Subway Franchise Cost and Profit

Looking for subway franchise cost and profit and how to open subway franchise? Then this complete information about Subway Franchise.

Subway is one of the cheapest large fast-food restaurants with franchise rights. And has 4,000 stores in America.

With the opening of a store at the Gara de Roche railway station in Bucharest, Romania is the main centre, which has finally reached 4,000 stores in America.

Subway is operated by LS Travel Retail, a vendor for travel and food business services. The company is currently active in other American railway stations.

Costs to Open a Subway Franchise

The cost of getting a Subway franchise is $15,000, and the minimum launch costs, which include construction and equipment costs, range from $ 116,000 to $ 263,000.

Subway Franchise Cost and Profit

In general, Subway restaurants earn less than McDonald’s restaurants.

Subway also pays for the ongoing costs of its franchise.

The weekly company receives 12.5% ​​of gross income minus income tax from franchises, as well as 8% of franchisee’s royalties and 4.5% for advertising.

Here are some of the costs of setting up and operating a Subway restaurant for three months:

  1. Initial franchise fee: $ 15,000
  2. Property rental costs: from $ 2,000 to $ 24,000
  3. Leasing Advances: $ 12,000 to $ 143,000
  4. Equipment »From $ 5,000 to $ 65,000
  5. Security system (including monitoring costs): $ 1,000 to $ 7,500
  6. Outdoor advertising: $ 1,200 to $ 21,000
  7. Inventory opening: $ 2,500 to $ 10,000
  8. Insurance: $ 400 to $ 4,000
  9. Training costs (including travel and accommodation): $ 2,000 to $ 7,000
  10. Legal and Accounting: $ 400 to $ 8,000
  11. Opening ads: $ 1,000 to $ 6,000
  12. Miscellaneous costs: $ 1,600 to $ 20,000
Subway Franchise Cost and Profit

Subway Development process

Since its inception, the Subway franchise rights system has grown steadily and has become the number one restaurant chain in the world in terms of fast service. Most about 70% of new franchises are purchased by existing owners. Subway has now opened in more than 4,000 locations worldwide!

Subway Services

  1.  Update on updated operating formulas and systems
  2.  Store design and equipment ordering guide
  3.  Site selection
  4.  curriculum
  5.  Operations Manual
  6.  Proper support of the on-site representative – at the opening
  7.  Periodic evaluation and ongoing support
  8.  Research and development in the menu
  9.  Production and distribution of informative publications

Subway training and support

Prior to the opening of Subway, the collection manager will participate in a 2-week intensive training program.

The global headquarters of the franchise, LLC, is proud of the excellent support systems available for the SubVV franchise. Support is provided before and after the opening of your store. As soon as you join the Subway team, they will help you get started and after opening, help systems will be available at your restaurant.

Subway franchise investment and rights options

The right to subwoofer franchise has the lowest startup costs in the industry. Your investment depends on the location, size and amount of renovation you need. There are also traditional and unconventional locations for the Subway franchise.

1. It is a traditional restaurant that you can see in a shopping centre or on the street corner.

2. A modern restaurant is a store located at an airport, hospital, truck station, college, bus terminal or another job-related site. If you own a convenience store such as a convenience store or any non-traditional location, you may have the opportunity to purchase a franchise for that location.

Committed to franchise and environment

The Subway brand is committed to keeping its restaurants and agencies as environmentally and socially responsible as possible. The brand strives to do business in a way that minimizes profits for the franchise owner and at the same time enhances the impact of business stability on the environment and improving the lives of customers, employees, voting rights, vendors and global communities.

How Much Money Does a Subway Owner Make? (Subway Franchise Profit)

According to QSR Magazine, a Subway restaurant sells for an average of $ 417,000 a year, compared to McDonald’s restaurants for an average of $ 2.7 million a year.

How to Open a Subway Franchise

  1. Send request for the franchise fee.
  2.  Meeting with a company representative.
  3.  Check the information document.
  4.  Conducting local research.
  5.  Provide financial credit.
  6.  Signature of the franchise agreement.
  7.  Participate in subway training

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