Professions in Demand During and After Quarantine

Professions in Demand During and After Quarantine (Covid-19)

Coronavirus terribly spoils everyone’s nerves, shakes the economy and forces it to reconsider plans for a career future. 

We have studied different opinions of expert economists and sociologists regarding which professions will become more relevant after quarantine (someday it will end, right?), As well as which areas are already of great interest.

Professions in Demand During and After Covid-19

1. Medical staff by occupation relevant to the pandemic

For a long time, many doctors talked about shortcomings in the health sector, urging the governments of all countries to expand medical staff, improving their working conditions. Their words had not been taken seriously before, however, the latest news about COVID-19 made it clear that the existence of mankind depends primarily on medical workers. Of course, quarantine now makes it difficult to obtain a quality education in medical universities, but soon the situation will change. Many will go into the field of medicine.

Do not clutch at the heart! By that time, collective immunity will have time to develop, the peak incidence will decline. Do not worry, quarantine will not last for years. Nevertheless, in the next few years, it is medicine that will become the No. 1 area. The authorities of all states promise physicians an increase in salaries, which is nice, but … in this profession, you will have to closely contact people, which is now unsafe.

Medical staff

Those who are considering the prospects of a medical career have quite reasonable questions: what will happen in a year or two personally with their work? If now the ministries of health are sounding the alarm and shouting “We do not have enough doctors!”, Then after creating the vaccine, the urgent need for thousands of trained specialists will drop sharply. For humanity as a whole, it’s good, but some doctors will suddenly be out of work. Staff reductions, cutbacks in hospital funding and so on will begin again. How to be To choose such an important, but not stable profession or not? It is up to you to decide. And I want to thank with all my heart the doctors who work in the name of us all.

2. Psychologists and family counselors

Midnight leafing through profiles of psychologists in the CIS and I felt, to put it mildly, bad. Among the so-called “experts” are tarologists, numerologists, lovers of psychosomatics and other unscientific heresies. All this fraternity, of course, will find unhappy and desperate customers who believe in horoscope compatibility, magic of numbers, etc. Most of the population are educated people, and therefore they will not buy such nonsense. In fact, guys, how can you believe psychosomatics, according to which the virus infects people who lack meaning in life? Do not spend money on such “experts”, you will be healthier.

But real psychologists (literate and graduate-educated people) will have plenty of work. Quarantine and a pandemic have already caused severe stress for many. Some are nervous because of forced isolation. It is necessary, but painful for hyperactive people. Especially when they are not locked in a cottage with a garden and a garden, but in a tiny anushka. Like animals in cramped cages. Others are on the verge of being unemployed. It’s good that even the Internet gives you the opportunity to earn money during quarantine, otherwise things would be very bad. Naturally, many lose their temper because of the threat of infection and the need to hang around in the same house 24 hours a day, from which family quarrels become more frequent. The main problem is the money issue.

Sociologists say that now many marriages have cracked. People try to maintain a relationship and not get a divorce during quarantine, and therefore seek help from psychologists and family counselors working remotely by phone, chat, Skype and other services. While doctors save bodies, psychologists save the nerves of people who find themselves in difficult situations.

3. Experts in analytics and statistics

Do you have familiar analysts and people collecting statistics? So far, I only know a couple of people who once left the profession due to a lack of prospects. Well, the pandemic has changed the situation. For the adequate work of all areas, now more than ever, accurate data collection, analysis and forecasting are needed. Fortunately, most analysts can work remotely without contacting people directly.

Data analysis

4. Journalists

And before, the popular profession will not lose its relevance either during or after quarantine. We live in an era when it is difficult to imagine life without a stream of news. And during a pandemic, people want information not just for the last day or week, but for the day or even for the current hour. Although distance journalists will prevail, a great need arose in daredevils who were ready to report relevant information while working in the field.


5. Workers in the field of IT-technologies

I have heard programmers complain about work problems caused by a quarantine lull. This phenomenon is temporary, do not worry. The need for experts in this field will soon become enormous. Economists acknowledge that saving the economy now depends a lot on the Internet. Spheres that previously worked exclusively (or mainly) with one-on-one clients will go online. And this means that applications for the creation of sites of various subjects will increase.


Still worried about this? Then here is a quote from the Financial Times (I quote literally for those who want to google information in the original language):“Tech companies are still hiring feverishly as they move to take advantage of a world shifting increasingly to digital as a result of the coronavirus, despite mass lay-offs elsewhere and growing concerns over plummeting global markets. Translation: “Information technology companies are still feverishly hiring employees, as they seek to take advantage of the fact that the world is increasingly moving into the digital realm, which is caused by coronavirus, although massive layoffs in other areas raise concerns about falling global markets.” As you can see, all professions are interconnected. The faster people understand the need to transfer cases to the remote mode, the sooner things will work out for them, and the programmers will not end up with clients.

6. Translators

Translators never sit without work. Games, books, films, the same articles of journalists, and, of course, medical information – all this is a rich and diverse niche of potential vacancies for those who are fluent in several languages. However, you need to think carefully before choosing a field of work. For example, for film translators it now makes sense to retrain for a while. Due to quarantine, filming of many planned films and TV shows was suspended. Cheer up is not necessary. Cinema is immense and you can always translate something that is not top-notch, but interesting, working, for example, on crowdfunding. In addition, many translators can do tutoring, teaching students foreign languages. And you don’t have to leave home.


7. Tutors and online teachers

And from the previous paragraph we pass to the mentioned lessons of a distant nature. We always need education. You can’t let a billion children and adolescents just spit on the ceiling in quarantine, missing time to study. Due to quarantine, many families cherish their budget, they are afraid to spend money on studies, while maintaining savings for paying bills and products. This situation will change, as many will soon come to their senses and start making money online. Then parents will think about homeschooling, which will help competent teachers and tutors. Well, if you urgently need the work of a teacher and tutor, and there are few students, you can create a YouTube channel and provide free lessons, earning income from channel monetization.


8. Couriers and postal officers

It’s great that you can order almost anything on the Internet: at least pizza, at least a piano, at least a wallpaper. But how to get a purchase if you can’t come for it? You can, of course, dream of a world where all-all courier duties are carried out using drones, but everywhere you can’t create such a delivery system. And therefore, already now couriers have become our lifesaver, helping to stock up on provisions and everything necessary.


However, there are also disadvantages. The work of a courier does not require a specific education, and therefore there are many applicants for one place. No offense, couriers, but you do not need to study for 5-7 years at a university to deliver pizza, you understand. This does not negate our respect for you. Thanks for the work guys. Due to the low requirements for education and experience, excessive competition arises, as a result of which the applicants interrupt the price to each other. You will have to work hard, constantly expose yourself to the risk of infection, and receive at the same time not a fabulous salary. To everyone who orders goods through couriers: guys, show respect and thank the courier with a tip.

9. Online store employees

Sellers, accountants, consultants, administrators, photographers and photo editors (needed to create a database of images of goods), etc. All of them will soon return to work again, but already remotely. There will be quarantined changes. It is no secret that small business in many countries has kept itself at the expense of … as it were, to put it mildly – concealment of income. In the markets it was possible to bargain, stuffing and knocking down the price (some consider this an exciting process), profit often went in cash excluding. Now, most boards go through cards. Oh, how pleased the tax authorities are …

Shops Online

Government agencies will have to revise the requirements that they set for small business owners and employees in order to keep the economy afloat. Yes, there will be no enormous income in the beginning, but the situation will gradually settle down and people will massively begin to order all kinds of goods over the network, so that small businesses will come out of turbulence.

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