Small business ideas for housewives in pune

9 Small Business Ideas for Housewives in Pune

Are you looking for small business ideas for housewives in Pune? Then here we will find all the best ideas that will give a lot of money.

Nowadays it has become more difficult to choose which job to do. Because you have to choose from many job opportunities. That’s why we have prepared this article for you. Especially for housewives. Because housewives have to stay at home with their children and they want to do a job that can easily adapt to their lives.

Business Ideas for Housewives in Pune

Here are 9 small business ideas for housewives in pune:

Freelance Writing

small business ideas for housewives in pune

One of the most ideal job opportunities for housewives is freelance writing. You can find a lot of jobs online by freelance writing. Freelance writing gives you flexibility because you can make your own schedule and at the same time do what you like. You don’t need a PhD in journalism, just be skilled in writing. 

Handmade Jewelry or Works of Art

One of the most popular jobs that can be done from home is making and selling handmade products. One of the great things about making handcrafted items or works of art is that you can sell your products through a physical shop or online. In this way, you can advertise your business in different ways.

This business can be a profitable investment for you. A few years ago, a woman who made handmade coasters and sold her products in the markets was earning 400 TL when the sales were good. And that was just a day’s gain. If you want to grow your business, you can sell your products in different places, open an online shop on e-commerce sites such as gittigidiyor, or market your products to local shops.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is one of the great things you can do from your home. Health coaching means combining personal coaching with nutritional expertise. When you coach, you can prepare your own schedule and work from home. One of the best things about this business is helping people, which is a really great feeling.

Cake Decoration Business

small business ideas for housewives in pune

Cake decorating is another job opportunity that offers you flexible working hours and provides the convenience of working from home. If you like to make cake and have an aesthetic eye, this kind of job is perfect for you. If you want to improve your skills in decorating cake, you can join courses or watch tutorial videos on Google.

Cooking / Catering / Pastry Business

If you understand kitchen work, you can start cooking or baking. Since you will enter the food business, you will need to follow some regulations depending on the size of your business.

Pet Services

A lot of job opportunities for pets (like taking pets for a walk, grooming and washing them) have arisen lately and you can manage them all from your home.

Feng Shui Consulting

If you are interested in holistic and natural life, Feng Shui consultancy may be the right job opportunity for you. Feng Shui is used to prevent bad energies by arranging the objects in your living environment according to their directions and colors, and to balance the good and bad energies by providing the easy passage of good energies (ying yang). You can attend Feng Shui training to be able to consult on the subject.


There are many people who organize and organize the work of others. It is an excellent business opportunity for people who have a real talent for organizing and who enjoy helping others.

Personal Selling

If you understand style and fashion, one of the creative business ideas you can run from home is personal selling. You do not need any training and you can continue this business successfully by connecting with other people.

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