Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Cost, Profit and How to Start?

Looking for a reliance petrol pump dealership or franchise? Then you came to the right place. If you are interested in becoming reliance petroleum partners then this guide might help you. Reliance petroleum is one of the companies in the fuel industry that offers quality products and services like High-speed diesel, petrol, auto LPG, lubricants, and other fuels for all purposes.

Various questions will come to your mind if you think of becoming partners with Reliance Petroleum. We have tried our best to answer all your questions that might help you to get what you want.

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership
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About Reliance Petroleum

It is a petroleum and natural gas company owned by Mukesh Ambani and was founded in 2008. The headquarters of the company are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. Currently, the revenue of Reliance Petroleum is $76 billion. This industry has a processing capacity of 1,240,000 barrels per stream day. It is one of the largest refineries in the world.

If you want to open a single petrol pump you need to have a good place and the capital for investment. All state work is done by the dealership including the construction of the driveway.

Reliance Petrol Pump Profit
Source: Reliancepetroleum

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Profit

On a normal, reliance petrol pump make around 4 lac rupees for every month. 

The primary profit of petrol pumps depends on their cut on every liter of petroleum they sell. Generally, in the year 2018, this cut is 5 rupees for every liter. A decent association with barely any vehicle proprietors would guarantee you get numerous trucks regularly to fill.

This association is significant. You have to fill their truck without requesting installment ordinary since they would pay you cash say once in a week or month. 

Yet, the cost engaged with such kind of petrol pump is over 1.5 crores in addition to 30 lac rupees cushion as petrol pump organization would not acknowledge loaning instrument and would require cash immediately. Furthermore, you may need to purchase or organize big haulers. 

Another kind of petrol pump is a helpful style which you open around the region or little places. Your consumption is underneath 40 lac and your profit lies around 1.3 lac every month.

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealer Commission

Approximately as per sales, the Reliance petrol pump made a commission of 20/30 paise per liter. It is paid based on your total monthly volume. It is an approx value, if you want to know the real value of the commission you get please contact Reliance Petroleum by using this link.

How to Open Reliance Petrol Pump

If you want to open a reliance petrol pump, you need to officially contact them via this link. Submitting a request does not mean that you will get a reliance petrol pump dealership, it is up to them what decision they take about your request.

Also, you need to be set up your business by these rules and regulations mentioned below:

  • The setting up of a business in any field requires that its processes be followed for the business to run smoothly and without suffering in the long run. There are certain qualifications to be completed when opening a petrol pump in India for several issues related to government requirements.
  • Here, when setting up a set of petrol pumps, the government requires owners or its affiliates to follow certain rules and regulations so that businesses can follow when the same is started. 
  • The reasons behind obtaining a license and following the rules and regulations required to start a business are business security and to conduct the same and proper procedures. There is a lot of care that needs to be taken before understanding the policy of starting a business.

Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership Cost

The investment will be huge in starting any petrol pumps. If one wants to take a dealership then the same cost can be close to fifty lakh (Approximately).

There are various places where Petrol Pumps will be installed and that will include the rural sector and the urban sector. Urban areas will include highways. There is no clear profit plan for rural or urban areas as they are different from the pump installation.

How to Open Reliance Petrol Pump in India

License fees vary concerning vendor pumps and other designated categories. The same shall be applied for the beginning of the pump in the affected area as determined by the owner.

Installation of a petrol pump in the rural area or urban will also involve huge investment. This fee that you will submit for applying for the Petrol Pump will not be refunded and the owner may apply for only one location and will not be able to more than one elsewhere.

The distribution of the Reliance petrol pump involves processes and must also be clear before the same person can be licensed to install it at a company-determined location.

There is also a fee for installing a petrol pump in India and it is different for different ownership types. Those owned by the owners or rented out for the installation of the bunks will include the amount to be paid as the five lakh rupees will not be returned to the owner.

This applies to rural areas. The amount payable as rent for urban land that has been leased to us or owned by the owner will be fifteen lakh and may be refunded. There are also sites owned by the company.

This is included in the bid and the bid will be closer to 10 lakh and in rural areas, the same will be 30 lakh accordingly. A selection of defense personnel, who are fighting for the liberation war, national convention and program nations, and people with physical disabilities are offered.

Visit the Partner Page on the Reliance Petroleum website to submit a request for becoming a partner.

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Do Remember the Following Points:

  • The license application option is also available online.
  • Advertisements will be published in newspapers to ensure that the bunks are developed by oil companies.
  • The same can be downloaded from the company’s website and the application is a related affidavit, whether in a partnership or sole management, and the place where the filing was submitted must be completed and submitted before the specified date as described in the advertisement.
  • The deduction for the deduction is taken on behalf of the company and sent to the company address as stated in the advertisement. The company will then decide on the same allocation accordingly.

What Are the Necessities to Begin a Reliance Petrol Pump Dealership?

Here are some of the recommendations and necessities for getting a reliance petrol pump dealership:

Territory or Location

The area where you want to open a Reliance petrol pump is very important because it is the location that makes this business successful to some extent.

These locations are commonly on the edges of the city, for example, on interstates. As individuals can never be too secure with finding another petrol pump on the parkway courses, thusly it is a more worthwhile business to open up in a proper location it will draw in more customers. The territory needed to set up a petrol pump on the interstate is 800 Sq.ft.

On the off chance that you are anticipating setting up a Reliance petrol pump in the city, at that point it is critical to open it somewhere where there is no other petrol pump in the region. Henceforth opening a pump will pull in more customers. To do such, the all-out zone required is around 1500 Sq.ft.

Abilities or Experience Required

The workers ought to have satisfactory information about the items that are sold at the location so the correct data can be given to the customers also.

The petrol orderly will be liable for cleaning vehicle windshields, and gather installments from clients through whichever method of installment the client is agreeable to paying in. They ought to likewise enact the fuel pump and fill fuel tanks of vehicles to a predefined level with one or the other diesel, petrol, or gas.

Representatives at Reliance Petrol Pump ought to have great relational abilities and should be all-around prepared and polite to the clients.

  • They should be adaptable to work in various movements.
  • The service station supervisor should be liable for the inventories and communications with all the merchants. He ought to likewise make a representative timetable, and administer mail exercises among different obligations.
  • The proprietor of the business ought to have a base capability of in any event tenth or twelfth pass.
  • Operational districts of Reliance Petrol Pump.
  • In 2018, there are 1,343 Reliance petrol pump sources across India.
  • RIL and BP have chosen to together set up another 2,000 petrol pumps across India.

Preparing Necessity

RIL gives administrative and back-hand office preparation to the station administrator who is delegated at the dealership establishment source.

The establishment proprietor is liable for upholding the guidelines and guidelines of the parent organization. Henceforth the proprietor would be needed to go through the fundamental preparation to see how the parent organization functions in their other retail sources.

Least Staff Prerequisite

  • 3 service station administrators are needed since it is a 24/7 petrol pump.
  • 8 pump specialists are needed, and
  • 2 gaseous tension orderlies are needed.

My Suggestion on This Issue:

Please remember, that the figures mentioned in the article, may not be accurate today. You need to properly do research or directly ask the Reliance petrol pump officials for franchise costs, and other requirements. It will be best if you directly contact them and ask them everything you need to know.

In India, getting a petrol pump is not easy, many things will be the stones in your path to getting the franchise.

Hope it was useful, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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