Business Ideas in Mumbai with Low Investment: 24 Opportunities

Looking for business ideas in Mumbai with low investment? Then you jumped into the right article. 

Here in this article, we will tell you about the best small business ideas in Mumbai that require low investment and can give a lot of money. 

As we all know Mumbai is considered as the second-quickest developing business sector in Asia. It has become the core of the city as it is the most crowded among all metro urban communities.

Business Ideas in Mumbai

Here are the 24 business ideas in Mumbai with low investment:


Despite the advent of the digital camera, many people still go to their professional photographer to obtain a passport, title, credential, or event photos.

This results in a business idea that you must build with a reputation in your name. Also, photography is one of the best business ideas in Mumbai that requires low investment.


Creative people are capable of transforming something everyday into art. If you have a talent for painting, drawing, sculpting, writing or some combination of the above, dedicating yourself to art is a great option.

You can sell your works or offer your knowledge to carry out commissioned work. The most important thing if you plan to dedicate yourself to art or crafts is that you learn how to turn it into a business.

For this, you must know how much to charge for your work and how you should value, pay for and distribute your time, materials, effort and skills.

Even if you have a lot of talent, if you plan to make a business out of your art, it is very important that you learn how to start a business, so that you do not spoil your work.


This is an ideal venture for people with good taste and many friends, especially retirees who are looking for a way to earn money with the experience they have acquired.

This service is based on word of mouth recommendations, so having contacts and being good at public relations will be vital for your business.

If you have always had a good eye for spaces and decoration, you can offer your talent both to people looking to give their home a new look and to those who are designing a business.

You can even assist in designing the concept for a business, be it a cafe, restaurant, or store.


One of the best ideas when you don’t have enough startup capital to start a larger business is to take advantage of the knowledge and skills you have.

Whether it is within the area that you studied at the university or a trade that you have done, specialized knowledge will always be necessary, so you can offer consulting and advice to companies or individuals and charge for your services, either per session or for hours.


People are interested in what others are passionate about, that is why making your hobby business is not only a profitable, low-investment idea, but it is also a very satisfactory one.

As I said before, a niche market works with other people with similar needs or affinities, so having clients who understand and are passionate about the same thing as you will make you manage your market much better.

Whether you decide to sell collectibles, make dresses, bracelets, or even cupcakes and cupcakes, making money doing things that you are fond of is a win-win.


Although this is a business idea that can be very profitable, it is also one of the ones with the most variables on this list.

First, it is an excellent niche market idea when in the town where you live there is no small store or there is only one in a very wide area, since it will always be necessary and everyone who lives nearby will be your customers.

However, to start this type of business, you will need to have a budget for the premises and make deals with suppliers to ensure that your store is always stocked.

If these conditions are met, you could have one of the most profitable small businesses out there, but it does take a lot of work.


This is one of the most requested ideas today, because depending on what you want to do, it has a couple of variants.

If you do not have the budget to start, you could start with an online clothing bazaar, selling things that you have not used and asking people you know to sell or donate clothes of those characteristics.

If you want to sell new clothes and build a store or boutique, the best option right now is to import from China. As the largest producer and exporter of clothing, the products will be very cheap and you can resell them for up to double or triple their value.

Of course, to venture into this, it is best that you know how to import from China. At ACADEMY we have a course that will show you everything you need to know to start your business by importing.


As I explained in the previous idea, if you don’t have a lot of budget to operate, starting an online store is an excellent option to start your business.

The advantage that the Internet gives you is that you do not need to hire a local and pay for services, you can do everything from home, just with a network connection and a computer.

Sure, at first you might not have too many customers or inventory, but the idea is that you keep growing. If you want to start a business of this type, you should learn about digital marketing and the bases for selling online.


Remember when I told you that buying clothes from China is a great option for starting a low investment business? Well, as the ‘factory of the world’ China offers many options to import products at low cost and start your own business.


Any company registered in the Treasury requires accounting management. For those enterprising accountants , this results in a business opportunity.

Remember that between 85 and 90% of total companies are small companies, this results in a large number of companies that require accounting services.


Technology is a necessary resource in any business. However, we are faced with problems such as failures, data loss, lack of knowledge for the use of programs, etc.

A business idea for engineers is to offer a technical support service, focused even on specific businesses, such as programs used in the manufacturing industry (quality control, operations control, production control).


In the case of Mumbai, we have seen increased insecurity for business. A business idea for Mumbai is to offer security services, and in this line of business, there are several ideas, such as personal security, installation of security equipment, surveillance equipment, external protection of the facilities, sale of protective equipment, etc.


In a more interconnected world in relation to business, there has come a point where a company can expand into international markets or take advantage of international business opportunities .

For people trained in a language such as English, French and Mandarin, there are many possibilities to offer translation services for specific fields, such as the medical industry and legal aspects (for example, translated documents for the embassy).

This business idea is not popular in Mumbai but this business is also popular in Jammu and Kashmir, Chennai, etc.


This low -cost business idea refers to offering secretarial services from a distance. Much of the work that companies do is intangible, for example Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, or financial analysis in Excel. A virtual assistant can help with these tasks, without having to be present in an office.


Babysitting is always a must for busy parents. This is a low investment business opportunity for those who can offer a level of confidence for parents, and an attractive price either per hour or per day.


The worldwide generation of Baby Boomers (those born after World War II) require specialized services for the elderly.

An innovative business idea will be to develop services not only for care, but also for entertainment, education and health focused exclusively on the elderly.


There is great ease for the consumer to obtain consumer loans, such as credit cards, mortgages, and vehicle loans. In some cases, this creates a problem, mainly due to ignorance of how to manage these resources.

A quick business idea for finance experts is to offer advice and consulting on this topic.


In the case of Mumbai, if you want to manage a procedure, whatever it may be, from obtaining construction permits, to the aspect of copyright protection, we generally face a difficult and complicated bureaucracy.

In some way, this results in an opportunity for managers, who specialize in a specific procedure. For example, there are managers specialized in obtaining loans from Infonavit, for the attention of a mortgage loan.


Generally, wealthy people don’t have enough time to do their shopping. This idea refers to offering an assistance service for purchases, where you charge a commission or a monthly fee for making the purchases that the person requires.


Another service business idea is to offer specialized construction services for remodeling. For example, there are services specialized in jacuzzi installation, which sell the product, adapt it in the conditions that the client wants, do not install and maintain it.

This can be applied at a low investment level, in specific or common problems such as the installation of walls or bathrooms in a built house.


You can also specialize in repairs, which people don’t have time to do. For example, the case of a cracked wall is a frequent problem in houses, and this offers a business opportunity for the builder.

It is important that in the case of repairs, you focus on providing competitive prices and efficient service.


There are several low-investment business ideas in Mumbai, such as tutorials, help with passing a specific exam, help with passing courses, language teaching at home, help with homework, etc.


Latin American culture focuses a lot on celebrating events, such as the quinceañera, birthdays, weddings, holy days, baptisms, etc.

A service business idea presents planning these events, getting everything you need, from the place of the event, to the specific details of the event


Although food has always been and will be business, with so much on offer in terms of what to eat, people are opting for the most original and best quality options they can find.

This is where artisan food or signature food comes in. If you offer food that, in addition to having quality and flavor, offers something different and unique that the competition does not have, the business will become a success.

You can make burgers, pizzas and even signature drinks, a business of this type will let you be creative in a field that is always in demand.

The best thing is that you do not have to be a culinary chef, you simply need to train yourself to learn how to prepare what you are going to assemble and make sure that your concept is unique.

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