Pet Business Ideas

20 Profitable Pet Business Ideas in America

Every year, the pet market is growing by 20%. A pet-related business can be a great option for budding entrepreneurs who love animals and want to open their business to the soul.

Animal lovers can combine their passion with doing business. There are many options for earning: starting from the most obvious pet stores and ending with original ideas. You can be sure that for every pet product or pet service there is a consumer. Russia ranks second in the world in the number of domestic animals per capita. In addition, pets for many have become full members of the family. They are cared for by paying impressive bills for food, toys, treatment and so on.

How much can you earn with pets

According to statistics, 59% of Russians keep pets. On average, owners spend 4,500 rubles a month on them. This amount includes expenses for feed, haircut and other types of care, as well as for the services of a veterinarian and overexposure. At the same time, even in a crisis, the cost of animals is only growing. For a year, Russians spend 950 billion rubles on the maintenance of their pets. So in Russia, pets are loved and willing to spend money on them. So, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to make money.

The level of profit depends on the chosen direction and format, whether it will be a full-fledged zo business, or is it a simple side job. For example, if you breed pedigree puppies, you can earn 20-30 thousand rubles a month. Dog walkers receive an average of 8-10 thousand rubles per month. Where veterinary clinics, beauty salons for animals and pet shops earn much more. Their profit can be from 100 thousand rubles.

Pet Business Ideas

Business Idea 1: Hotel for animals

Far from always, pet owners have the opportunity to leave their pet for relatives or friends for the duration of the vacation. Zoological hotels – a new level of keeping pets outside the home, which replaced the private overexposure. Animals are provided with all the necessary conditions, food, care, swimming and so on. Such establishments are a relatively new phenomenon for the Russian market. Of course, such services for the overexposure of animals have been provided for a long time, but these private services are difficult to equate to business.

In large cities, the demand for hotel services is growing. There are no special requirements from the law to pet hotels, so you can start your own business without any problems. You can start with a mini-hotel for keeping small pets. Then you need a small room with an area of ​​20-30 sq.m. And you can establish a full-fledged zoo hotel with “rooms” for animals and spacious enclosures for large dogs. Depending on the format chosen, the amount of investment will vary significantly. Your veterinary education will be a big plus – specialists are more likely to trust their pets. You also need to properly assess your capabilities and determine in advance how many animals you will be able to keep track of at the same time. 

Business Idea 2: Dog Walking

Another similar income option is dog walking. You just take the dog and walk with it. The idea may seem silly, but many owners really don’t always have time for dog walking. For example, in the USA dog walking is a profitable and prosperous business. There is even a special Wag app that helps owners find the right person to walk their dogs.

At the initial stage, you can walk with one pet, but this will not bring much income. It is necessary to purchase a leash-spark for walking several dogs. You will spend a maximum of 500 rubles on this. But you can earn 10-20 thousand rubles on such an idea. Depending on how many pets you will walk. In Russia, such services are only gaining popularity, but they are already finding customers. See the article in more detail: How to make money on a dog walking service . 

Business Idea 3: Dog Playground

Residents of large cities are particularly affected by the problem of walking with dogs. Most owners are forced to walk their pets in the parks, just on the streets and in the playgrounds. Because of which there are discontented dogs that interfere, pollute the sidewalks, etc. Private dog walking areas can be an excellent alternative to such walks. Outwardly, this object resembles a playground – a fenced area with various ladders, tunnels. They are only intended for dogs. Here the owners can walk with their pets, train, play with them – and at the same time not interfere with others.

The essence of the business idea: you rent a plot of land near sleeping areas, put up a fence, equip a platform for dogs. In the future, you can develop a business and provide trainer classes, place a salon nearby for a haircut or a pet wash.

It is better to implement a business idea with the participation of trainers or dog handlers – they will tell you how to better organize the space. Usually, a rack with a tire, a maze, a double barrier, a balancer with a ladder and a springboard are installed on the site. Turnkey standard equipment (including installation) will cost about 300 thousand rubles. The entrepreneur’s earnings will consist of payment of the lease of such a site. This type of business has appeared recently in Russia, although there are already companies that offer the production of turnkey sites – with a full set of barriers and fencing.

Business Idea 4: Beauty Salon for Animals

A beauty salon for pets involves beauty treatments: from bathing and cleaning your ears to a model haircut. Groomer services are most in demand. On average, cutting an animal costs 1,500 rubles. A month a salon can earn about 100 thousand rubles. The level of income depends on the demand for services. The larger the city, the more relevant such services will be.

To open a beauty salon for animals, you need to purchase professional equipment – hair dryers, scissors, combs, clippers with nozzles and more. About 50 thousand rubles will have to be spent on this. These costs should be added to the costs of decoration, furniture, the purchase of consumables and promotion.

To realize the business idea of a beauty salon for animals , you need to have certain skills. Therefore, if you do not have such knowledge, you can hire a professional, and take on the function of administrator.

Business Idea 5: Missing Pets Search Service

Pet bulletin boards can often be seen on bulletin boards and on the Internet. For such cases, you can offer services for the search for missing animals. What is the essence of a business idea? First, your service center creates ads with a photograph of the animal and its detailed description. Then it sends this data to various recipients: veterinary clinics, groomers, dog shelters, pet stores, volunteer funds, etc. Further, the service employees conduct field research: communicate with residents of the area where the animal was missing, and put up announcements.

The services of the animal search service are paid for the owners. The cost of services depends on the number of ads sent. Payment consists of two amounts: first, search services are paid – this is a fixed amount; and if the pet finds it, the service receives its percentage of the amount of the remuneration that the owners appoint.

Business Idea 6: Pet Blog

The success of Grumpy Cat , which has become famous throughout the Internet, haunts many. A few years ago, this business idea seemed crazy, and today many owners make money on pet blogs. Now there are a huge number of blogs: cats, dogs, raccoons and other animals. There is even a pig that draws pictures (and they are sold, by the way!).

Big money is earned by pet owners who have become Internet memes. But not everyone is so lucky. However, even if you were not able to gain a millionth audience, you can earn money by advertising products and services for animals, participating in photo shoots, etc. The amount of earnings will depend on your efforts and, of course, your pet. The most successful platform for conducting such a business would be Instagram. We wrote about the methods of earning on this social network here . 

Business Idea 7: Pet Portraits

This business idea is quite popular abroad. And what is in demand there, soon gets to us. Therefore, you can not wait for competitors, but one of the first to open a business in portraits of pets. Since people are very fond of taking pictures of their pets, they are happy to publish pictures on social networks and put them on the screensavers of gadgets, many of them would be interested to get a real portrait of their pet. For such loving owners, such a service is intended. Starting this business is desirable for artists who are looking for their niche.

You can draw portraits of animals to order from a photograph, taking orders via the Internet. The cost of such work starts from 1,500 rubles, excluding the cost of the framework. And you can increase the price and offer to draw a portrait of the owner along with the pet. You can search for clients via the Internet, visiting exhibitions or posting ads in pet stores, veterinary clinics, etc. This business can be organized at home. Investments are minimal and come down to buying supplies.

Business Idea 8: Animal Photographer

If you love animals and take good pictures of them, you can earn money by taking pictures of your pets. Such a service will be relevant for people who want to take pictures with their pet, as well as for commercial organizations that need advertising materials.

You can provide services in your free time from your main job. Go to the client’s house, shoot in photo studios. The cost of an on-site photo shoot is 3-4 thousand rubles, and it lasts no more than 2.5 hours. Costs will be minimal (provided that you already have the necessary equipment). You will only have to spend money on advertising your services.

Business Idea 9: Photoshoots with Animals

Photoshoots with animals are gaining in popularity, and not only photographers can make money on them, but also owners of animals of unusual and trending breeds. Husky, Samoyeds, Labradors are invited to take pictures. Dogs are able to revive the frame and cheer up during the photo shoot. They make interesting personal or family shoots. And many companies arrange photo shoots for promotional materials – and they can also invite your pet to the frame. So finding those who want to take pictures with your charming pet is not a problem. The main thing is that the animal itself is set to shoot and not be capricious.

In addition to dogs, cats, raccoons, and rabbits are often invited to take pictures. A photo shoot with foxes, owls is in demand – but with these animals it is much more difficult, they need to be provided with certain conditions of detention. But just to buy an animal for the sake of earning is not the best idea.

The cost of an animal participating in a photo shoot may vary. The average cost of a photo shoot with a pet model, as they are commonly called, is 1,500 rubles. At the same time, the costs are minimal: you will need to bring your pet to a photo shoot and, possibly, purchase a couple of interesting objects as props, so that the animal looks in the frame. To organize such a business, you should negotiate with photo studios, photographers or independently promote the service on the Internet.

Business Idea 10: Animal Breeding

One of the most promising business ideas in the zoo business is animal breeding. The size of the initial investment may vary, depending on who you decide to breed. It can be: cats, dogs, birds , chinchillas, fish, bees, ferrets, snails, etc. A beginner breeder must love animals and know the basics of veterinary medicine. You can sell animals through announcements on sites like Avito, in bird markets, or negotiate mediation with pet stores. It is better to foresee how you will sell animals in order to avoid problems in the future.

It is difficult to determine the amount of profit – it all depends on how seriously you plan to engage in this business and which animals to breed. For example, a British breed kitten can be sold for 5 thousand rubles, and a beagle puppy – for 15-30 thousand rubles. Accordingly, the cost of maintaining pets will be different.

Business Idea 11: Pet Shop

Pet shops are a standard and proven way to make money on animals. Firstly, pet products are sold here. Secondly, here you can buy the pet itself. As long as people get their own pets, there will also be pet stores. In addition, the market for pet products is growing annually by 20%. Successful scheme for business: you open a small store in a residential area, reaching the target audience nearby. And she will buy it from you, if only because you are nearby.

Even novice entrepreneurs can realize the business idea of ​​opening a pet store. A small store with pet products will cost about 300 thousand rubles. Such a pet store will be able to bring 50-60 thousand rubles of net profit per month. Read more about opening pet stores in the article: Your business: how to open a pet store

Business Idea 12: Veterinary Pharmacy

Another profitable business idea is to open a veterinary pharmacy. And if there are a lot of pet shops in cities, then the number of veterinary pharmacies is limited. And in small settlements such institutions are not at all. According to statistics, 2 million domestic animals account for about 100 veterinary pharmacies. But the placement of such institutions is uneven. Therefore, the low level of competition and the demand for pet products allow businesses to make good profits.

A veterinary pharmacy will be in demand even during a crisis. And the business idea itself will be relevant for both large cities and small towns. It is advisable that the business owner understand the field of pet medicine. However, you can open your veterinary pharmacy even without a veterinary or pharmaceutical education. The main thing is to hire a specialist who will work with clients.

Business Idea 13: Making Clothing for Animals

The idea of ​​the business is based on the fact that clothing for dogs and other pets has become one of the most popular and innovative areas in the pet industry. Millions of people around the world buy outfits for their pets, and someone makes money on it. To open a zoo, you need to have certain skills in cutting and sewing, as well as make sure that the animal is comfortable in this outfit. It is better to start with sewing casual clothes – this is the most popular direction.

For production, you only need a good sewing machine. Therefore, to organize a workshop is quite possible at home. You can sell your products through the online store: in your own group or on various sites such as “Avito”, “Fair Masters”, etc. You can also collaborate with local pet stores. As for income, the net profit from one sewn outfit is 700-800 rubles.

Business Idea 14: Selling Pet Gadgets

The market for pet products is actively developing and offers owners more and more new solutions. Technology does not stand still and gets to the animals. There are electronic collars, shower stalls for dogs, automatic drinking water fountains and feeders, GPS trackers for pets, a self-cleaning toilet for cats and other gadgets.

The business idea is to open such a tech pet supplies store. The margin on modern gadgets is quite high. Surely many customers will be interested in the assortment of your store. In large cities, such an idea will certainly be popular, since many citizens love their pets as children and are ready to buy anything for them.

Business Idea 15: Animal Furniture

Another popular pet product is special furniture for pets. Various loungers, claws, houses and entire game complexes. Today, all this is in demand among the owners, but in ordinary pet stores the choice of such products is limited. Often this furniture does not fit into the interior and does not fit the individual requirements of the owners. In this case, a company will come to the rescue, which will produce furniture for animals under the order.

The idea is simple, but quite profitable. Investments will be minimal. The main thing here is to offer beautiful quality products and advertise them on social networks.

Business Idea 16: Animal Cleaning Service

All animals must be cleaned. This is the basis of the business idea of ​​opening a specialized cleaning service. You can offer cleaning of the local area, cleaning from wool or eliminating unpleasant odors after animals, cleaning the bed, washing cages and bowls. You can also provide cleaning services for enclosures, booths, courtyards.

No special skills and expensive equipment are needed for this. A set of tools can be purchased for 20 thousand rubles, and about 5 thousand rubles will have to be spent on household chemicals. Having invested about 30 thousand rubles, you can open your own business and make good money.

Business Idea 17: Ambulance for Pets

A business idea involves a service that provides emergency assistance to animals right at home. Such a business is less expensive than the organization of a conventional veterinary clinic. In this case, you can save on renting a large room – just have one office. But the presence of a car is necessary – otherwise it will be impossible for the doctor to quickly get to the patient.

If you already have a car, then the cost of starting your own business will consist of the cost of purchasing medical instruments and drugs, as well as advertising services and transportation costs. For the start will be enough 150 thousand rubles. At first, implementing a business idea, you can cope with orders yourself, but with an increase in orders it is better to hire an assistant.

Business Idea 18: Veterinary Medicine on Wheels

In the USA, the business idea of ​​veterinary clinics on wheels is quite popular. Most often, this is a regular veterinary business, which provides the service of calling a veterinarian at home. In Russia, mobile veterinary outpatient clinics are gradually appearing, but their specialization is limited to vaccination and sterilization of animals. A more advanced idea is to create a mobile veterinarian. Such a veterinary clinic can come on call, as well as place special equipment in the car body.

Thanks to this, field services will become much better. For example, inspecting a dog in a car with special equipment is much easier than at home. In addition, you have the opportunity to travel to different points of the city, sell food and medicine for pets. You can also arrange a charity event and invite people to check their pet’s health in a vetmobile for free.

Business Idea 19: Dog Training

To professionally train animals, you need an appropriate education. Therefore, such a business idea is suitable for specialists. Certain knowledge and extensive experience in communicating with animals are required in order to train them and take on such responsibility.

Be sure to complete the dog trainer courses. Similar training can be completed at any dog ​​training club. The cost of training is about 30 thousand rubles. After graduating from the courses, you should practice at the training site and gain experience. Only after that you can receive documents confirming skills and start your own business.

The work of a trainer requires great love for animals, patience and painstaking work. On average, the monthly earnings of a dog trainer in Russia is 30-40 thousand rubles.

Business Idea 20: Zoocafe

At one time, anticafe made a real sensation in organizing creative places of leisure. But animal lovers came up with a new anticafe format where you can not only have a bite to eat, play games, but also chat with cats. Everyone has heard about cat therapy and can check its effect on themselves. Such establishments open throughout Russia. Kotokafe is not just an original business idea, but also a good cause. After all, cats are taken from local animal shelters and are kept in comfort and satiety at the expense of the establishment. The main rule is that all pets undergo sterilization, treatment against parasites and have a veterinary certificate.

The optimal number of cats contained in the cafe is no more than 12 individuals, while it is important to choose animals of various breeds, but always good ones. After all, visitors come to the kotokafe to talk, and not for a couple of scratches. For cafes, shorthair cats are often chosen – so there will be less pile in the room. Similar establishments will be in demand among cat lovers. And such, judging by statistics, almost 40% of the total population. So the target audience is numerous.

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