12 Profitable Software Business Ideas in India to Build New Start-up

In this digital world, there is no shortage of software business ideas in India. As India is growing and developing in the field of the software industry, starting a business in this industry is quite profitable.

Nowadays, there is high competition in this field and you have a select a different idea for your software to grow and earn profits. For that, Here we have tried our best to provide you the profitable and beneficial software business ideas that you use in India or any other country to start your first business in the software industry.

The interesting part of this business is that it is easy to do now as compared to the earlier years. You can learn developing easily, although it takes time and hard work but you don’t have to worry about how to learn to develop software, write codes, etc.

12 Software Business Ideas in India

Here are the profitable business ideas in India in the software industry:

Business Apps and Software

Most businesses in India always include the role of software to conduct their business, whatever form of business they run, all of them use software to make things easy.

Well, the first software that we can develop is software related to business. For example, factory process monitoring software, Database system software, machine management software or machine operators, and so on.

As well as other software that functions as a business tool such as Accounting software, management software, etc. All these types of software are required in the business field to do various tasks that are time costuming if done by humans.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the biggest developments in India today. Many Software Development businessmen are starting and grow very successfully. As for artificial intelligence, it is very important in terms of business processes and is believed to compete with humans to take over potentially replaceable several jobs.

However, this business has entered on a large scale and has the greatest degree of difficulty in this Software Development context.

Finance and Tax Management Software

Financial and tax management software is also very important and much needed in almost any business. In India, there is little corporate financial management software that can be directly integrated with tax reporting.

But you can develop this type of software by cooperating with tax consultants, of course, this kind of software will be needed in the future, especially at this time India is very strict in tax matters, especially for businesses that have large transactions.

With the presence of Financial and Tax Management Software, it will be very helpful for companies to make it easier for them to report and calculate the taxation that they are required to do.

Make Business Communication Software

There are apps and software that help in communication between colleagues in an organization. You can also develop software that targets big companies in India.

You can take help from some top software evaluating organizations also. You can contact the business organization to ask them what they need then you can develop software according to that.

This software business idea is very helpful for businesses in India and is much needed to communicate lower levels employees to function smoothly.

Software that Books Tickets and Manages Reservation

You can make software that helps in booking tickets and manage the reservation. Although, you may already see many businesses like this you can consider this software business idea in India.

You can start it on a small scale in your area where the competition is not that high and you can grow.

Before starting any business, it is important to analyze the market and competition where you want to open business. Also, the demand for the series and product should be considered.

Get a Hotel Booking Software

This software books rooms in various lodgings and hotels as per the requirement of the customers. Currently, in India, there is much software that helps people in this matter.

For a beginner, it may be difficult to grow in this software business, because already there many applications that people are using to book hotels even on a local level.

For you to be different, you have to develop software related to hotel booking that offers different features that may like and use your software.

Clinical and Medical Software

Clinical Software keeps up electronic clinical records of patients. Numerous facilities and medical clinics search for an option to record mad properly maintain patient records.

In this way, you can tell the advantages of your clinical software to such centers and emergency clinics and offer your software to them.

It is one of the best software business ideas in India currently because of the growing health sector due to many reasons like COVID-19, and other reasons as well.

Make Software That Downloads Video from Streaming Platforms

This software permits you to download videos on YouTube, daily motion, etc. Most of us want to download videos on YouTube to access them offline or transfer them to other devices to enjoy music, learn something, etc.

YouTube doesn’t provide a download option that you can access from your file manager, gallery, etc. You can only watch offline downloads within the YouTube app.

Currently, in the market, several apps offer this feature and even you can download videos from social media platforms as well on these apps. This can be a small business opportunity for you but do remember it is very competitive.

Make a Time Tracking Software

It is a profitable business to make software that monitors the hour of workers. This software is very useful for a business organization as it encourages them to know which worker is working how long in the workplace.

Different people make this software and brought in a ton and as yet making cash with each time their software is downloaded online. You can likewise come up in the business with time tracking software.

A software business industry can make software that tracks the hour of staff individuals from any workplace. You can contact these businesses and can take their assistance to run your thoughts into the real world.

Customer Relationship Management Software

This software can be offered to various new businesses and can generate a good amount of profits. What’s more, you will get membership-based compensation.

Client relationship software is of incredible use to businesses and there are only a few developers that work on these projects, so there is room for you also. This can be a decent software project thought to make a CRM and market it.

There are a few software improvement elements that can make this software for you. Simply reach them and they will give you a start to finish arrangement. Snatch this thought, run your start-up and start your dream business.

Invoicing and Billing Software

Invoicing and billing software covers various invoicing issues that organizations face in everyday business activities.

Invoicing and billing software is currently on trend and many business organizations are already using this software.

There are limitless organizations that require invoicing software for playing out their significant undertakings to facilitate their invoicing just as the installment cycle.

Many software organizations rethink software advancement administrations. You can use this chance and can get in touch with them. These organizations can make software according to your necessities and in the said course of events. Additionally, their value rates are moderate.

Food Inventory Software

Various goods face issues identified with dealing with their food stock. You can sell your food stock software to every single such spot. Food is a major area wherein you can work. Here, you get an enormous expanse of expected clients.

To continue further, you can search for a few organizations that make software for your benefit and that too according to your prerequisites.

Additionally, they furnish you with innovation counseling. It encourages you to set aside your time and cash. Get food stock software and prepare to run your start-up!


Starting a business in the software industry is quite promising and these software business ideas will help you establish a startup in India. There are other businesses as well but as in my opinion, I find these ideas best for you.

Go through all these software business ideas and analyze which can suit your needs and consider other business factors as well.

FAQ on Software Business Ideas in India

How do I start my own software company?

You can start your own software company with the following steps:

  • Analyze market and demand for the software
  • Choose which software you should make
  • Make a Business Plan
  • Legalize your business
  • Promote your Business

Which business is suitable for software engineer?

Many business ideas are suitable for software engineers like Business App Developer, Android App developer, Teaching Programming, and many others.

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