How To Get Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership (Now Named As JioBP)

Looking for a reliance petrol pump dealership or franchise? Then you came to the right place. If you are interested in becoming reliance petroleum partners then this guide might help you.

Reliance petroleum is one of the companies in the fuel industry that offers quality products and services like High-speed diesel, petrol, auto LPG, lubricants, and other fuels for all purposes.

Various questions will come to your mind if you think of becoming partners with Reliance Petroleum. We have tried our best to answer all your questions that might help you to get what you want.

Now after merging with RIL, you will see a new name for the reliance petroleum as JioBP on the official website.

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership
Source: Reliance Petroleum Website

How to Open Reliance Petrol Pump (Now JioBP)

Market Research and Analysis

Market research is one of the first steps that you need for every business. You need to analyze the market and check how the petrol stations are performing in your neighborhood and how you can make a difference by getting a JioBP mobility station.

Also, analyze your competitors and see what loopholes have left and what opportunities are for you to grab. The market research also includes the potential to grow a franchise, customer base, and several others things.

Prepare Land and Capital

We all know that you need land and capital for starting a reliance petrol pump. On the official website of reliance petroleum, here are the details they have mentioned:

Land1500 sq. mt (Urban Areas) and 3000 sq. mt (Highway)
Capital InvestmentMore than 2 crores
Investment Required For Mobile Dispenser UnitRs 25 lacs

Fill out the Online Form

To apply online for the dealership of reliance petrol pump you need to visit the Partner Page of the JioBP website where you get two options to fill out the online form.

  1. For Mobility Station you need to fill Expression of Interest Form
  2. For Mobile Dispenser Unit you need to fill Interested in Partnership form

It depends upon your choice which one you need. Once you submit the application form. You need to wait for the approval.

JioBP’s Approval

Reliance petroleum has clearly mentioned that if you submit the form it doesn’t mean that it will get approval. They can reject it or accept it, it depends upon various which they decide.

But luckily if you got the approval then in the rest of the process they will guide you.

About Reliance Petroleum (Now JioBP)

It is a petroleum and natural gas company owned by Mukesh Ambani and was founded in 2008. The headquarters of the company are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Currently, the revenue of Reliance Petroleum is $76 billion.

This industry has a processing capacity of 1,240,000 barrels per stream day. It is one of the largest refineries in the world.

If you want to open a single petrol pump you need to have a good place and the capital for investment. All state work is done by the dealership including the construction of the driveway.

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Profit

On a normal, reliance petrol pump makes around 4 lakh rupees every month. 

The primary profit of petrol pumps depends on their cut on every liter of petroleum they sell. Generally, in the year 2023, this cut is 6 rupees for every liter. A decent association with barely any vehicle proprietors would guarantee you get numerous trucks regularly to fill.

This association is significant. You have to fill their truck without requesting installment ordinary since they would pay you cash say once a week or month. 

Yet, the cost engaged with such kind of petrol pump is over Rs 2 crores. Furthermore, you may need to purchase or organize big haulers. 

Another kind of petrol pump is a helpful style which you open around the region or little places. Your consumption is below 40 lac and your profit lies around 1.3 lac every month.

Please remember, these figures are collected from the internet and JioBP doesn’t have officially mentioned these figures.

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealer Commission

Approximately as per sales, the Reliance petrol pump made a commission of 20/30 paise per liter. It is paid based on your total monthly volume. It is an approx value, if you want to know the real value of the commission you get please contact Reliance Petroleum.

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Cost

As talked about you need more than 2 crores to get a dealership of the reliance petrol pump. The investment will be huge in starting any petrol pumps. If one wants to take a dealership then the same cost can be close to fifty lahks (Approximately).

There are various places where Petrol Pumps will be installed that will including the rural sector and the urban sector. Urban areas will include highways. There is no clear profit plan for rural or urban areas as they are different from the pump installation.

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