10 Small Business Ideas in Las Vegas With Low Investment

In this article I will talk about Small Business Ideas in Las Vegas that can be set up easily and how to make them successful. As you may know, opening new profitable businesses in Las Vegas can be difficult, but there are always business opportunities that you can take advantage of.

As in any other place, starting a business in a las vegas requires that you analyse the needs of the people who live there and identify possible competitors, your location and all the details of the business that you are going to start.

Within these 10 business ideas for las vegass, there will be some ventures that are more aimed at a tourist las vegas and others whose market is the same inhabitants of the place, since either of these two approaches has a greater chance of being successful in a las vegas.

10 Small Business Ideas in Las Vegas

As I said before, the first thing to consider is the characteristics of the place where you plan to start the business.

Analysing the needs of the Las Vegas people is essential to start a business that thrives, since the demand for it will be high.

However, there are some businesses that always work and for which there is a large market, no matter where you are.


No matter where you are, people always need good coffee. Also, in any community, people look for a comfortable place to hang out and live together quietly, which is why a cafeteria is the best option to put in a Las Vegas.

Small Business Ideas in Las Vegas

This business idea works very well for locals and tourists alike, as residents and visitors alike frequent cafeterias.

Similarly, the cafeteria is a business that allows you to adapt. If there are not many options for breakfast in the Las Vegas, you can offer food, if there are other cafes, you can offer cold drinks and even modify your schedules when there will be more people on the street.-


This is an idea that can work much better in places that have a large influx of tourists, although it can also bear fruit among the locals.

People who usually visit villages either for holidays, weekends, or even entry-by-exit usually seek an authentic experience of the place, therefore offering the typical food of the region will attract many people.

In the case of Las Vegas dwellers, this type of business may not be as successful if the person who sets it up is not from the Las Vegas, as it could be considered that they are not making traditional recipes.

However, if you are looking to start a profitable business in a Las Vegas where you were born and have family recipes, it is an excellent option.

Also, in a restaurant or typical food kitchen you can introduce more ‘universal’ desserts for tourists to make that additional expense.


In many Las Vegas towns things are produced that could not be found anywhere else in the world, which makes them a great opportunity to start an export business.

In Mexico and other places in Latin America such as Peru, Chile or Colombia, traditional distilled beverages are usually one of the best-selling products in the Las Vegas.

Because these are usually produced locally and using artisanal methods, if you have the ability to invest, you can create a brand, affiliate with the producers and start distributing both domestically and internationally.

Likewise, other products such as handicrafts in clay, wicker, glass or different types of stone can be successful if they are successfully introduced in international markets.

Of course, you should always try to support local artisans and pay them fairly for their work.


This is an excellent profitable business for a Las Vegas that has nearby natural attractions.

Whether it is a waterfall, a mountain or a mountain, a forest, dunes or cenotes, ecotourism is a great option to start a business taking advantage of the natural wonders of the place.

Of course, this type of business requires that you know the region well, that you have mastered the means of transport and routes necessary for the tours, and that you have the ability to guide groups of people on excursions.

Although this is a business that you can start with a minimal investment (depending on the requirements of the excursions you want to make), it is a venture that requires a lot of organization.

To start this type of business in the best way, the first thing you will need is a very detailed business plan that helps clarify all the processes and requirements for your ecotourism business.


In the same way that opening a coffee shop in a Las Vegas is a good idea both to attract tourists and residents, a bar can give you the same kind of benefits.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, a profitable business in a Las Vegas and must respond to the needs of the place, so paying attention to these will tell you what type of bar you can open.

The more touristic in Las Vegas may require a slightly larger place and even, rather, a restaurant-bar, a place where families of tourists can have a good time together and enjoy a beer or some cocktails.

On the other hand, if the Las Vegas is not so touristy, the inhabitants of the place also need places to meet to have a good time. In this case, perhaps a smaller place like a traditional canteen is the best option.

Although the bar is a great option, I favour coffee because it requires less paperwork and suppliers.


Unlike the typical food restaurant, this type of business bets on the contrary. However, that does not mean that it cannot become a very successful business and now I explain why.

Although most tourists seek to try the typical food of the places they visit, there are other parts of the visitors who prefer not to take risks and look for options like those they are used to in big cities.

It is for these people that finding a pizzeria in a Las Vegas is a relief. You can also adapt to the setting of the place and open a small and traditional place where you make pizza with a stone oven.

At the same time, the residents of the Las Vegas can also become excellent customers, especially if there is no place that sells this type of food, it is very likely that young people frequent your business a lot.

If you were the only one offering this type of ‘fast food’ in your Las Vegas, in addition to pizzas you can include hamburgers, wings and French fries on your menu.


Although this is one of the most popular business ideas in Mexico and Latin America, it also has many advantages when we talk about profitable business in a Las Vegas.

Again, this venture works for both tourists and locals, although it is more focused on them.

A grocery store or corner store is a great option, as people will always need to stock up on a few things like canned food, soda, and cravings like cookies, chips, and candy.

Although this applies more to the neighbors, tourists also need a place to get bottles of water, soft drinks and snacks, making this a perfect idea for a tourist spot.

To open one of these stores, the most important thing is that you have good administration and that you think carefully about your business plan, since without this the business can take a long time to be profitable.


Yes, perhaps the word ’boutique’ sounds a bit strange to you for the subject we are dealing with, but remember that some of these businesses are only intended for tourists.

In many Las Vegas towns typical garments and jewelry are made that, in addition to being true works of art in themselves, cannot be obtained elsewhere and are truly appreciated by those who visit the place.

That is why opening a ’boutique’ (a store dedicated only to the sale of these authentic products) is an excellent option to attract tourists who are looking to take a little piece of Las Vegas.

As in all sales businesses, the success of this type of business depends a lot on how you manage it and your sales and marketing strategies. In these online courses you can learn a lot of both

Of course, this idea only applies to places where a single type of garment is produced, and which has some fame.

Also, consider that it will require a slightly stronger investment and, as in the idea of ​​exporting products, you must make a fair deal with the artisans who will provide you with the garments you want to market.


When I told you about setting up a restaurant with typical food, I was focusing on the tourist attraction that is the specific gastronomy of each place, but this idea goes the other way.

As I explained with the pizzeria, many tourists are not adventurous enough to get out of their comfort zone and try the typical food of the place they visit.

That’s where a dessert like crepes can give you many customers and, as with fast food, if they don’t sell anything similar in Las Vegas, your neighbors could become your best customers.

The best thing about putting a creperie is that it is a business that you can put almost anywhere, since the space it requires is minimal. You just need a place to put the crepe maker, your ingredients and supplies and that’s it. It is perfect for a kiosk or a shared venue.

This business is not only very practical but also very profitable, since the profit margin between what it costs you to make each crepe and the price at which you sell it is quite wide.


Spring and summer are generally considered to be peak seasons for tourism, so if you live in a hot Las Vegas, this idea can be a huge success.

This type of business tends to sell very well during the summer and an artisan ice cream parlor usually fits perfectly with the slightly more rustic atmosphere of a small town in Las Vegas.

Likewise, if you choose to set up an ice cream parlor, you can also sell coffee and take advantage of rainy afternoons and attract more local customers and not just hot tourists.

As for the source of sodas, it could also be a very profitable business to put in a Las Vegas, however it requires that you analyze the market well and how much you are willing to invest in your business.

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