50 Small Profitable Business Ideas That Can Be Started Right Now

It’s never too late to start a business. Regardless of your age, profession, work experience, you can start a business that will bring you success. In this list of 50 Small Profitable Business Ideas you will find the business that is closest to your heart and requirement.

50 Small Profitable Business Ideas

Here are the 50 small profitable business ideas that you can use to start a business.

Small Profitable Business Ideas

Handicrafts and handicrafts

Who said a favorite hobby can’t be profitable? You can find various ideas on the Internet. You can make and sell products online.

The handicraft business is promising and requires quite a bit of finance. It takes a little talent, time and experience. And the best place to showcase your work and place orders is online.

1. Making handmade dolls and toys

2. Make jewelry

3. Painting pottery

4. Craftsmanship

5. Candle formation

6. Sale of handicrafts made by children

7. Baking

8. Sale of national food

Original gifts

Some people can’t handle the process of choosing gifts. Some of them do not like to visit shops, while others do not have time to visit shops. There are people who can’t choose gifts. If you are one of those people who loves to buy gifts and can turn an ordinary item into a real surprise, then the business of making gifts is for you.

You can set up an online store to place orders. It is possible to prepare.

1. Candy boxes

2. Decorative boxes

3. Cosmetics in a jar

4. Wishes in a jar or box

5. You can accept orders for gift ideas


The production and sale of original, comfortable, nominal stationery can also be a lucrative business. You can start.

1. Unique pens և pencil production և sale

2. Production and sale of notebooks

3. Selling books


Written items are one of the best ways to express yourself, and their demand is not exhausted. This means that the printing business can bring success to people with bright faces. The printing business can be:

1. Printing on clothes

2. Photo books

3. Postcard orders

4. Printing on glasses

5. Printing on telephone accessories


With the development of civilization, the demand for various services is growing. When different companies offer services, people prefer the company that is more easily accessible and high quality.

Taking into account your experience and skills, we can choose one of the mentioned businesses.

1. Organization of events

2. Organizing trips

3. Assistant services

4. Photography business

5. Hairdressing services

6. Inscription services

7. Correspondence

9. Social and web page management

10. Content, content writer

11. Blog Management

12. Marriage agency

13. Cleanliness

14. Sale

15. Tree sales

16. Driving services

17. Advertising and promotions


First of all, one must take into account one’s own professional skills and abilities. What skills and knowledge would you like to share with others? Share your knowledge, experience and earn money at the same time through different types of courses.

But what is important here is not only the knowledge, but also the way it is presented. Even the most interesting and meaningful course can be boring. That’s why you need to do research in advance, make a curriculum and prepare. You can.

1. Conduct courses

2. Provide online counseling

3. Prepare online courses

4. Write or record audiobooks

5. Conduct master classes / trainings

Old items

The older the product, the higher the value of it.

Old items can be sold:

  • as antiquity
  • for dual use
  • as a raw material

Older items can be sold at auctions, online stores, or through advertising. You can sell.

1. Old equipment

2. Old furniture

3. Old dishes


Growing and caring for plants is a real pleasure. What if you combine the pleasant with the useful? We need to invest time, love and water.

This type of business does not require a large investment and professional qualification. Appropriate tools and conditions need to be acquired. You can grow and sell.

1. trees

2. flowers

3. Fruits and vegetables

4. Plants

5. You can do gardening.

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