26 Most Successful Business Ideas in Rural Areas in India

Wondering about are the business ideas in rural areas in India? Everyone who lives in rural areas has a great opportunity to start his or her business in the future.

There are lots of unique and promising business opportunities, such as in agriculture, animal husbandry, and also the culinary industry. But it’s already mainstream. This time, we will provide business ideas that are anti-mainstream and different from the others, as reference material for those of you who want to immediately become entrepreneurs.

Profitable business ideas exist not only in urban areas but also in rural areas in India. People in rural areas tend to rely on natural resources as the only capital to start a business. However, many do not take full advantage of these natural resources.

When you want to start a business in a rural area, finding a suitable business idea is not an easy thing. Because apart from considering capital, environmental and natural conditions, there are also many challenges, including the lack of facilities.

If you become a creative entrepreneur, then it’s time to have a career and develop a business in the countryside. You could say that competition in urban areas is very high, so starting a business in rural areas is quite a big opportunity because there are relatively few competitors.

However, you cannot be careless to start because it takes a variety of careful steps.

26 Business Ideas In Rural Areas In India

Here are the ideas for the business in rural areas for Indian entrepreneurs:

Massage Services

In rural areas, people are very fond of traditional massage as a way to raise the body from fatigue and various muscle aches. If you have expertise in massage and have a certificate, you can open this business in rural areas. Provide maximum service to residents at a relatively cheaper cost.


Another business in the health sector that is no less profitable in rural areas is to open a drug store or pharmacy. Since people in rural areas have more difficult access to health services, then you can sell medicines in rural areas where the level of competition is relatively less. Don’t forget to provide the best service and at a relatively cheaper price.

Sound System Rental

People in the rural areas if they want to hold an event such as an invitation or wedding, often need something called musical equipment for the entertainment of residents. You can see the potential of this business by opening a sound system rental consisting of many musical instruments.

Become a domestic worker

Even though in the rural areas people also have their own activities. And you can be one of the housemaids in a family with ample prices and a large house. Being a housemaid of course also has to have skills and abilities in various things including cooking, communication, and managing things.


The playground is dedicated to children under 5 years old who have parents who are super busy and don’t have time to take care of them. You can conjure up your front yard with a playground and accept various children to open this child care service.


People who are often struggling with projects, often get a lot of volume to do a job. For example, doing wholesale to build a house. Wholesalers are usually seasonal but have a large turnover, You can try it if you have experience in this field.

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LPG Agent

Currently, the availability of LPG is evenly distributed throughout India, including in rural areas. Unlike in the past, people still use kerosene or firewood. Nowadays people prefer to use gas in cooking. You can be one of the LPG agents who sell gas in rural areas.

WiFi Business

If you live in a rural area and where you have limited internet access, then you can open a WiFi business for an internet connection. Currently, there are indeed many people who use smartphones, including people in rural areas.

Photocopy Business

You can buy photocopiers and printing machines to open printing services as well as photocopying and selling office stationery. This will be useful for people who work, or school children who need books, pens, erasers, photocopies and print documents.

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Setting Up a Farm Shop

If you don’t have enough land to open a garden, then you can still contribute to agriculture by opening an agricultural shop. Where this shop sells various equipment needed by farmers such as agricultural tools, fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, and so on.

Tutoring Services

For those of you who have abilities in certain subjects, for example, English, Sports and so on. Of course, this can be a business opportunity that can be utilized in rural areas. Because parents also need their children to be able to get maximum and quality education. This business can be done alone or in groups as long as your friends are competent in their field.

Photography Business

For those who like to take pictures, you can become a photographer on call for various events in rural areas such as weddings. The business category that is closely related to this hobby is a lot of people who really like the world of photos. This business has great potential if it is practiced diligently and consistently. To start this business, you must have skills in the world of photography. For self-promotion, you can use flyers or radio.

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Handicraft Business

Communities in rural areas generally have characteristics and rich and diverse cultures. This is what makes it rich in handicrafts too. Handicrafts become the arts of an area that is important to highlight, especially when foreign tourists are visiting.

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You can take this opportunity to make and sell various types of handicrafts typical of your area. Some of them that are sought after are woven fabrics, bracelets, or beaded necklaces with certain patterns.

Electronic Service

For those who like to repair electronic devices, such as smartphones, televisions, radios, satellite dishes, refrigerators, and other electronic devices, you can open this service. It is quite potential because many rural communities have electronic devices today. Services that can be carried out by those of you who have expertise in this electronic field.

Workshop Service

Almost the same as electronic service, you can also set up a simple workshop in front of your house or on the side of the road. If you do have expertise in the automotive field such as repairing motorbikes or cars, then you can take advantage of your abilities to open this service with relatively less capital.

Selling Food or Beverages

As we all know, each region has its own culinary specialties. Therefore, in India itself, there are so many different types of food. You can take advantage of this situation. You can earn income from the sale of these special foods and drinks. Not only that, but you can also introduce your local culinary specialties to visitors who come to your rural areas.

Agricultural Business

The first business opportunity that has the potential to reap success in the future is agriculture. In the rural areas, there is still a lot of lands that you can work on, plus in terms of the available land that has not been polluted by chemicals. Imagine if you live in a city, the longer the land is decreasing and there is no more land available to plant.

Not to mention the presence of air pollution that can inhibit the growth of cultivated plants, right? You can try growing some various vegetables in your yard. Then when it’s time to harvest you can sell it in the surrounding community. If it’s on a large scale, you can send the vegetables to the city which is definitely more expensive.

Livestock Business

Especially those of you who like farm animals such as chickens, cows, ducks, ducks, and so on can use them as business capital that promises success in the future. Later you can sell it in the surrounding area or send it to the city to meet market demand.

Fish Cultivation Business

Rural areas that are located on the outskirts of the coast or near the river are very suitable for implementing this business. Becoming a fisherman and cultivating marine animals can bring huge profits.

Marine or river animals that have the potential to sell are various types of fish, lobster, crab, shrimp, squid, and many more. The lobster itself has a very high selling price but lobster fishermen are not too adequate.

Opening a Grocery Store

To build your own grocery store does not require a large place or building. Grocery stores can operate even if only on the terrace of the house or other small place. The grocery store itself usually contains merchandise to sell necessities, food, and soft drinks as well as various other types of trading businesses.

Selling egg rolls

Egg rolls are one of the snacks that are favored by various layers, one of which is children. Suitable to be a snack for everyone. These snacks are cheap and have a lot of fans, and don’t bother to prepare them.

Sewing Services

For the rural areas, having expertise in sewing with a machine is enough to promise a successful business. With just a sewing machine, you can start a business. The completion time of the work will be faster.

Many other people will definitely take advantage of it because they don’t have time to sew themselves or can’t sew. After all, the difficulty level is too difficult.

Rent room

The panoramic view of the beautiful countryside certainly attracts a lot of attention from foreign tourists. Not infrequently there are even those who intend to spend the night or travel for a few days in the countryside. You can take this opportunity to open a room rental business or what we usually know as homestays.

Oyster Mushroom Cultivation

One of the business opportunities that you can apply in rural areas with small capital is oyster mushroom farming. The advantage in this business can be done at home, the raw materials for mushroom growth media are also easy to find. Make sure the right mushroom-growing materials and media are available.

Seaweed Cultivation

For those of you who may live in rural areas near the coast, you can try a seaweed business. This business can be a promising business opportunity. Because the need for seaweed is also a lot starting from being consumed normally, making cosmetics, etc. The reach of seaweed sales can start from the surrounding area and then expand by sending it to cities or markets.

Selling Children’s Toys

Selling children’s toys is the right choice for those who live near elementary schools, or you can also sell them around using a motorbike. Toys are items that are very liked by children, besides being able to help their cognitive abilities, toys can also increase creativity in thinking.

Final Worlds on Rural Business

How are you interested in starting one of the types of businesses described above? For those who think that they are still confused and don’t have capital, then you need to prepare yourself more carefully and start your first business in rural areas.

We wish you success in your new business, hopefully, this article is useful and becomes a reference for all of you. If you find this information useful, please share and share it with friends on social media.

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