100 Out of the Box Ideas for Marketing

Looking for the out of the box ideas for marketing? Then these ideas will help you to grow your business.

100 ideas for Marketing

Here are the 100 out of the box ideas for marketing.

General ideas

1. Don’t let your day go by without doing at least one-night marketing activity.

2. Set a percentage of your gross income as an annual marketing budget.

3. Set specific marketing goals each year and evaluate and adjust them every three months.

4. Allocate a folder to store marketing ideas.

5. Take your business card with you every day and every hour.

6. Design a personal chest with your company’s logo and wear it to your coat in meetings.

Target market

7. Be aware of developments that may affect your target market, product, or marketing strategy.

8. Read marketing research on your target market, industry, product, and market groups.

9. Collect your competitors’ ads and read them to learn about their strategy, features and benefits.

10. Ask customers why they chose you and ask for advice on improving quality.

11. Ask former customers why they left you.

12. Identify a new market.

13. Join a mailing list for your career.

Product development

14. Provide a new service, technique or product.

15. Create simpler, cheaper, or smaller versions of your product or service.

16. Provide a more formal, more expensive, faster or larger version of your product or service.

17. Provide your services.

Training, resources and information

18. Gather a team of marketing and public relations consultants from colleagues and business owners to exchange ideas and trade union issues.

19. Make a fundraiser for your employees.

20. Attend marketing seminars.

21. Read marketing books.

22. Subscribe to written and online marketing publications.

23. Have a marketing meeting with your employees or managers every month to discuss strategy and market situations and get new ideas.

24. Join associations or organizations related to your profession.

25. Set aside a folder to find a designer, author, and other marketing professionals.

26. Hire a marketing consultant for like-mindedness.

27. Have a “creative trip” to a progressive city or country to learn marketing techniques there.

Pricing and payment

28. Analyze and analyze your pricing structure and see where it needs to be adjusted.

29. Allow customers to pay by credit card.

30. Give discounts to regular customers.

31. Learn exchange trading techniques. Give discounts to members of some clubs, professional groups and organizations for promoting your products and services in their publications.

32. Discount on “quick payments” and cash and withdraw money from fixed customers in installments.

Marketing Communications

33. Publish a newsletter for your current and potential customers.

34. Print a brochure of your products and services.

35. Include a survey form with your brochures that pays you the stamp money. That way, you can get valuable feedback from customers.

36. Remember that the business card inside the box does not work, be sure to play it. Give each potential customer two business cards and a brochure to keep one and give the other to their friends.

37. Design a special business card and brochure for each of your target market segments (for example, one for government organizations and institutions and one for businessmen and consumers).

38. Print a poster or calendar with your company logo and give it as a gift to customers.

39. Print on the letterhead, fax sheets or bill, slogans or sentences describing your activity.

40. In your brochures, publish positive customer feedback about your product or service.

41. Try a new mailing list. If it doesn’t work, add it to your current direct mailing lists or think of leaving a list that doesn’t live up to your expectations.

42. Use direct or large envelopes for direct mail marketing, or send letters on white paper without a line to arouse the recipient’s curiosity.

Relationship with the media

43. Learn from new publications to send your news to the right media and person.

44. Write articles in regular or economic newspapers and specialized publications.

45. Print articles in your own pen and send copies to your colleagues.

46. ​​Be diligent in setting up your company’s activity news and send it to the press on time and several times.

47. Introduce your 100th, 500th or 100,000th customer in the press.

48. Launch an annual award and trumpet it. For example, you can reward the best employee of the year for your company or organization.

49. Learn or read about media and public relations.

50. Attend radio and television programs.

51. Order a TV show about your industry or specialty and give it to your local network to air as a regular show.

52. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper or magazine and invite him to lunch.

53. Send your news to the press with the relevant photo.

54. Read newspapers and magazines regularly to find opportunities for public relations.

55. Send “Help” articles to the press about your business.

56. Research your industry and, after discovering important findings, provide it to the press.

Customer service and customer relationship

57. Ask your customers to come back.

58. Answer customers’ phone calls without wasting time.

59. Record important information on the phone’s messaging device, such as the company’s working hours, location, and the respondent.

60. Record a memorable message or “Tip of the Day” on your phone’s messenger.

61. Organize a show or any other interesting event for your customers or send them theater, cinema and other tickets.

62. Hold a seminar in your office with customers.

63. Send good manuscripts to customers. You can send a greeting card for their birthday party or other occasions of the year.

64. Copy interesting articles and send them to your current or potential customers with your business card and brochure.

65. Dedicate part of your website to customers.

66. From time to time, redesign your meeting place with customers.

Oral communication and advertising network

67. Join a Chamber of Commerce or other related organizations.

68. Send your brochure to members of organizations you are a member of.

69. Have a business party during the holidays.

70. After attending a conference, send a letter to the participants.


71. Advertise in the peak seasons of business activity for your business.

72. Get a comfortable and memorable phone number.

73. Choose a memorable address for your website and include it in all business communications.

74. Advertise your business with other professionals through direct mail.

75. Advertise in a special directory or yellow book.

76. In order to gain access to foreign markets, print ads in two or more languages. Post this ad in popular magazines.

77. Give your customers promotional gifts such as pens, mouse pads or mugs.

78. Put something highlighted in the envelope or postal item to stimulate the recipient’s curiosity.

79. Use a laser to send a promotional message in front of your office.

80. Design and distribute interesting labels for installation on car windows.

81. Encode your ads and follow their results.

82. Improve your building sign and its internal and external signposts.

83. If you think your company’s logo is obsolete, repaint it.

84. Become a sponsor of a sports competition or radio and television program.

Special events

85. At exhibitions related to your profession, be sure to get a booth.

86. Become a sponsor of a program or banquet with nonprofit organizations, such as institutions for the protection of children with disabilities.

87. Speak in high schools and advise students about their future careers.

88. Select a street in your geographic area and declare that your organization or company is responsible for cleaning it. Passers-by will see your name and logo and will notice your good deeds.

89. Dedicate some of your time and money to charities or nonprofits and publish the results in the press.

90. Make a CD or educational video about your services.

91. Write a book.

Sales ideas

92. Read specialized newspapers and magazines to gain new business opportunities and to be aware of the dismissals and installations of companies.

93. Inform your lawyers, marketers, accountants, bankers, repairmen and advertising centers about your marketing slogans and strategies, and thus expand your sales force for free.

94. Increase your working hours.

95. Even during the holidays, set up a group to provide services to customers.

96. Show samples of your products in your office.

97. Call or email former customers to re-engage them.

98. Order online.

99. Reassure your online customers that your site’s security system is reliable.

100. Reduce response time to orders and facilitate the process of re-ordering.

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