Set up a Tricycle Food Sales Business

This seems to be the trend of the time and knowing how to ride a Food Tricycle can be a great option for those who want to start their own business and do not have enough capital to start the well-known food truck business.

It is true that food trucks are the sensation of the moment and it has been taking the streets of the main cities of South America mainly that already have specific legislation for this, but it is also true that the initial investment is very high. Therefore, in the absence of the truck, it is time to think of an alternative and that is where the tricycle or food motorcycle is born, whatever you want to call it.

In this article I present some tips for those who want to know how to set up a tricycle food business and start their own business . The good news is that the investment is much less than in a food truck and the red tape or paperwork to establish the business as well.

Understand the concept of food bike

Before further discussing how to set up this type of business , it is important to know the business model. A food tricycle is nothing more than a miniature version of the structure of a food truck, of course, adapted to the limitations offered by the vehicle.

Due to these limitations, the business approach is slightly different from food trucks, serving more sophisticated dishes that rely on a limited structure is very difficult, but this does not detract from the fast food segment. On the one hand, the food tricycle loses in terms of financing for the transaction, which gains in mobility, because it is a lighter vehicle, it can be in places that a trailer is difficult to access.

It is important that before thinking about how to assemble a motorcycle food to understand the business concept, for oh yes, you can focus on the product and then the structure will be necessary, and of course the investment.

Tips on how to ride a food tricycle

The first place to successfully build this business must identify well the audience you want to target and what their needs are. This will be useful to define your products, the type tricycle is needed, the location and even how it will publicize the business . The consuming public of a food tricycle is quite different from the assistance of food trucks. As in the case of trucks, the target is people looking for a complete meal, the same type of plate, the food tricycles focuses on fast food, sandwiches, treats such as sweets and even drinks.

Set the product that will be sold on your food trike

Establish your target audience, now is the time to determine what products you are going to offer. You may be wondering about the product you are going to offer, even before talking about the trike itself. This is due to the fact that this choice will determine the tricycle model to purchase. For those who want to know how to successfully ride a food tricycle, it will be the signal that perhaps the most valuable of all, not complicates the product. Offer a simple product, preferably ready such as sweets, snacks, drinks and sandwiches. Remember that the preparation of food resources on a tricycle is very scarce. A very clear trend in this market is Gourmetization, that is, working with well-known but differentiated products such as gourmet brigadistas,

Inform yourself about the laws of your city

With the public and the product in mind, it is time to see if the laws of your city allow this type of business , and under what conditions. Most major Latin American cities already have specific legislation for this trade.

How much does it cost to set up a food business on a tricycle? 

One of the main advantages of the food trike is just the price. To adapt a bicycle or tricycle to work as a means of selling food, we can estimate that the investment starts at $ 2000 and could, in the most sophisticated cases, reach the $ 10,000 mark. It all depends on the features you need.

To further reduce your initial costs, or if you have a known craftsmanship and some knowledge of tricycle mechanics, you can alternatively do their adaptation and customization, which in some cases is not difficult and will certainly save you much more money. Remember that the disclosure of your tricycle spends a lot of food for the bicycle itself. So try to create a differentiated model with bright and harmonious colors so that the tricycle can be easily identified and attract customers also visually.

Disclosure of your food tricycle bike: 

Another interesting tip for those who are interested in knowing how to ride a food tricycle, is to be especially careful with disclosure. As in the case of food trucks, the best way to advertise your business is through the Internet, as well as presenting a much lower cost than conventional media, reaching an audience that has the face of the movement of Food on Wheels .

The best channels to do this are possibly Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, as a photo taken from the product you sell can cause the irresistible desire to go where you are to sit and eat.

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