Small Investment Business From Home

Small Investment Business From Home: Top 16 Profitable Ideas

Looking for a profitable small investment business from home? Then here you will find the best small investment business opportunities you can start from home.

Almost everyone who works must have had the desire to own a business. But maybe you still haven’t found the right idea and are suitable for business.

Actually, there are so many choices of business opportunity ideas that you can choose from. Moreover, coupled with advances in internet technology. The number of business opportunities that exist is also increasing.

Even though it is called a home business, it is not impossible for your home business to become a large and successful business right?

In fact …

There is a lot of evidence that we can see today, where a home business is a very profitable business for the owner.

These successful entrepreneurs are able to get out of financial problems and are able to achieve the success they want.

Small Investment Business From Home

Here are the 16 small investment business from home.

1. Dropship

This home business, which is currently a trend, can be run with relatively minimal capital. You can run this business as a side from home, you know. No need for a full day, just take advantage of available free time.

Estimated Capital Required

  • Smartphone / laptop = 2 million
  • Internet connection 30 Giga per month = 200 thousand
Estimated Turnover

Say you can sell 1 product per day. Don’t be too high because you are still a beginner. If the price difference between the supplier and the selling price is 50 thousand, then you can get a monthly profit of 1 x 30 x 50,000 = IDR 1,500,000.

The dropshipping business is a business selling other people’s products without having to have stock items.

So you are just an intermediary. After you get the order, the supplier will then send it.

Where can I start a dropshipping business?

You can try to learn to run a dropshipping business from big E commerce today. Of course you often see online store advertisements on television, on average they provide drop shipping services.

How to run it?
  1. Find the type of product you want to sell
  2. Look for suppliers in e-commerce 
  3. Promote it through social media, personal blogs or online forums
  4. Apply a promotional strategy that you think is qualified

This home business capital is the internet and smartphone or laptop. You don’t need a big shop, just with these devices, you can run this home business.

How to be successful in running a dropshipping business?

To be successful in the dropshipping business, look for the most popular products and apply the right promotional strategies.

Next learn how to post interesting content and learn how to make a sales pitch attractive.

2. Laundry Services

Small Investment Business From Home

Laundry business is also very promising.

Today people like things that are practical, especially for those who are busy working. You can take advantage of this opportunity by opening a kilogram laundry business. Moreover, you are in an employee complex or campus area. Your laundry business can grow rapidly.

Capital required?
  • Washer + dryer 1 unit about 2.5 million
  • Scales around 150,000
  • About 450,000 laundry ingredients
  • About 500,000 clothes ironing
  • Other unexpected costs were around 600,000

Capital that is not too big, right?

However, you have to look at environmental conditions first. Analyze carefully whether your location is suitable for opening a laundry business or not.

How much turnover is obtained?

Laundry service is around 6 to 7 thousand rupiah per KG, depending on location. If a day you can receive orders of 30 kg, it means that in a month you can get a gross income of 30 x 7000 x 30 = 6,300,000.

How to be a successful laundry business?
  • Give discounts for your loyal customers
  • Friendly service
  • The job is precise and fast and your laundry is clean
  • Promotion with innovative techniques

3. Daily Catering Business

Home catering

The culinary business will never die. In fact, it will increase rapidly. Especially for those of you who live in densely populated areas. You can run a food stall from home.

How much capital?

Actually, only Rp. 5,000,000 is enough to run this business. The turnover obtained is fairly high.

Example illustration below:

  • Order comes in 50 servings at a price of IDR 20,000 thousand per portion.
  • Then the estimated profit is IDR 20,000 x 50 portions = IDR 1,000,000
  • Estimated capital of 50 portions = IDR 500,000
Estimated Income?

So if you can attract that many customers in one day, then the potential income for a month can reach IDR 500,000 multiplied by 30 days = IDR 15 million.

What are the tips for success in opening a food stall?
  • Keeps the taste and quality of food delicious
  • Keep food stalls clean and look neat
  • Must be friendly and smiling to your customers
  • Give special discounts for your loyal customers who buy your food.
To be more successful, you can add to your marketing strategy in the following ways:

Furthermore, if you are in an employee complex or in a campus area, you can open a catering service. Precisely in this way can boost your income to be bigger.

Campus employees or students are usually very busy, they don’t have time to cook their own food, so they usually look for catering services. So, promote your services to them.

4. Tailor

Sewing services as a home business

If you have skills in the field of tailoring or sewing clothes, then this home business opportunity is perfect for you. Because the tailor business will always be needed even though many finished clothes are sold.


Everyone certainly has their own taste. This is what makes tailor services needed all the time. For example, if the clothes purchased do not match, they will look for tailor services.

Estimated capital required:
  • JH-8190 Butterfly sewing machine: IDR 1,300,000
  • Typical 6150 overclock engine: IDR 900,000
  • Sewing thread costs IDR 50,000
  • Other equipment: IDR 50,000
  • Ruler: IDR 20,000

Total initial investment required: IDR 2,330,000

Estimated income

For example, you get an order of 20 sets in a month at a price of IDR 100,000 per set. Then you can get a turnover of IDR 2,000,000 per month. Especially if the order is more than that, of course your turnover will be even greater.

5. Snack Production

Snack snacks

The snack business can be a promising business, you know. Do not believe, there is a lot of evidence that snack entrepreneurs are able to generate large income every month.

Everyone loves snacks. Snack is usually served while watching television, while eating or while drinking tea with family.

In fact, you can apply a marketing strategy so that your snack products are scattered everywhere.

The key to a successful snack business

In order for your snack business to be successful, make sure the taste of your snack is accepted by the community. So, learn how to make snacks with good tasting.

Where do I learn to make snacks?

It’s really easy, find someone who likes to make snacks that you know. Or, you learn from the internet. Easy right? Then, test your cooking. If it is right, please test it at a shop around you.

How much is the capital for a home snack business?

The capital needed is very minimal, it doesn’t take a lot of capital, depending on the snacks you make.

There are various types of snack businesses that you can run, from crackers, chips to cookies that can be used as a snack meal. Please explore your cooking skills for the better.

6. Opening a Unique Cuisine Course

Home business cooking courses

Culinary is a very broad field. So that there are lots of people who want to learn. Now for those of you who like to cook and are good at mixing cooking spices, you can open a culinary course at home.

The capital required is very small, only a few kitchen utensils and spices, then you can benefit from your course business.

You can open a cooking course like

  • Course for baking
  • Make various snacks
  • Typical food
  • Restaurant
  • Or food courses from abroad

Apart from opening the course, you can immediately sell the food. Fun business, right?

As your business continues to grow, you can open your cooking course kitchen to a bigger size to make it look professional.

7. Order Flood Motorcycle Laundry

Motor laundry

Motorcycle laundry is also a promising venture you can think of. Just look at the ease of credit making motorcycle users more and more.

Especially during the rainy season, it is certain that a lot of people will line up to wash their motorbikes.

Capital required?

The motorcycle laundry business is not too big, just with a budget of between 6 and 7 million you can start it.

  • 3 million compressor engine, you can buy a second machine only
  • Other unexpected costs were around 4 million.
Turnover obtained?

The average motorbike laundry service is around 10,000 for one motor unit. If in a day you can get about 6 to 10 customers, then you can get a monthly profit of around 3 million rupiah.

8. Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing business is a business that can bring in passive income, you know. Moreover, current technology is very supportive of this effort.

Affiliate marketing is a commission-based business. If you are successful in selling the product, then you get a commission from the supplier.

How much capital is needed?

It’s just like the dropshipping business model above, you don’t need large capital. It is enough to have a laptop or smartphone and an internet connection.

But to be more optimal, you can build a special website for you to make your affiliate promotion media.

9. Open a Playstation Business


The world of games continues to grow, from mobile games to Playstation, which are now popular with teenagers.

Well, for those of you who have more budget, you can open a Playstation rental business. Moreover, you are in a campus area, your Playstation business will be flooded with orders.

Try to pay attention to the campus area, there are so many Playstation shops that you can find. Everything is full average. This proves that in the campus area, the Playstation business provides a very promising opportunity.

10. Rental Band

Home Business Studio Band Rental

You can choose this one business if you are someone who understands the world of music. Usually school children or teenagers really like the band rental studio. Now this is an opportunity that you can take advantage of.

How Much Capital Is Needed?

The capital needed is not too big. You can buy second hand equipment only. No need for new band equipment.

Turnover obtained?

The rental band turnover is fairly large, you can get 30 to 45 thousand rupiah every hour. If a day you can get 10 hours of customers, it means that a day you can get a turnover of around 300 thousand rupiah.

11. Ornamental Fish Cultivation

Ornamental Fish Business

The price of ornamental fish can be beyond logic. For example, the finished ornamental lohan fish can cost hundreds of millions of rupiah.

Cultivating ornamental fish can be a very promising home business if you take it seriously. Of course, you have to master the market. Knowing which fish are the most expensive and have great potential.

Here are tips for successful ornamental fish cultivation:

  • Look for types of ornamental fish with high prices
  • Master the ornamental fish market
  • Understand breeding techniques to make your business last
  • Join the ornamental fish hobbyist community
  • Do promotions on the internet

There are several ornamental fish that can be cultivated

  • Guppy fish, Lohan fish
  • Goldfish Chef, Fish minced
  • Guppies, Arowana Fish, Oscar Fish, Discus Fish, Goldfish, Angel Fish, Crowntail Betta Fish, Koi Fish, Neon Tetra Fish

12. Graphic Design Home Business

Graphic design home business

The trend of the graphic design business recently has continued to increase rapidly. The factor is due to the development of modern technology.

Moreover, modern society prefers practical things, making graphic design business a promising business opportunity.

There are many types, here are some examples of graphic design businesses that you can work on:

  • Tshirt image design
  • Web or blog design
  • 3D animation design
  • Design logos, business cards, advertising banners
  • And so forth

13. Credit Counters and Internet Packages

The use of smartphones has become part of today’s lifestyle. Almost all levels of society have smart phones for daily activities.

So, as a result, an interesting new home-based business opportunity emerged in my opinion, namely opening a credit counter.

How much capital is needed?

The capital needed to open a credit business is fairly small, around 500 thousand. This capital is used for the initial deposit of your credit.

Not only credit, you can also sell internet packages, accessories and even light cell phone service. Very interesting right?

14. Become an Online Writer Freelance

Home business by becoming an online writer

The next small capital home business that is sure to be interesting is to become an online content writer. This one business opportunity is fairly easy to work on, especially for those of you who like to write articles.

Articles and video content are needed in today’s digital era. You can also get paid handsomely if the quality of your writing is very good.

As a first step, you can try selling your services through social media only first. After gaining experience, please open services on a large scale with proper management.

15. Youtuber is also an attractive home business

Become a YouTuber from home

So a YouTuber? Did you get what?

Make no mistake, there are many success stories of YouTubers who have succeeded in achieving large income. Call it like Bayu Skak, Jess No Limit, Pew Die Pie etc. They are able to achieve profits of up to hundreds of millions per month.

Fantastic numbers, right?


There is, however … Creating a successful Youtube channel cannot be achieved overnight. It takes creativity to create interesting and original content.

If your hobby is in the field of video creators, there is nothing wrong with trying to create YouTube channels. Because this one business can be done from home.

16. Electronic Services

Electronic service

The next interesting home business that you can do from home is a business that opens electronic service services.

Make no mistake, electronic service is really needed, you know. This is due to the large number of electronic devices circulating in the community.

This job is perfect for those of you who like electrical engineering and understand electrical engineering. Moreover, you are a graduate in electrical engineering, I believe the job of repairing electronic devices is very easy for you.

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