16 Self Employment Ideas in India for Extra Income and Side Business

Looking for self-employment ideas in India for extra income? Then you came to the right place. Here we will talk about great employment ideas that you can use in India for your side business.

As we all know every business or a job needs hard work and a plan to be successful and reach heights.

One of the famous quotes of mine that may inspire you as well is mentioned below:

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure ”. Colin Powell

Anyone can get success in running a business. You can also increase your chances of running a successful self employed business when choosing to become an entrepreneur at a young age or middle age.

Moreover, now you can find various types of businesses that can be run with limited capital.

Self Employment Ideas in India

In India, you can start many self employment businesses, but choosing the right idea will be the first step towards success.

Here are some great self employment ideas in India.


boy in blue dress shirt holding black selfie stick

Being a vlogger does seem like this time to be very promising. Judging from the number of successful bloggers who make money and become famous by simply uploading videos on personal blogs or webs and several video streaming service provider sites.

If you like uploading videos and sharing them with your friends, it seems like now you can try to become a vlogger by promoting content that is entertaining and useful for many people. Don’t forget to use adequate equipment and techniques so that the resulting video is of higher quality.

Credit Counters and Monthly Bill Payments

The next profitable independent business is to open counters for buying credit and paying monthly bills. Through this business, you can receive services to purchase electricity tokens, pay electricity bills, internet, installments for motorbikes, water, and so on.

The capital required is also not too large and this effort is needed by anyone.

Private Tutoring

young asian girl studying online at home during quarantine

The private tutoring business is one the best self-employment ideas in India and it may seem trivial. However, do not take this independent business with one eye. The potential benefits that you can get from a private tutoring business are quite high. Regarding the payment pattern, you can apply the rate per meeting or month.

Online shop

The next option, you can run an online store business. You can run the online shop flexibly anywhere. You can also choose to become a dropshipper or reseller, which allows you to get supplies from other online shop owners.  

Graphic designer

You can also use the ability to design images on a computer or tablet as a businessman. You can offer graphic design services, both online and offline. You can try to design icons, posters, billboards, business cards, animations, banners, and so on.

Trust and buy services

You can also use your shopping hobby as the main capital to set up an independent business, namely purchasing services. This type of business has sprung up a lot along with the increasing activity of using the internet and social media.

There are various products that you can offer to customers, such as fashion products, baby equipment, home furnishings, and so on.  

Freelance writer

Freelance writing is the next consideration when you choose to become an entrepreneur. To run this business, you need to provide a computer with internet access. Do not forget, you also have to equip yourself with good and correct writing skills.

Affiliate marketer

Independent business as an affiliate marketer on the internet provides potential benefits that are not less than other types of businesses. To run this business, you also don’t need a large capital. Your job as an affiliate marketer is to do as much marketing as possible.

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You can carry out this marketing task by sharing a link with an affiliate code to forums, WhatsApp groups, social media, or through the website. The more transactions you get, the bigger the commission you can pocket.  It is also one of the great self-employment ideas in India but it has very high competition nowadays.

Culinary venture

Setting up a culinary business in the modern era like now can also be very profitable. You can choose to sell contemporary, traditional, or special food.

For your business to run smoothly, you can use the internet as a marketing tool. If necessary, you can also submit your efforts to an online delivery application.

SEO services

advertising alphabet business communication

The last independent business that you can choose as a step to become a successful entrepreneur is to open an SEO service. This business is starting to be in great demand, along with the increasing activity of online shopping.

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It’s just that, make sure that you run this SEO service business with a white hat method, not a black hat SEO method that will harm customers.


Do you like caring for flowering plants? If so, opening a florist or flower shop can be a promising business idea. Not only selling flowers but also designing and arranging bouquets.

Although this service can be found everywhere, the demand for a bouquet has never decreased. Especially during graduation season. It is guaranteed that your business will be sought after by customers.

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However, taking advantage of moments like that is not enough. You also need to expand the scope of your business, such as Meme Florist which accepts deliveries to various regions.

Coupled with the types of bouquets or flower boards that are tailored for various events, your florist business will attract a large number of customers.

Interior Designer

Today, interior design is one of the most sought after types of services. This service is especially used for offices and shops whose numbers are increasingly mushrooming.

The important things that you need to have to start an interior design business can be categorized into two, namely labor and logistics.

In terms of manpower, this business requires at least two people. One works as a designer, while the other as a contractor. On the logistics side, you need to have a laptop to do design, interior design software, and workshops.

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Don’t have the funds to buy professional software? Don’t worry. You can try free software like Google Sketchup, which has a paid version with more advanced features that can be purchased when you are financially ready.

The same is true for your workshop. If you can’t afford to rent a studio, you can just use a garage or small shop as a place to work on projects.

Then, what about a vehicle to deliver your work to the client? It’s easy – you can use an easy-to-find delivery service if you don’t have your own pick-up or truck.

Private Music Course

gold saxophone

Do you have musical skills but are not interested in becoming a musician? If so, running a private music course is one business idea you can do.

Currently, there are well-known music course places, especially in big cities. However, many people are unable to take advantage of these services because of high costs.

An alternative is to find a private music tutor, as these services are generally offered at a more affordable price.

Well, for those of you who want to do this business, there are a few things that need to be considered first.

First of all, determine your service goals. Although music courses are identified with early childhood students, learning knows no age limit, right? Many adults are learning music for the first time. 

By determining your market share, you can adjust the way you present it. 

Second, make the subject matter that is effective and organized. With a systematic learning system, your courses will be of higher quality. As a result, the level of student satisfaction will be higher.

Also, determine where you teach. If you have adequate space at home, you can use it for a course. If not, you can teach door-to-door.

However, some musical instruments require a room equipped with a silencer. If so, you can rent a studio to carry out teaching and learning activities.

Don’t have employees yet but get lots of students? Invite a friend or relative who is also good at music to be your partner.

Selling Breakfast Foods at Home

From school children to workers, of course, need something called breakfast intake. However, not a few also did not have time to provide the food.

You can take this opportunity to open a business with various breakfast menus such as porridge, nasi uduk, and lontong sayur. For a place to buy and sell, you simply set the table and food in your yard.

Capital to start this business, for food raw materials itself, can require a maximum of around 1 million rupiahs, assuming your kitchen utensils are complete.

To maintain the effectiveness of the use of funds, try to survey raw materials at the most affordable prices but still of good quality.

Selling Electric Credit

Selling electrical pulses can be a creative business idea choice for young people. Although now many applications support top-up facilities, there are not a few people who don’t want to have difficulty installing applications or looking for cheaper credit payment alternatives.

This business is suitable if you are a student who is looking for a part-time income. You can offer this product to your family, neighbors, and relatives.

The capital you need ranges from IDR 500 thousand to IDR 1 million. Choose a trusted credit distributor so you can do business smoothly, or take advantage of the credit selling application that you can download from your smartphone.

Virtual Assistant Services

If you are looking for additional income or looking for a job that can be done from home, you can try this creative business idea for young people. Yes, become a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistant services include jobs such as checking and replying to emails, doing research, arranging appointments, and so on.

The income a virtual assistant earns is usually based on the contract period or working hours. To become a virtual assistant, you need to have foreign language skills, a laptop, a smartphone, and a stable internet connection.

You can start this business with less than IDR 1 million, assuming you already have adequate gadgets.

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