a short cut is made to hang the handle of the bag.

Train with foot spa

Hot water and spa baths are very useful for removing fatigue from the body. Therefore, the Japanese have installed a hot water bath on their intercity trains so that citizens can get rid of their tiredness and daily stress to some extent during the trip between home and work, by placing their feet inside them.

Free distribution of tissue paper on the street

If you’re not feeling well and you really need paper towels on the street, in Japan you’ll be comfortable with the idea that the product will be available for free. Paper handkerchief distributors provide people with pocket packages without charge.

Multifunctional toilets

In addition to their main use, public toilets in Japan help with physical disabilities, clean themselves, and even keep you warm.

Poppers to reduce stress

The Japanese work long hours, which can be stressful. So to help alleviate these anxieties, they help burst the bubble bags that sound. To this end, small spies have been designed and manufactured in this country that is made similar to these plastics and have the same feel and sound, and people can greatly reduce their stress by pressing them.

Taxi with automatic door

You must know that the Japanese are very interested in the automaticity of the equipment. But it’s not bad to know that this interest is so great that even the doors of taxis open and close automatically. With this technology, the driver no longer shouts to close the door more slowly.

Capsule Hotel for people who want to sleep and rest for long hours

In the land of the sun, interesting capsule hotels have been built so that those who suffer from severe sleep deprivation can rest in peace and quiet.

Musical roads

On some roads in this country, you can hear the soothing sound of music while driving. This design makes it difficult for you to find the right path.


The Japanese are very fond of cats and consider them a symbol of softness and warmth. Therefore, several cafes have been opened in the corners of this country, where a large number of cats live in different species, and they have been highly regarded by those who are interested in this animal.

Kotatsu: Japanese seat

Kotatsu is exactly the same as an Iranian chair; an electric heater is placed under the table and a quilt is placed on it, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere for rest and sleep. This design was first introduced in the 14th century.

Public information system

In Japan, tall towers with multiple speakers are installed throughout the country to alert the people of the city to any danger and crisis, such as a tsunami. These speakers are also used to playing music or to announce children’s home hours.

Sleep at work

The Japanese understand that after lunch, people need a little rest and sleep. Therefore, they have made it possible for their employees to sleep at work. That means you can take a nap for a few minutes a day.

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