10 Public Speaking Techniques and Skills

Looking for public speaking techniques and skills? Then you have jumped into the right article.

Surely throughout your life, you will have encountered situations in which you have had to speak in public yes or yes. In a presentation of a career job, to present your ideas before an academic court or in the workplace, to present your work and your business ideas. For this reason, it is important that you know how to learn to speak in public and to handle yourself with ease in this aspect.

In addition, they are moments in which anxiety can take over you, block you to such an extent that you can play a trick on your exhibitions. This can happen to you because we have a deep-rooted thought that “public speaking is brown” and in a way, it is …

You will think that it is a somewhat unpleasant activity and the more important the exhibition is; sooner and more intensely your nerves will take over.

Public Speaking Techniques and Skills

However, as you surely want to be or have already started your journey as an entrepreneur, you will know that it is an activity that will mark your day to day, especially to get partners, investment or clients.

That is why, from Cyzotech, we are going to give you a series of guidelines so that this stage fright or panic that you have to speak in public, is gradually removed and you can give clear, concise and convincing speeches.

Why is it so difficult for us to speak in public?

Contrary to what you may think, since you surely think that you are the only one who is afraid or afraid to speak in public, this problem is more common than you think. In fact, it is estimated, according to studies, that between 20% and 85% of the population does not know how to learn to speak in public , and therefore suffers to a greater or lesser extent, anxiety or fear of handling a talk in front of a group of people. 

These symptoms appear when the situation in which you find yourself requires speaking to many people and manifests itself with sweating, tremors or increased heart rate. This will cause you to be immersed in a real block of our abilities.

It is thought that these symptoms are due to fear that they will value us negatively, that they will not listen to us or that there are not many people at the time of presenting our ideas. 

However, this will inevitably cause you to have an escape behavior, to want to flee the room, to be swallowed by the earth or as Doctor Strange wants to open a portal to alternative dimensions and escape to any of them … But no! hold the pull and stay calm … Here is Daddy Fighter to help you with some tricks for public speaking.

What to do to overcome these moments?

So that you can work those peaks of anxiety and nervousness, which usually occur in these situations, we are going to give you a series of guidelines to try to avoid that happening to you again:

  • Although it sounds contradictory, it is good to create environments where anxiety is increasing . Are you sure you want me to do that? Yes, shock therapy to know how to learn to speak in public is to see yourself in extreme situations, to know how to solve them so that, when the occasion arises, you can solve them with guarantees.
  • That you are able to detect those moments in which anxiety occurs and try to resolve them quickly and effectively. 
  • Think about the type of people who will attend your presentation. Knowing what features they have can help you adapt to them and make a good presentation.
  • Always, always, always prepare your exhibition before. Even if you are an expert in what you are going to talk about, do not fall into pride and prepare yourself. Have a guide on hand or an index to guide you. 
  • Make a summary of the most important points that you want to highlight in the presentation, so that you are not left behind.
  • Practicing the presentation with another person can be very interesting in order to see our weaknesses and work hard on them before the final presentation. 

10 Techniques and Skills for proper public speaking

Public speaking is not that difficult, nor does it take a high IQ. It is simply having a conversation with other people, which you will surely do very often. All that enigma around public speaking vanishes when you know how to learn to speak in public more continuously. 

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Now is when we are really going to get into the real thing and we are going to explain a series of tricks to you, so that you can develop in the best way in your future exhibitions. 

1. Prepare for your audience

As we have said before, anxiety takes hold of you and will become your worst enemy. So that you can face this setback in the best possible way, is that you try to control your emotions, moderate yourself, speak slowly, etc.

In order for you to be prepared as well as possible, it is that you time the time of your exhibition or that you divide your interventions into small blocks. If you prepare all of this carefully, you will surely save yourself anxiety problems during the exhibition.

2. Express yourself clearly

It is very important that what you want to transmit in the room, you do it as clearly as possible. People who will listen to you will be left with one or two key ideas that you present. 

However, if you are not able to formulate clearly and accurately the statements that you are going to propose then, I am sorry to tell you that your phrase is not completely defined. If you also don’t know very well what you want, you should know how to learn to speak in public , because if you don’t, you won’t be able to transmit to the public what you want to tell them.

Therefore, it is basic, that, if you want to speak clearly and fluently in public, you must have a good understanding of what you want to say, how you are going to say it and in the time you want to say it.

3. Always get organized

Regardless of whether your conference is long or short, it is key to organize all the elements that will compose it. You have to be very clear about the structure: the introduction, the main points you are going to touch and a conclusion of them.

If you are clear about these points, you will not have any problem when speaking in public. Remember that ending with a forceful phrase, with a clear and striking message, will make the audience remember your conference and the message you wanted to give, dig deep into them.

4. Talk, talk and talk, but don’t read

Perhaps it is one of the main evils when it comes to speaking in public, pulling the piece of paper at hand and reading it as if it were a pamphlet. If you are in front of your audience and you dedicate yourself exclusively to reading, it is most likely that you will end up boring them and end up pulling their mobile phone to entertain themselves. 

If you want to know how to learn to speak in public , you have to take into account that the best way to express yourself and to be listened to is to speak confidently, so that they see that you handle the subject, that you know how to transmit it and that you reach those people. 

That is why you should try not to write speeches as if it were a politician’s meeting. Always have a guide on hand to know what you want to say next, with that you will have plenty.

5. Look your audience in the face

There is nothing uglier in this world than talking to someone or a group of people and looking away. Go to them, without fear, look them in the eye, tell them about what you are exposing, without fear. If you can do it, your message will arrive and the people who listen to you will feel more comfortable. 

A good technique may be to divide the room into 3 blocks and set your sights on each of those blocks every minute. In this way you are making sure to pay attention and look at your entire audience without distinction. 

6. Be sincere and natural

When you are in an environment that is not normally yours, it is normal that you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if you want to know how to learn to speak in public , you will tend not to be you and take attitudes that bear little resemblance to your usual personality.

If what you want is to go that way, you will not be able to convince anyone. Take charge of the exhibition, share your emotions with them, your anecdotes, share them. Try to make them feel the emotions that you feel when exposing, be it sadness, joy, emotion or annoyance.

7. A little improvisation

It can be a weapon for certain moments of your intervention. Let’s put ourselves in a situation: you are in front of your audience, you have prepared everything well, conscientiously and with all the ends tied and well tied. But you have to take one detail into account, it has to seem that you are not crazy, that you just throw up a speech, empty and worthless.

To avoid falling into it, the best thing you can do is improvise, that it seems that you have detached yourself from what you have read and that what you say seems natural. 

A good way to improvise on the go is to not bombard your speech. That ends up boring and distracting attention. If you want to know how to learn to speak in public , you can put into practice adding some pepper to the exhibition, letting go of some chascarrillo, commenting on an anecdote, or just keep quiet to increase the suspense and attention.

8. Take the reins of the room

The first moments of an exhibition are key to its future. Try to start building links with viewers. Keep a wide smile from the beginning and thank them for coming to listen to you and, above all, thank and have words of affection for the person who just introduced you, those details make the difference.

Try not to drop the entire roll first, because the chances are that the pilots are still offside. Go capturing their attention little by little, introduce yourself, tell them a little about yourself and when you see that you have their attention, that’s when you can start with your exhibition. 

9. Being brief is a virtue

Controlling the timing of your exposure is something you have to know how to do. A good conference or exhibition is not measured in the duration of the same, but in the quality of the information that is.

Try to set block times. try not to go over that time and try to condense everything you want to say in the time you leave. If you want to know how to learn to speak in public , don’t worry if you spend a little of your time. But do not accommodate yourself, because it can get out of hand and sleep the staff.

10. Relax and enjoy

In situations of nerves, tension and anxiety we forget how to breathe. This setback noticeably worsens the presentation since our breathing will feel ragged and nervous when speaking. 

Therefore, it is important that you mark the breath times, that you relax, that you do not inhale so deeply and so forcefully since it can cause you to hyperventilate and that is the anteroom of anxiety, partner or partner … and you do not want it to happen that is true?

Relax and enjoy the exhibition, enjoy the theme that you are going to talk about because it is your theme, enjoy the audience and the atmosphere.

Conclusion of Public Speaking

As you have seen throughout the article, the guidelines to speak correctly in public are basic to face our fears. Stage fear is perhaps the one that takes over us the most, that fear of going out to a room full of people who are willing to listen to you.

However, that stage fear can be gradually reduced as we go on speaking in public more often and applying the techniques that we have been telling you about. 

Therefore, putting them into practice will help you create a fluid, direct, concise speech that will avoid you, having those nervous problems during the exhibition and taking away all the anxieties that may appear.

In short, if you want to know how to learn to speak in public , you just have to put into practice all the techniques that we have talked about and, of course, do your part and work your mind. Remember, relax and enjoy.

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