16 Profitable and Successful Side Business Ideas in India

Looking for profitable side business ideas in India? Then you came to the right place.

What’s wrong with a full-time job as well as some extra income from business? And if it can be done sitting in the comfort of home, then there is no point. There was also a guarantee of a job and a little extra money came home.

What business can be done in addition to the job? Let’s take a look at some of the business ideas that can be started with just a nominal investment and the full-time job responsibilities can be carried forward smoothly without neglecting in any way.

16 Side Business Ideas in India

Here are the 16 profitable side business ideas in India. 

1. Renting a house through Airbnb

Want to do business as well as job?  There are 16 side business ideas, side business ideas in India,

Nowadays an easy way to earn money is to rent a house through Airbnb. If you have extra bedrooms in your home, you can easily earn a good monthly income by renting that room. You can even rent an outdoor living room for a small fee. In this case, the guest will stay in your house, so there is no need for a completely separate infrastructure, again, since the money will be transacted through Airbnb, you do not even have to worry about the money guarantee. 

However, it may seem like an effortless income, but it is not. You have to take care of all the needs of the guest during the time he is there, you have to provide the necessary services. At the same time, you have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the house.

However, you also have control over what time of year you want to rent, so you can rent at your convenience. The rate of reception of guests depends a lot on the area of ​​the house. 

2. Creating online courses

Want to do business as well as job?  There are 16 side business ideas

If you have a good grasp on a particular subject, you can think of earning money by creating an online course. That can be anything. You just have to create and upload the course in your own time. The money will come to you as soon as the students buy that course. 

You can do this business with platforms like Udemi , Skillshare , Linda . In this case, the content and presentation of your course must be of high quality. Only then will students be eager to buy your course. If you can create good quality courses, you will have a good income by doing business as well as job.

3. Online teaching

Private tuition has always been popular as a job as well as a business. But now with the availability of the internet you can easily do private tuition online from home. 

Like the online course, you will teach the subject that you are proficient in. It can be a subject of school or college curriculum, it can be any foreign language or song, playing musical instruments or cooking. 

There are various online platforms such as Urban Pro , Learn Peak or Q Math . You need to register as a teacher on these platforms, and if any student needs that training, you will be contacted. Or you can apply if students post their needs. Of these platforms, Q Math is designed exclusively for math education and only online education is available.

4. E-book writing

Want to do business as well as job?  There are 16 side business ideas

Today anyone can write a book and publish it online. First decide what you want to write about, study the subject and create your own book using your knowledge and creativity and then create your ebook through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing . 

Just as you can write a book on a particular subject, you can also write a story book. However, in order to increase the sales of books, you need to run regular promotions so that the readers get enough interest in your book and they buy the book.

5. Freelancing

Freelancing is very suitable for jobs as well as businesses. You can earn a little extra by doing what you do in your workplace or what you can’t do in the workplace but you can do what you love to do and what you have the skills to do as a freelancer. Nowadays there are many online platforms through which it is easy to get freelance work.

6. Online wrestling business

Want to do business as well as job?  There are 16 side business ideas

Online reselling is the act of buying a product from a manufacturer and advertising and selling that product online. In this case you do not have to stock any product, only when the order arrives you will collect the product from the manufacturer and deliver it to the buyer. Online wrestling is a very useful medium as a job as well as a business, because this business can be done easily from home. You do not have to spend a lot of time, you do not have to work hard.

Various online platforms and apps have made online wrestling business very easy. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

7. Online domain flipping

In addition to the current job, the business of domain flipping has emerged as a business. Domain flipping is buying an online domain name and then selling that domain at a higher price. However, in this case, it is better to study the domain name first, then it can be estimated that the demand for a domain name can be created later. 

You don’t have to spend a lot of time in this business, there is nothing special about hard work, but there is a little bit of investment. If you can buy the right domain with the right strategy then you can earn good money. Some of the best sites for buying and selling domains are  Flipa , Website Broker , Go Daddy , Sedo etc. 

8. Renting space for installation of mobile towers

Want to do business as well as job?  There are 16 side business ideas

9. Virtual assistant

Virtual Assistant is one of the new work directions that has opened up due to the availability of the internet. You can think of this job as a side business as well as a job. 

Many companies or individuals no longer want to have a full-time assistant, but they need an assistant for a variety of tasks. All of these tasks include e-mailing, answering the phone, finding some information online, and so on. And they want to hire a part-time assistant for this job. There is no need to meet the assistant with the employer face to face, all communication is online – that is, virtual assistance. 

Start this business keeping in mind the demands and requirements of your full time job. Keep in mind that even if it is a part-time business, there is enough responsibility in this work and if you do not fulfill that responsibility properly, it will be notorious and it will not be possible to run the business. 

10. Social media expert

Want to do business as well as job?  There are 16 side business ideas

Many businesses today rely heavily on social media for promotion. If you can master social media promotion strategies then this side business is for you. Once you can work successfully, new customers will come in the form of existing customers. This business can be done with a full time job.

11. Selling handmade things

Want to do business as well as job?  There are 16 side business ideas

If you have the inclination and interest to make different things at hand then doing this business along with the job can be a good profit. Even your coworkers may be your first customers. 

You can make jewelry with different materials or you can also make a small gift item. You can also sell embroidered tablecloths, wall hangings or bed sheets at good prices. If you have enthusiasm in this regard, time will not be lacking.

12. YouTube (one of the best side business ideas in India)

Another easy way to earn money as well as a job is through a YouTube channel. We watch thousands of videos on YouTube every day. As a result, it is possible to gain by opening YouTube on any subject. 

If you can cook well, you have all the fancy recipes, then you can open a channel by capitalizing on it. The channel can be opened even with conventional simple cooking, because nowadays many people learn to cook with the help of YouTube. Visitors can only be found if they are well presented. 

It is possible to gain by opening a YouTube channel by capitalizing on any other skill like this. Once the number of viewers reaches a certain amount, you will get money from YouTube.

13. Made of natural soap

Want to do business as well as job?  There are 16 side business ideas

Health awareness and environmental awareness are on the rise in a section of the society and hence a large section of people are leaning towards using natural products instead of toxic chemicals and business opportunities are being created from here. 

If you know how to make soap and can make perfume from natural ingredients then you can earn a good income by doing business as well as job, because handmade soap is sold at a good price and the buyer does not skimp on the price if the quality of the product is good.

14. Nursery made

Want to do business as well as job?  There are 16 side business ideas

It is possible to make extra income by creating a small garden on the roof or yard of the house. It is possible to take care of the nursery effortlessly even after fulfilling all the responsibilities of a full time job. However, if you want to start this part-time business, it is important to have a love for trees and an understanding of plants. From this nursery you can sell trees to various shops or interior designers . 

15. Transcribing

Transcribing means writing exactly what you want to hear. Convert audio files to written files in other languages. This job does not require much skill. Good typing speed and the idea of ​​correct spelling are both important. It also requires attention and attention to detail. 

If you have the habit of listening to English in other dialects, it is possible to get a lot of foreign work. This can be done online at home. Usually you have to listen to the recordings of various meetings or interviews and write them in detail. In addition to the job, it is possible to make a profit by doing this part time business.

16. Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing can be done through your own blog, website or even social media. Affiliate marketing means getting commissions on the promotion of a product or service. This means that first you need your readers who will click on the affiliate link and instead you will get paid. 

For this you need to regularly post high quality interesting writing on your site or blog, then you can make a profit in affiliate marketing. It is desirable that the product or service you are promoting be based on your writing, then the reader will open that link and you will get paid. You can start this business along with your job by enrolling in affiliate programs of Amazon , Flipkart , etc. In addition, one of the most popular affiliate networks in India is Sharecell , Commission Junction , Culinkx etc. This way you can earn good money by doing business along with your job. 

In addition to the above part-time businesses, there are many other businesses that you can do with the job. But keep in mind that doing business as well as work can be tedious and you may not have any personal time left. As a result, keep in mind that what you are going to do as a side business should be a matter of your love. Otherwise it can be difficult to carry on, you can easily lose motivation. 

Turning one’s hobby into a side business is the most convenient thing to do, it will earn extra money on the one hand and work on the other hand will not be boring. Do you have any hobbies from which you can earn money as well as a job? Let us know in writing.

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