17 Profitable Small Outdoor Business Ideas in 2021

Are you an outdoor person who can’t bear to sit in one place for several hours doing business? Then these outdoor business ideas will help you to start your dream business.

There are many business opportunities for people who want to do business outdoors. It needs more effort but at the same time, it is quite profitable. This article will help you to decide your business type.

We have discussed 17 outdoor business ideas out of the hundreds of options available out there. These are mentioned as per the market demand and current business trends.

17 Outdoor Business Ideas

Here are the creative outdoor business ideas for 2021.

Dog Training

Dogs have to undergo training before they become a sweet pets. If you are someone who likes to work with animals, then you can start a dog training business where you can visit people’s homes and help them to train their dogs.

Many people don’t like to train their dogs by themselves, reasons will be many, like, they don’t have enough time, or they don’t know how they should train their dogs.

In these cases, they hire people for dog training services. This is where the business opportunity comes for you.

House Painting Services

Another good idea to start outdoors is to start a house painting business. You can help people decorate their homes and earn a passive income from it.

To get home paint jobs, you should be sure to visit construction sites and talk to owners or supervisors about the opportunity to carry out the painting job.

Don’t forget to offer them a referral commission as well. It will increase your chances of getting a business deal.

Ice Cream Stand

Ice cream business is one of the profitable outdoor business ideas that you can try to earn good profits.

Kids and adults love ice cream. You can buy a cute truck and drive it with your sweet flavored ice cream and sell them to the people. A good place to sell your ice cream is a park.

But you need to analyze the location where you find it worthy of starting.

Lawn Care and Gardening

If you have the skills, you can help people in taking care of their lawns, grow and maintain their flowers, and even plant and weed their gardens. You can also extend these services to commercial buildings and offices.

It is one of the most demanded services right now because with the increasing population people want a natural environment around their homes.

You can start this business in your area, if possible with a low investment.

Garbage Collection

The speed at which waste materials people leave is increasing day by day. This is a business that people overlook, but it really is a good outdoor business on a small level.

If you don’t mind the dirt, you can start a garbage collection service and earn money simply by helping people dispose of their waste.

As you may have seen in the urban areas, people are already running this service business and earn their livelihood.

Pest Control

Pest control is another business idea for the outdoor. Infestations of rats, roaches, spiders, bed bugs, and all kinds of nasty intruders are the things that you will help people to get rid of and earn money.

This is also one of the great business ideas for the outdoor, but mostly it works in cities not in rural areas.

Photography and Videography

You can also become a photographer, either as a freelancer or you can work for the media.

Photography can give you huge profits in a short period of time because the cost of running the business is relatively low.

You can start your photography business by helping friends and family in events and then gradually become a well-known professional.

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It is already a booming business because people love to capture moments and occasions like parties, weddings, and other events, where they need a professional photo and videographer.

With the advancement in technology people now use digital cameras, drone cameras, and other gadgets to make it more fascinating.

Pool Cleaning Business

The pools should be cleaned regularly; otherwise, they become a source of disease if dirty.

Learning how to clean swimming pools is not as difficult as finding clients, but with a lot of publicity, you can eventually get a lot of clients. You will clean pools for people who have pools at home or for fitness centers and hotels.

It may not look like a business to you, but with more effort, you can make this a business.

In many countries like Canada, the USA, etc. people were in this profession as a part-time job, but if you open a business and send people to clean pools to who you pay for other services, and you collect payment from the client.

It will take time, hard work, and some investment.

Roof Installation and Repairs

If you are not afraid of heights, then this is one of the best outdoor businesses that you really should consider. You can earn money helping people change their roofs, fix leaky roofs, or install new ones for new construction projects.

Please remember that you should have experience and training in roof installation and repairs because it involves risk.

Tree Planting

Planting trees would really prevent global warming and protecting our planet. While ignorant people are felling trees are for production and manufacturing, you can plant trees and make money from them.

You can also help carry out beautification projects that involve planting trees. It is one of the suitable outdoor business ideas that you must try.

Transportation Business

If you don’t mind spending long hours on the highway, then transportation services are a good deal for you.

You will earn money only by helping people move items from one place to another. Your target customers would-be manufacturers and importers and all you need to get started is a truck and a business license.

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In the beginning, you can start by yourself then you can hire people who you pay for driving.

Vehicle Repairing

Another outdoor business idea is a vehicle repair business. You can improve it a bit by adding mobile vehicle repair services so that when people’s vehicles break down on the road, you can easily drive there to help them fix it. It can also help people repair their cars at home.

It is one of the most promising business opportunities that work outdoor. The profit potential for this business is very high.


Billboards are a popular form of advertising and a very easy way to earn money. This is because the costs of running the business are little.

You need some skills and equipment to start this business and you will good amount of profits.

Kids Camps

If you love working with children, you can organize vacation camp programs for children, especially during the summer. They will be able to learn some skills and hang out with other children.

Fitness Instructor

You can also help people to keep fit and maintain good health by becoming a personal fitness instructor and help people to organize fitness programs such as mountain climbing, road walking, etc.

You are not talking about the gym trainers here. You help people in staying fit outdoor.

Delivery Service

You can also start a delivery service and help people deliver items to others, such as sales delivery or gift delivery. You can even start a pizza delivery business.

This is one of the most demanding outdoor businesses because now people order almost everything online and are lazy to go to stores.

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They are willing to pay more for getting a product delivered to their home.

Agricultural Machinery Agent

You can also become a farm equipment agent and help people who are looking for equipment to rent or buy. If you have enough capital, you can even start your own farm equipment sales business.

Although with the low investment you can start this business but then your customers have to wait until your equipment is returned to you by a client.

In short, it means that with little investment you can buy less equipment and may rent them to one client at a time.

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