Business Ideas in Mumbai

43 Small Business Ideas in Mumbai For Your Startup

Looking for business ideas in Mumbai? Then you jumped into the right article. Here in this article, we will tell about the best small business ideas in Mumbai that can give a lot of money. As we all know Mumbai is considered as the second-quickest developing business sector in Asia. It has become the core of the city as it is the most crowded among all metro urban communities.

Not exclusively is the biggest city by populace yet it additionally the money related and business capital of India also. You can get numerous ideas for firing up another endeavour in the city, here certain ideas are opened up to choose from.

The tremendous populace thus many budgetary exercises mean more business openings. All you have to have a decent rundown of business ideas and sort out the better plan to suit your aptitudes and opportunity.

Business ideas in Mumbai

Here is the list of business ideas in Mumbai that you can use with low investment or minimum investment:

Recruitment Firm

There is constantly a brilliant open door right now with such huge numbers of hopeful individuals searching for the activity or going to change work. Beginning a small business would require next to no investment however a decent measure of exertion.

Real Estate Consultant

With a developing populace, the interest on land properties in on the serious ascent in Mumbai as well. Beginning a land counselling business could be a decent alternative. Charging a low commission on this property estimation that is concluded with the customers can ever win decent pay.

Grocery Delivery Service

This is one of the most inventive small business dares to begin in a small yet elegant area in Mumbai like to convey the basic food item things to the doorstep of the purchaser with some extra charge. This could be an extraordinary thought to begin alone, however on the off chance that you effectively possess a basic food item shop, this can twofold your deal in both the ways.

Old book bank

Opening trade-in book bank is a smart thought as the vast majority of the understudy love to set aside their cash on books so they check for utilized books also.


Beginning your blog page on whatever intrigues you more than anything else isn’t only a subject of a diversion yet a worthwhile business opportunity as well. This small business thought would cost you a low investment or you can likewise make a site or blog for nothing. In any case, you have to invest energy each day of such huge numbers of hours in seven days to become a fruitful blogger.

Event Management

Occasion the executives is one of the most famous and developing business as of late particularly in urban communities like Chennai, Mumbai, Kolkata where the accelerated life has made it very basic to enlist a committed group for arranging and dealing with a ravishing occasion like birthday celebrations, wedding, corporate occasions and different also. On the off chance that you have great systems administration and you can without much of a stretch move things like you can arrange a fruitful occasion, at that point you could be an effective occasion coordinator right now.

Ice-cream Parlor

Another easy to start business ideas in Mumbai is Ice-cream parlour. There is hundreds of ice-cream franchise available in India. Also, you make your ice-cream flavour with little experiments. The demand for home-made ice-creams is higher than regular company one.

Ladies Beauty Parlor

The ladies beauty parlour is the best business opportunity in Mumbai. If you know Mumbai is the city of Cinema and every day many people arrive in Mumbai to achieve their dreams. It may require a moderate range of investment but starting a ladies beauty parlour in Mumbai is highly recommended.

Maid Service

Nowadays female are also doing jobs and they are more career-focused. The population of Mumbai city is high and finding a good maid at an affordable price is a huge task for Mumbaikars. If you are interested you can start this maid service business.

Auto Repairing Service

Do you know how many autos run in Mumbai? If you look around you will see the opportunity of auto repairing shop. Also, with repairing you can start selling auto parts too it will increase your income.

Insurance Agent

The insurance agent is a business which you can start with your main job. All you have to do is to register yourself with a LIC company and get your license. Once you are done with the registration you can start selling policies. You will get commission around 5%-10% every time your client pays the EMI. This is the best passive income too.

Candle Manufacturing Business

You can start a candle making business with a small investment. You can set up candle making machines in 200 square feet. There are many types of candles you can choose from. White long candles are the most selling candles but nowadays people buying candles for decoration too.

Agarbatti Manufacturing Business

Similarly, agarbatti manufacturing business is a small investment business idea. Agarbatti is mainly a thin bamboo stick coated with the aromatic paste. Agarbatti making machines doesn’t require much space. You can set agarbatti making unit at home.

Candy Manufacturing Business

Candy manufacturing is another business idea for Mumbai. Though it requires moderate investment to start the return is good. The success of candy making business depends on the experiments. If you can make a candy which is new in the market then the success rate increases greatly. Also, the packaging is another factor in the success of the candy business. Consider selecting eye-catching wrappers for your candies.

Potato Chips Manufacturing

After samosa, pav bhaji, and vada pav, potato chips are the most consumed snack item in Mumbai. There are many chips flavours available in the market. Apart from banded chips companies, you will also see local chips companies who are manufacturing potato chips too. The potato chips manufacturing business has high demand as well as high-profit margin. With proper planning and execution starting potato chips manufacturing business is not that hard.

Chocolate Making Business

It is a creative business but trusts me the outcome is impressing. You can start chocolate making a business from your home with a small investment. There is a manual and automated process in chocolate making. But initially, I would recommend you to go with the manual process because it’s cheaper.

Paper Cup & Plate Manufacturing

Paper cup and plate manufacturing is another small business idea in Mumbai. The demand for paper cups and plates in Mumbai is high. You can setup paper cups and plate making machine in 300-400 square feet room. After that, you have to purchase a paper plate & cup making a machine which will cost you approximately 5-7 lakh. If you have enough capital to invest then you can go for a paper cup & plate manufacturing business.

Noodles (Chowmein) Making Business

The demands of noodles are very high not only in Mumbai but all over India. The noodles manufacturing process is pretty simple and anyone can do it. You can start the noodle-making business with small to medium range of investment.

Ice-Cream Cone Manufacturing Business

Nowadays there are many flavoured ice-cream cones available in the market. Ice-cream cone manufacturing is another business idea which you can start in Mumbai. The process of ice-cream cone manufacturing is pretty simple and anybody can do it. Also, demand and profit are high in this business.

Bread & Cake Making Business

Bread & cake (bakery) is another profitable business idea for Mumbai. The demand for bread & cakes is increasing rapidly. With the busy lifestyle people nowadays hardly get time to cook food. You have enough investment capital you should try this business.

Paper Envelope Making Business

The demand for paper envelop is quite high in metro pollutant cities. You can start this business from your home too. Starting a paper enveloped business doesn’t require high investment too. Gradually you can grow your business with time.

Online Trading

Have you at any point attempted your expertise to work the online business? If not yet, you should investigate selling internet utilizing previously existing web-based business stages like OLX and others.

Become a Trainer

This one though is one of the superb small business ideas for every one of the individuals who are master in any sort of ability. If you can cook well, start a cooking class, on the off chance that you are acceptable at painting, start an artistic creation class, you can be artist/picture taker/Fitness master/life mentor or simply anything, showcase your aptitude and ear great.

Web Designer:

Countless small businesses are joined day by day and they need a decent site as well. Go online on Elance, Guru and other re-appropriating sites and transform your ability into a business today!

Web/Mobile App developer:

In case you’re an engineer with great skill of web and versatile stages improvement, you can either begin selling your administrations or else make your applications.

Upcycled furniture business:

Part of individuals wants to take upcycled furniture nowadays.

Used Furniture:

Ordinary a huge number of individuals purchase new furnishings thus expel the more established one, which gets you the chance to get it, give it an invigorating touch and exchange to the individuals who need great things on spending plan!

Selling Plants:

Opening a plant nursery in smaller space is anything but a serious deal and there’s an immense potential for the business if you have some great plants to sell on incredible costs. The business should suit those more who love nature!

Home Painter:

Everybody needs a slick and clean home thus they need painter consistently. A solitary house painting charges can cover your entire months’ costs keeping it you offer decent support to a greater house. Having contacts with manufacturers ought to bring you, standard customers!

Offshoot Marketing

Offshoot advertising is where you help celebrated web-based business locales to build theirs by advancing their items. Each time somebody buys an item through your connection you get a commission of 7% to 10% of the aggregate sum. You can advance offshoot interfaces through internet based life, WhatsApp, blog or YouTube.

Start E-business Store

Beginning an E-trade webpage like Amazon is another online business thought for you. These days making an internet business website is quite straightforward. There are numerous stages which help in making a web-based business webpage with only a single tick. You can sell your items on the web or buy it from other mass-selling destinations like and sell them with benefit.

Internet-based life Manager

An internet-based life administrator is somebody who handles the web-based life of acclaimed individuals or famous people. If you love web-based life and invest a large portion of your energy in it then you should turn into a web-based life administrator. Turning into an online networking supervisor requires not many aptitudes like sorting out abilities, content composing abilities, photograph, and word processing expertise and so on. Even though discovering customers for fresher is very hard.

Fabricate Apps

Building applications is another business thought for you. On the off chance that you have coding and creating abilities, at that point you construct them yourself or you can employ an expert for the activity. In any case, before putting resources into application building business you need an incredible comprehension of running applications. You can fabricate applications and sell them or you can generally adapt them freely.

Begin Freelancing

A specialist is an individual who works for customers rather than organizations. I won’t state it’s a business however hello! You can work unreservedly and procure colossal measure of cash. There are numerous sites which offer you outsourcing work and pays you extraordinary cash. To put it plainly, if you have abilities which can support your customers, at that point you should attempt it.

Online Tutor

Web-based mentoring is the quickest developing business on the planet now. Finding a decent instructor is difficult that is the reason numerous individuals favouring web-based coaching rather than a home guide. Additionally, the online mentor procures much over a home guide. On the off chance that you have incredible information in any subject, at that point you can pick this business. There are numerous sites which offer web-based coaching.

Compose and Publish Ebooks

Digital books is another approach to bring in cash on the web. These days individuals invest a large portion of their energy on the web. On the off chance that you have something extraordinary which you think will increase an incredible value then you ought to compose an EBook and distribute it on Amazon. Each time somebody buys you get the cash.

Purchase and Sell Domains

This business requires incredible creative mind aptitudes. To begin you need to buy the space name for any brand name which you think will well known in future. The investment for every space name is only 99 rupee. Later you can sell the space name to the organization at your cost.

Buying and Selling Used Cars:

This is another developing business thought particularly in quickly developing nations where there are a few white-collar class families who can’t stand to purchase new autos. You can purchase utilized vehicles and sell them at some benefit. Regardless of whether you don’t plan to purchase a trade-in vehicle at your own, you can get the purchaser and merchant meet and charge them your bonus.

Security Agency:

You can open a security office where you can give security gatekeepers to workplaces, schools and condos. There are acceptable chances, in any case, you have to satisfy the vital legitimate necessities for this business.

Detective Services:

In the event that your diversion is to do examinations, you can make great pay by offering your criminologist administrations. There are such a large number of territories of moral investigator benefits that are much sought after, for example, Pre-marriage Check, Missing Persons Investigation, Background Investigation, and Real Estate Fraud Investigation.

Matrimony Services:

On the off chance that you have great relationship organize, you can open Matrimony consultancy in neighborhood inside city. It tends to be generally excellent business in case you’re especially engaged with your system and you love building connections and families.

Beauty and SPA:

It’s ladies who need preparing, however, men are similarly intrigued thus there are chances of a wide range. All you have to make sense of is the thing that you can offer that is additionally popular.


Critical extra cash and great buying power make it simpler for individuals in large urban areas like Mumbai to feast out often. A small scope eatery or a bistro focused to a particular or a mix of different cooking styles can end up being a decent degree of profitability. Regardless of whether you can’t open an eatery, beginning with remove booth ought to in a perfect world work in practically any bustling region of the city.

If you have any question regarding these business ideas in Mumbai then feel free to tell me in the comments section below.

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