22 Small Investment Opportunities in the USA

Looking for small investment opportunities and business ideas in the USA? Then you came to the right website.

Here we will tell you about some innovative and new investment opportunities you can use in the USA to start a profitable and successful business.

Small Business Ideas and Investment Opportunities in the USA

Here are 22 small investment opportunities in the USA.

1. Office furniture and sale of second-hand technological products.

If a company goes bankrupt, closes or simply wants to change the furniture because it has grown a lot or simply wants to make a slight reform, there is usually a large part of the furniture that I am sure could be good for an entrepreneur who is starting or a small company that does not have a lot of capital available to invest at that time.

From your computers to office tables, you can make a deal to buy at a good price and sell at a good price to another company. And you can even create your own web space and make a very profitable website by buying and selling specialized second-hand office furniture.

2. Manufacture and sale of natural cosmetics.

The natural continues to attract attention, and the development of natural cosmetics is not very difficult, so it is a matter of creating your own brand of cosmetics with the competitive advantage that yours are natural. The number of companies selling this type of cosmetics has already grown, but there is still room for several more players.

3. Market research for online businesses.

It is curious that there are a large number of companies that do market research for offline businesses, but very few companies that do market research for an online idea.

And it is that in reality, an online business requires little investment, and therefore low risk of losses, but we lose time and spend enthusiasm if our idea fails, so if in addition to doing a feasibility study of an online project, in addition we become an advisor, there could be business. This field is not yet too exploited.

4. Creation of applications for companies.

Companies are more and more aware of the growth in the use of mobile phones to connect to the internet. Even now Google penalizes the positioning of those companies that have not adapted their designs to mobile devices, so it is a business opportunity to offer the adaptation of web templates to mobile devices, as well as to create company applications to offer other types of services through them.

5. Ebay sales advisor.

Many people know that you can sell anything online, either through Amazon or Ebay, but some do not know how and others do not have time to do it. That is why for those who do not know how, it can be taught for a small price, and for those who do not have time, we can sell for it, and charge a small commission for it.

Similarly, you can also get on Ebay what many people need: buying products online at a good price and selling them offline can also be very profitable.

6. Being an expert is always among the most lucrative businesses.

It doesn’t matter what, but being an expert in any field is already having a license to make money from it . If you have knowledge that other people need, you have a business. So think about … what are you really good at today, and what others might need?

It can be in the opening of businesses, in taxation, in an income statement, or simply contribute your work experience of decades to the young people who start today. Think

7. Protocol company.

Whether for someone who needs to travel abroad to a country like Japan for business, or if we have a business dinner, many people underestimate the power of being prepared for these situations. Today the protocol could go further, where we could even teach body language techniques in addition to appropriate clothing. It is a very select field as a business, but it can be equally profitable.

8. Talent recruitment company.

Many will say that there are already enough companies that call themselves Talent Hunters, but believe me, there are not as many as it seems, since from my professional experience I can tell you that several of these companies that enjoy a good reputation, have been responsible for recruiting the most incompetent people I have ever met.

I don’t know how they do it, but they don’t do it well at all. And it is that I believe that they do not focus so much on the talent that is sought to exploit, but on a set of skills that are often already outdated and useless.

For me, a true talent scout should recognize a good group leader behind a bar counter or under the cap of a Burger King clerk. And to do that you need talent, the same talent that the vast majority of those who call themselves talent hunters lack.

9. Small business consulting.

Many small businesses or entrepreneurs make beginner mistakes that could be easily avoided if someone warned them. And it is not true that to learn you have to fail, since sometimes you can learn the lesson of a mistake that you were going to make but that thanks to good advice you did not get to commit.

Therefore, even if you were an entrepreneur who one day bankrupt your company, you have a lot to teach new entrepreneurs. And if you were successful in business, all the more so.

10. Yoga classes.

This discipline continues to grow, and it can be done from your own home, in a local or in the middle of the field.

11. Dance school.

By way of therapy or by way of learning to dance ballroom dancing, there are many people interested in this service, which can even be approached as an activity to meet other people and hang out while learning to dance.

12. Personal trainer.

You can teach people certain exercises that they can do from their own home, using only their body and without going to a gym.

13. Manufacture of handicraft products.

From jewelry to wool hats and gloves, today you can promote these products through social media. Many people already make considerable extra money selling their products to their social media contacts.

14. Virtual assistant.

You can find a way to offer your services as a virtual assistant to earn extra money, or you can find a way to do it as a big business, where you have different people in charge to satisfy all kinds of services to companies.

15. Online private classes.

If this way of making money is already known, now, thanks to Google Helpouts , the process is simplified.

16. Make and sell courses.

Thanks to sites like Udemy , today anyone can create their own course and sell it through this platform at the price they consider appropriate. And this way of making money has already caused some people to generate tens of thousands of euros a year, and even hundreds of thousands.

17. Express clothing arrangement.

Since the large clothing stores stopped providing personalized arrangements (at least a large majority), a business opportunity has opened up for those who know how to sew.

18. Contact photographer.

Although a lover of photography can advertise to do the photographic report of weddings, communions and baptisms, in the same way they can resort to the people who advertise in the contact section, since the truth is that even prostitutes are increased competition, so having professional photos will help them stand out from the competition. In the same way, they usually have an individual web page, so you can prepare a professional book for them. Although photography is not among the profitable businesses in most cases, when someone earns a reputation, things can change.

19. Make money creating music (if you are a musician)

A gigantic business is being created around music with the rise of audiovisual content creators on YouTube, Vimeo, etc … And it is that those of us who create content sometimes need background music for a video, and although there is usually free music Sometimes you fancy another type of music even if you have to pay a modest amount.

On the other hand, there are numerous platforms where they offer content creators the possibility of a flat monthly or annual fee to download all the music that is needed free of copyright.

These platforms share benefits with the creator of the music. If your music is good, your music will be downloaded, and if it is downloaded, you will earn money. Without a doubt, a good option to make a business out of your passion. One of the largest platforms for selling music is  Envato .

20. Organization of Events.

I think this union still has a lot to innovate, a lot of new services to offer and a lot of price to cut. The most important thing to open this business will undoubtedly be the contacts and your organizational skills.

From events for product promotions, to company events, and even looking for a way that new experts in a given field can be made known through talks or conferences. Unleash your innovation and think about how to improve what exists in this field.

21. Business ideas taken from the cinema.

Sometimes film can be a great inspiration to create successful businesses, even if some of those ideas have to be adapted. Some time ago we saw 4 ideas taken from some movies , among which were companies that offered somewhat different services: The professional breaker of couples, company of alibis for infidelity, Dr. Love, as well as an extreme entertainment company. Who knows?

22. Low cost courier companies.

Courier companies are booming. Increasingly, online purchases are requiring more deliveries. Although in this sector, a large part of the business is carried out by giants the size of Amazon, which are capable of achieving a good price in shipments, the truth is that a very profitable market is the sale of second-hand products. 

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